D&D (2024) If WOTC announces that OneDnd will be called 6th edition and will be backwards compatible with fifth edition adventures and supplements What changes?

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I PERSONALLY would respect WotC design and advertiseing teams more for being honest (cause I see this as much a new edition as 1e/2e or 3e/3.5 maybe more) but nothing really changes...
This is how I feel too. Will I buy the new core books next year, most likely just to check it out, but I'm leaning towards not supporting it thereafter aside from the occasional campaign setting possibly. I haven't fully read the playtest documents let alone playtest them but have read parts of them and skimmed the rest. I'm not saying its bad but I haven't seen anything radical enough to actually call it 6E, 5.5E seems more realistic to me. Honestly I'm tired of the d20 system and it seems stale to me nowadays. Personally, if the core mechanic chassis isn't dramatically changed (as was the case with the transition from 2E to 3E) I'm not really interested. WotC release schedule is to lean and the products they are putting out are not too interesting to me, so I'd like to see this change as I have no interest in their endless glut of adventures, and updated campaign settings. Create a new system, and a new campaign setting that's fresh and innovative then you'll have my attention.


I don't care whether it is called a new edition or not. It is a marketing distinction, not a functional one.
It only matters because D&D has previously trained players to associate the word "edition" with a distinctly new version of the game. That would have ramifications for whether you would buy a new adventure that comes out this year, for example. If you thought this was a 3rd to 4th edition-type edition change, you would probably be disincentivized from buying a new 5e book. Also, that degree of change would break DnDBeyond.

That is why WotC keeps emphasizing that they still see this as 5e, and all your existing 5e stuff will still work. Some folks seem to think such a thing is impossible (including, apparently, whoever named this forum "OneD&D (5.5E)). Which just fuels endless debate about what it should be called and whether the changes are radical enough, when WotC has been very clear about this from the beginning: it will be called "D&D," full stop, it will use the rules for 5e with some updates, and all the books will be backwards compatible with existing 5e books, including and especially on DnDBeyond.
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Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
Nothing at all. The argument over whether or not 1D&D is a new edition is pure semantics.

And a complete waste not only of electrons but also of the time it takes the rest of us to skim over those posts.

I swear every time a new packet comes out there’s one poster who feels the need to pollute the forums with this same crap. Enough. We get it.

Edit: sorry to rant. Mostly I’m annoyed that the main thread about the topic is clogged with this argument.
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