(IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 2 and Turns 3

We of the UA will not have any embassies in our lands for now. We wish to keep out of the fray and want to see what happens so we can act correctly. We do not wish to make any violent mistakes. And if anyone wants to make a violent mistake against us you will know the wrath of the Swarms.

Vaeregoth will attend the peace convention along with a Unseelie ambasador. The mind flayers and neogi will remain abcent since they remain reluctant about your trustworthyness and the possibility for peace. But they are well in my control and Kalanyr and Vaeregoth do not fear any danger from the convention since they feel they can handle themselves very well if any danger should occur.

We want to remain in the underdark and our mountain territories. I hope you respect our claims and will remain out of our grounds now. We do not allow anyone to pass over our territory without paying for it. We trust no-one and re remain together with the 3 we have now who'm we have always been able to trust.
We will remain our previous ties but we do not side with anyone for now for we seek balance.
But as always, if you seek a conflict you shall have it. We have shown our capability of destruction in the armidio rainforest and the raising of the Sterich Keoland and Yeomanry regions. And that was with 1/3rd of our strengh. We made it hopefully very clear we do not like to be disturbed.

When and where will this covention take place?

And William, you never fought Kalanyr or any serious amounts of Festy. You have been solely fighting my forces and Festies Spelljammer fleet. Festy and Kalanyr have remained for 95% out of the conflict. I hope this makes a little impression that I have been standing almost solely against the onslaught you brought and I still stand atop of the ruins with 110 PL ready to keep the carnage going. I hope this makes you think about what you can really really really have coming down from those mountains if you really want it that bad. So I think a treaty between our forces would come very much in handy for you since I think you don't want to face our full force from the west and the shades and DU from the east. But I think you realise this all to well. And if we make it to 10th level magic I'm sure you do not wants us to be hostile towards you since you attacked us we might still feel that we might still have a score to settle so I hope you will show some good will on this and things might become a bit more peacefull amongst the broken peaks and barrens of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists.

Vaeregoth awaits your reply personally atop the cliffs overlooking Loftwick in the Yeomanry.
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The Peace conference

When and where will this covention take place?

The peace conference is held now and during turn 3 in the city of Chathold in Almor in the Dark Union. All delegates will be provided with lavish accomodations adapted to their culture and taste. The banquets will be serving everything from poached eladrin to roasted yugoloth and vegetable curry and a variety of other excuisite dishes from around the multiverse. See the marble halls of the great runied Peloran cathedral. Enjoy the nightly view over the haunted ruins of Old Chathold. Listen to the heavenly choirs of crying imprisoned celestials in the kitchens of the local governor. Bathe in the crystal clear waters of the Denzak gulf, nevermind the occasional corpse floating down the rivers from the abandoned battlefields of Nyrond and the Flinty Hills.

Welcome, and take part in shaping our new futures.

William Ronald

Truce accepted

To Kalanyr, the Forsaken One, and Festy Dog:

I fully accept the truce. Our people will remain where they are and I believe you will keep your people where they are. As a show of good faith, I will share tech (of a non-military nature) this coming turn. (No attacks, therefore I will share tech with you and ask my allies to do so as well. Peace should be profitable.) Also, I would like to offer you some embassy space and talk about possible trade.

I do agree Anabstercorian popping up everywhere is a threat. Also, Edena is going ot play Vecna now.

I figured you were doing some intensive research, but thought that my allies and I were holding on by our bare nails. Well, we have a lot to work on in our lands. Let us avoid misintreprepting each other.

I fully welcome the truce. Each of your characters will be given, in another sign of good faith 40 barrels of wine, ale, or brandy as desired.

Serpenteye: My allies are still considering the peace conference proposal. I will try to get back to you on it.
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Edena... I am still confused. I may keep miscommunicating this, but on turn 0, turn 1, and turn 2 my forces from the Gnarley forest were moving to and staying in the Lortmills (suppossedly to defend them at first, but this was part of the Orc ploy, and then this unit continued to train there with Gnomeworks weapons)

They appear to be poisoned by the shade... but this does not make sense to me. The shade attacked an empty forest, I thought they were supposed to have overan it easily.


Edena I have LFMR on most of my territories. I declared only two territories that were actually participating in this part. The Loftwoods Magic Tower, and the Amedio Rainforest.


And Edena...

Serpenteye is offering to lose 3 PL from somewhere in his forces to trade me adamantium and mithral.

So can he do that. Can he sacrifice 3 PL from somewhere in his forces and I get a little 3 PL tag to add on to any unit of mine I want that says "Mithral and Adamantium Weapons".
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The Sky-Sea League has desided that the best way to win this war is to stay out of it. We will not attack you if you don't attack us.

