D&D (2024) If WOTC announces that OneDnd will be called 6th edition and will be backwards compatible with fifth edition adventures and supplements What changes?


Morrus has made all manner of subforums over the years-- opened new ones, closed or merged old ones etc. It really comes down to how much they get used. If a subforum only gets a half-dozen people posting in it and the front page has still has threads that were started six months ago because nobody is making new ones to knock them off the front page... that's when it gets closed and merged to one of the other ones.

The 'Dungeons & Dragons' forum is usually for the newest book released, as that is what most people are playing and have the most discussion about. So it will become the forum for 2024E when it gets released. Will the 2014E book trio need its own subforum then at that point to separate those people and discussions out from the 2024E players? We don't know... we don't know how many posters will be forsaking the 2024E books and sticking with 2014E-- and if there are enough to support its own subforum or if the 2014E books end up being better served in the current 'Dungeons & Dragons' forum, or moved to the 'D&D Older Editions'. It comes down to the number of threads that get made and what's the best use of space.

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Nothing changes, because I am still not buying any more new products from WotC, whether they are 5e, 6e, 1D&D or anything else. WotC has shown their true colors. They don't get a mulligan on what they tried to do to 3rdPP with the OGL in December 2022. Those actions have consequences. I'm out.


Nothing would really change for me, it's still compatible with 5e so it doesn't really matter what it's called.

Nothing changes for me really. I'll still play 5e virtually with my friends, and I probably will still collect whatever Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition books catches my attention. Which will probably be their Monstrous Menagerie 2 and the GPG 2023 Annual. ;)😄


For me, if it is compatible it is not a new version. That's my understanding regarding version, be it a software, a system, a document or anything that can have new iterations.
One D&D is not a major change since it does not break compatibility, and it is not just a patch that fixes some bugs or make small changes (maybe Tasha's is a patch), so One D&D seems to me like a minor version, a 5.x edition.
I think the decision to call it One D&D is ignoring the versioning general concept for marketing reasons and previous experience (3.5e).


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