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Imperial Age


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Hey, Gareth. I just wanted to say that I am loving the new Imperial Age line so far. The Scientific Detective was a very neat, very true rendition of the Sherlock Holmes archetype, and though I don't have Monster Hunter yet, I will be getting it by next week and look forward to it.

I hope the series does well for you and we can get a subscription program going, because I'm so there. It's suddenly a great time for the Victorian era, with Imperial Age, Passages, and even Etherscope, all out there for our enjoyment. I'll tell you this much, makes the upcoming game of Victorian Age: Vampire I am planning all the better!

Man, I love links, and I love the new merged company! Everything is now available in one place, even the Vampire stuff!

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Thanks! (The links are nifty, aren't they?)

We're keeping a close eye on sales of the line -- if we think that demand is high enough, we'll do a subscription program for it.

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