William Ronald


The faerie folk are divided between Black Omega (good and neutral) and Valkys (evil and neutral).

As for transportation, if you were using ferry in that sense, Kaboom and Dagger seem to have the best transportation.



Waves. I am sharing tech with the following I am making this public, this is also I list of all those I hope to keep at truce with.

Kevellond League,Turosh Mak, Coalition of Light and Shadow,Forsaken One,Festy,Sollir,Valkys,Iuz,Shade
Darkness, Uvenelei,Gnomeworks , Kaboom, Zelda, Dagger, and creamsteak ,Forrester.

Kalanyr will be attending the peace conference.

Dear Siobhan ,
I will indeed be attending the peace conference, I hope to see you there. Oh and as for the eternally evil dark spawn of the Abyss comment I have been around a long time I have seen Solar Blackguards and Pit Fiend Holy Liberators. Thank you for the brandy. Ok so the Pit Fiends became Eladrin or Planetars and the Solar Abyssal Lords but who's counting?

Looking forward to seeing you
"Eternally Evil Dark Spawn of the Abyss"

Archcleric Hazen ,
My thanks for the wine, with this message I am sending 50 Bottles of Vintage Drow Wine (Year 0) by Greyhawk reckoning. I don't recommend drinking too much of it at a time.
I will see you at the peace treaty
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We Shade, also offer the truce and we will exchange technology with our enemies with the expection of Forrester.

TO Forrester:

You won`t deceive us, Butcher of Evereska! We know of your trachery and we will soon reveal it to all of Oerth! I congratulate you, it was a smart plan, first you order your own robots( who else could bring them to Oerth) to wreak havoc, then you smash them and make yourself a savior! It seems that you changed your mind about not interfering into affairs of Oerth, but it is not the first time you change your mind! First you kill millions of elves, then you subdue and marry their Queen and you make them a part of your decadent society, you make them breed with stinking humanoids and disgusting abominations are born, like this bitch you call your daughter! I am curious, do the proud elves of Celene know about it! And Turrosh Mak, but wait, knowing you you propably made him your lower, didn`t you! We will reveal everything at the conference, goodbye!


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That wins my vote for most vicious in-character insult on another player. Anyway, getting in character again...

I don't drink wine. I prefer fermented cerebral fluid. But I'll be at your peace conference. I think you'll find me very reasonable. I will even, should you desire, come unarmed and psionically dampened.


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Your Moderator has been very busy these last few days.
Which is why you have received no answers to your e-mails. You will (answers to all 31 of them, and counting.)
Also, I have not read anything on the boards in the last two days - I will.

When people began specifically stating that armies with SPECIFIC Point Values were moving to specific locations, I knew I had a problem.
This did not occur in the 1st or 2nd IR, and was never a consideration there.
However, here it was, and here it would stay.

For if a Player can move, say, 20 PL in forces to Furyondy, then he or she can:

Move 20 other armies of varying PLs to 20 other places on the map.

And there are 25 players, each of whom could move their own 20 armies (or more) to any of 20 (or more) places on the map.

Sort of like Axis and Allies, or Risk, except with not 6 people, but 26 people, and over 100 countries on the map.

My answer:

I printed out Maudlin's original map.
I taped it together.
I went to Northwest Blueprint, and enlarged it to 3 feet by 5 feet.

I created, by hand and manual writing of names, over 550 cardboard chits to represent the Players of Armies (not the armies themselves!.)
I gathered 300 pennies, to represent a value of 1 PL each, and I intend to gather 700 more.
I hand-made several hundred cardboard markers representing 5 PL, 10 PL, 20 PL, 50 PL, and 100 PL.

Now, I have the War Room set up, and I will know exactly where every army on the board is.
I will even go so far as to state, at the beginning of each Turn, after Turn 3, where all your armies are.

However, where they are during the Turn is your responsibility.
You must keep track of your armies - if you e-mail me or post to the board a question concerning where one of your armies is, I will answer it, but I do not wish several hundred of these requests coming in per Turn.
I would suggest all of you bookmark the URL of Maudlin's map (the first URL in the Lists post.)
I would even recommend you print it out, and tape it together, if possible.

This is war, and in war armies move around, and you must work with me on this - I have done a great deal of work to make sure I can represent all of your armies, their strength, where they are, and what they are doing.
Now, you must do your part and tell me what they are doing, who they are fighting, and you must attempt to keep track of where your armies are.
And, if possible, you ought to make the effort to keep track of where your enemy's armies are!

