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Actor M. Emmett Walsh died today. He was 88.
In one of his reviews, Roger Ebert wrote that any movie with M. Emmett Walsh can't be all bad. Like Wilford Brimley, Walsh always seemed as if he was older than he actually was. He was 47 when he played Bryant in Bladerunner, and while I didn't always remember his name I always recognized him from the many movies and television shows he appeared in.

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Multiple Hugo winning author Vernor Vinge has passed of Parkinson's Disease at age 79
And a comment from me, he was probably one of my top 10, maybe top 5 SF authors. While I loved Fire Upon the Deep and Deepness in the Sky; it was his Marooned in Realtime series that really made me go "huh!" in a good way

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