D&D 5E Increasing spell power


To add to this:

Hex actually doesn't belong in that list--it has no saving throw.

Wall of Stone offers exactly one Dex save under some circumstances (also costs your reaction), otherwise no save. (Wall of Force never offers any save and is therefore the disabling spell of choice, otherwise Wall of Stone would be awesome.)

Otiluke's Resilient Sphere offers a Dex save, once only.

Hypnotic Pattern of course only a Wisdom save, once only.

Bestow Curse is an odd case--it offers only one Wisdom save, but one of the effects it can impose requires the enemy to Wisdom save every turn or get no action that turn.

Thanks for the corrections. As noted, I didn't expect to get all the spells on the first run through. I can't quite figure out how "Hex" got in there, though. Maybe I was Hexed on Int when making the list....

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I moved Hold Person from a standard action to a bonus action. Kept everything else the same. Seems to improve it without over powering.

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