(Note - moving your armies is a public thing. It should be posted on the boards, and I will extend the Turns to allow as many posts as needed for this purpose.)

If you do not know where an enemy's armies are, and wish to know, e-mail me and I will tell you.

If this sounds messy, it is.
However, the IR was always messy.
Messy is good.
Messy is fun.
And war is always chaotic, and IRL people often did not know the whole picture, or where the Other Side's armies where.
In a massive interstellar, interplanar war such as the one you maniacs are creating, with 26 competing powers in play, such confusion would be quite normal.

Your Moderator has spent a lot of time to create a War Room where he can deal with the complexity of this IR.
Now, help me, and stick with me, and let us have ourselves a massive kick-the-rear-end interstellar war!

Oh yes, I have a new rule.
You will like the new rule.
At least, some of you will.

When armies fight, I must adjudicate who wins, right?
Well then, to be reasonable, I shall roll dice, ala Axis and Allies style.
Each of your 1 PL gets a roll on a d6, and hits on a 1, and gets a defense, and hits on a 1.

(Which means, a 90 PL army fighting a 90 PL army is going to take a lot of dice rolling on my part ...)

But there are mitigating factors involving that dice rolling I spoke of.

For every 10 PL you have gained in the Technological Arms Race, your attack goes up by 1.
For every 20 PL you have gained in the Technological Arms Race, your defense goes up by 1.

If you gain 10th level magic, your attack goes up by 2, and your defense goes up by 2.

So, if you are a Power with a PL of 8 in the technological arms race, you attack (hit) on a 1, and defend on a 1.
If your PL in the technological race is 15, you hit on a 2, and defend on a 1.
If you are able to throw 10th level magic, and have a 25 in the technological arms race, you hit on a 4, and defend on a 4.

In other words (as the above numbers show clearly) you should not take on rifles with swords.
You should not take on tanks with swords.
You should not take on B52 Flying Fortresses with swords.
You should not take on 10th level magic with normal magic (not if you can help it.)

The Lortmil Technomancy began the game with technology much more advanced than everyone else.
So did the Shadow Empire.
I am going to adjust their PL in the Technological Arms race drastically upward to account for this (by about 15 points.)

This will even take care of GnomeWorks question of what he could do with nuclear weapons.
For you see, you need a PL of about 40 in the technological arms race to have nuclear weapons.
That means, if your army attacked, it would have an attack (a roll of 1d6 for each of it's PLs) of 4, and a defense of 2.
In other words, it would hit most of the time.
Which is what nuclear weapons tend to do.

And no, GnomeWorks does not have nuclear weapons yet, and isn't even close to having them.
This is just to simulate what will happen, when he does get them.

All armies that engage in combat must go through one round of rolls, attack and defense, before they can break off (which means, in the theoretical nuclear scenario above, the army with nukes will obliterate most of the enemy army on that one round ...)
After one side or the other has lost a quarter of it's strength, I will state this on the boards, and ask if retreat is desired.

Incidentally, Planars attack on a 2, and defend on a 2 at the start (and go up from there.)
Undead attack on a 2, and defend on a 2.
Constructs attack on a 2, and defend on a 2.
Monsters attack on a 2, and defend on a 2.
These guys are just simply better at fighting than the average human, humanoid, or demihuman.

Forrester's army attacks on a 2, and defends on a 2. They are genetically modified superhumanoids.

All of the above benefit from improvements in technology (Planars with machine guns are more effective than Planars with swords), and they all benefit from 10th level magic (Undead who can melt an opponent into goo with a thought are better than slow stumbling zombies), just like everything else benefits.

I wonder if this article will get any OMGs ...

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The War Room thingie is like... Cool :D

The new rules... hmmm I think I just prefer the Judgement and rulings of yourself as a moderator and DM. Keeps things in a kind of story and and let's you make some very interesting changes in the story and plot that's called the IR. I think of this as a interactive story. But I think this dice thing goes 1 to far. The damage and the Battles and outcomes I trust to the DM not to the dice like I said. I like strange things and I like that you have a nice story to run and to alter and that you have influence and THE say in this IR.

I'm against this rolling thing but heck if all and yoursefla re in favor I'll just come along with it then. But I like your creative playstyle and the way your run it. Keeps things suprising and unexpected. You keep it interesting and the story going and things balanced. No the die.... I see that often enough and I like to play by someones creativity now for a change and I think you do really really well and I'd personally like it to stay that way.

Best Regards Kris~


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I sent the same mail (about the armsraces) to your other adress. Did you get it?


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Awesome! This is really amazing, Edena. I'm astounded at the effort you're putting in to this. I promise that for my part, I'll do everything I can to make your job easier.

I assume that there's no fixed way of determining 'damage' - You compare all of the various attack and defense results and just sort of wing it? That's probably for the best - You're darn good at winging it.

Also, what sort of attack and damage values do us 120 level PC's have?
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A couple points:

1) My guess is, Edena, that you will make defense rough adjustments for when someone is attacking someone who is very "dug in" to their position, correct?

2) The Gnomes, the Shade, and the UC start with 1800s technology on Oerth. And we've all been proceeding at the same pace, it seems (though there have been some drastic differences in cultural advancement -- but that only affects overall PL, and not attack/defense, as I understand it). Am I correct in saying that the overall technological boost is reflected in PLs already?

The point is that it's a bit odd that the Gnomes attack/defend on a '1' with flintlocks, while some human force (or whomever) attack/defend on a '1' with swords. The Gnomes/Shades/UC have medium-level tech, and so perhaps should start with the attack/defense levels of '2'.

And the genetically engineered UC, using flintlocks, perhaps an attack/defense level of '3'. Not trying to bias things in favor of the UC -- just maybe making a useful suggestion that helps things make more sense.

Edena you haven`t responded to my concerns about pl listing of Shadow Empire:

1 You have forgotten about my NPC`s, The Shadowlords, they were worthy 14 pl I believe, it makes quite a diffrence!

2 We didn`t kill all people in County of Urnst, like we didn`t in Greyhawk! They are enslaved and being transformed into Shade, actually the condensation of Shadowstuff is becoming so great in Shadow Throne, that it corrupts ones that stay there for a longer time, like Shadowlands Taint!

I am not power hungry, actually my faction was a main victim of the power inflation before second Oerthian IR, in the first, unfinished one we were third most powerful faction.

By the way are you aware of the fact that some factions will have undead and planars in their main fighting force, for example Vecna, Acerak or The Shade, and I don`t mean Arms races? As far as Sahde are concerned, I think that around of 30% of our power level are undead and planars. And I am sure entire Acerak`s Army are undead.
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Wow... do you have a digital camera or something? I'd like to see that Playground of the Gods thing :)

One question - is that attack/defense system instead of or cumulative with the rise in power level through industrialization?

Instead of is more balanced, I'd think. Big nations would get more punch out of their high PLs, while it offsets the current inconsistency that hugely expansive empires are industrialised *easier* than small, compact realms.

That being said, I agree with the Forsaken one that I was just fine with your adjudication. Fergodssake don't give yourself more work! :)
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I agree that 'inviting Vecna himself would be too dangerous, but what if he sends an ambassador?

Forrester you haven`t replied to the message Shade sent you, where are your manners?


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Just dug this up from Turn #1:

0 indicates your country has primitive firearms.
3 indicates your country has very advanced flintlocks, cannon, and is beginning to seriously enter the field of Technomancy.
6 indicates your country is now able to produce early 19th century weapons.
9 indicates your country is now able to produce mid 19th century weapons.
12 indicates your country is now able to produce late 19th century weapons.
15 indicates your country is at 1900 Terran levels of weaponry.
18 indicates World War One technology.
21 indicates early World War Two technology.
24 indicates late World War Two technology.
27 indicates nuclear weapons.
30 indicates ICBMs.
33 indicates thermonuclear weapons.
36 indicates primitive computer guided weapons.
39 indicates your first space shot.
41 indicates your first moon landing.
45 indicates your first smart weapons.
48 indicates you have very sophisticated computer guided weapons.
51 indicates you can protect your nation from ballistic weapons (nuclear or not) with a missile defense shield.


1) I gather that if a defender is heavily "dug in" then he might get some sort of defensive boost? Perhaps some proportion of his units might get a bump in defensive strength?

2) Just read the part above about giving the Gnomes and the Shade +15 to the starting tech level. Given that my people are starting at the same point as the Gnomes/Shade, I should have +15 to my starting tech level as well, correct?

So, assuming I'm at around 23 in tech level this turn, my genetically engineered humanoids fighting with early 20th century technology will have an attack value of +4, and a defense value of +3.

The Shade and the Gnomes will have an attack value of +3 and a defense of +2.

Vecna will have an attack value of +4 and a defense of +4 (due to the legions of Undead + 10th level magic).

Just want confirmation . . . will be necessary for all of us before we allocate our resources.

And a final question: What happens when everyone's attack/defense bonuses go above '6'? Poor six-sided dice . . .

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