(IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 2 and Turns 3


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Yeah, I too wanna see the room where the fate of the world is going to be played out. :)
I'm alright with the dice if that's the way you want to do it. In the end, it still boils down to the same thing: both quality and quantity are important. However, don't reduce everything to numbers and chance. The storytelling is far more important and fun.

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To Serpenteye/Mr. Draco...

I accept this treaty,

A peace treaty of the fighting between me and you till the end of turn 3.

I give up the Grandwoods (PL 1), but I get to withdraw my men into Delrune and Calrune.

I give up the Celadon Forest (PL 1), but I get to withdraw my men into Delrune and Calrune.

You give me 3 PL of Adamantine Weapons and Mithral Armors/Shields.

I looked it over again, and I completely agree to these terms.

(Statistics results)
Grandwood Forest becomes Purple (No PL)
Celadon Forest becomes Purple (No PL)
Calrune is Reinforced (2 PL moved)
Adamantine and Mithral are attached to the Giant Eagle Riders unit (+ 3 PL)

Done deal as soon as you agree.
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To Sollir,

We have not had much talk about this so I believe we are going to maintain a simple truce.

I will pull back my trebuchets that have been firing at the Riftcrag out of range. I halt any conflicts that are going on. All fighting is halted while Prisoners from both sides are exchanged. Food is shipped into your territory to deal with any starvation issues. Patrons from both of our armies are allowed to inspect the others prison facilities to make sure they are up to par, and generally afirm that both sides are not using POW's for experimentation, games, or slaves.

If this is agreeable, simply state so and it is done. This will last through the turn.


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To Edena,

There are advantages to using the dice method. I agree that you need a difinitively fair way to decide conflicts. Dice work, random probability works.

There are advantages to using a d6. A d6 are readily found anywhere, are the cheepest, and the most mass produced. A d6 are quickly read and can be rolled fast.

There are advantages to using a d10 or a d20. I feel that these dice leave you more room for circumstances. You can add a +2 or -2 to favorable odds such as having the high ground. This lets you keep the feel of creativity being important valid.

I believe that for each day of the turn that fighting occurs you should only have to roll a certain number of dice. I hate to reference risk, but Risk made use of this. In DnD only 8 opponents can attack one unit at a time under normal circumstances. This would be my basis for saying that you can only have 8/1 odds on rolling. So the cap would be that in a day only 8PL per PL can be rolled.

That might be confusing... I'll do an example...

Me and Sollir, lets say we have 25 PL on one side and 425 PL on the other side. That means Sollir could hit me with all 400 PL but that left over 25 is over the 8/1 cap so it is not possible for him to hit me with that part. I was thinking 8/1 per turn is the most a unit can be hit with.... That sounds fair enough, and still allows a large force to quickly dominate a small force, but maybe not all at once....

So if I had 1 PL and Sollir still had that 425 PL he could only use 8 PL against that 1 little unit...

So consider the d20, but you may just stick with the d6 because they are plentiful... and that is a major major major concern...

And consider my 8/1 damage cap.... seems fair enough....

Anyone else feel anything about either of these?
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It doesn't really matter

If Edena gets a mass-dice-rolling program, as he will if he is sensible, he could use seven sided dice and have all he needed and easily be able to roll them fast enough. The tricky bit will be finding the right dice roller.

However, I do agree with the maximum 8 PL attackers to 1 PL defenders. There are only so many people who can attack something at the same time. It also keeps the whole idea of quality over quantity in evidence - You can't crush one man with a M4 and kevlar body plate using twenty orcs with axes, if the man knows what he's doing.


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Notice to Serpenteye...

Those Treaty Terms are Null till something is resolved.

Edena of Neith

Edena here.

No. He cannot. He cannot lend PL like that. Now, he could aid you
by deploying armies in your lands, and their PL would be under his
control, unless he specifically gave control of those armies to you.

But he cannot loan PLs like that. He cannot trade PLs to you in
return for adamantium.

I am asking for the game to be delayed (at least the two or three things involving me) if Serpenteye does not respond to this.
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It is NOT my intent to replace the energy and euthusiastic roleplaying of the IR with dice.

The point was to be able to handle having 400 armies running around fighting each other, all at once.

I have set up a system that can, hopefully, handle that.


What meaning is there if I, overwhelmed by posts and e-mails, see a post and just make an instant ruling off the cuff?
That army is dead, or, that army is dead.
This system enables me to think about it, see where the armies are, establish what parameters they are fighting each other under, and then allows me to make rulings based on that.

The dice prevent me from simply saying - Oh, he's got 5 to your 2, so he loses 2 and you are destroyed.
I wanted a chance factor. And I wanted to create a way for YOU to create your own luck.

You can do that.
You advance technologically, your attacks and defenses improve (you started with + 12, not + 15, GnomeWorks, Melkor, Forrester.)
You gain 10th level magic, your attacks improve further, and your defense improves.
You hide in a forest, or defend from mountain ledges, or defend from the deeps of the earth, your defense improves.
You post to me clever tactics and ideas, and your attacks and defenses improve.

You roll over a 6, cumulative, and you kill more than 1 PL of enemy with that roll.
You roll over a 12, cumulative, and you kill more than 2 PL of enemy with that roll.
You roll over an 18, cumulative, and you kill more than 3 PL of enemy with that roll.

The Robots of the Barrier Peaks have an attack 6, defense 5.
Bissel has an attack 1, defense 1.

That is why the Robots, SL 3, wiped Bissel, SL 3, out.

The City of the Gods has an attack 6, defense 6.
And 300 PL.
So if they are awakened by raids, Gods help you all.

I have modified the Lists to account for Melkor's NPCs, and added 12 points to the Technological Arms Race for GnomeWorks, Melkor, and Forrester, because all their armies started with tech levels in the late 19th century.
They are all three now sitting at 20 PL in the Technological Arms Race.
Are you SURE you wish to share technology with these three powers???
After all, they only gain 1 point per turn if you do not share with them.
If you continue to share with them, you will advance them all too quickly through the 20th century in weapons terms ...

William Ronald

Kalanyr, the Forsaken One, and Festy Dog:

I will share non-military tech as previously stated. I believe some of my allies will do so as well. (They may be a little more cautious than I am. However, I did strike first, so consider this as part of the peace agreement.) I think peace will benefit us all.

Edena: I will be out and about at the start of the thread and out for dinner tomorrow. I will post when I can. You should have received my plans for next turn.

Black Omega

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I don't see any trouble with dice rolls deciding certain things. I think I prefer D6 though because it's less random. a D20 would mean the +2 edge you might have on someone doens't mean much. That +2 with a D6 means alot more. So it really depends on how much we want bonuses to mean.


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Does having wings help my troops attack/defened?

It would, but I wish to not make this any more complicated than it already is.
If I say yes, everyone in the IR will start asking if their particular people or monsters get special advantages for this reason or that reason. (sigh)


Question: Is there a problem with summoning a planar creature/ally that someone else is also summoning (like earth elementals)?

Not at all. Two or more players may summon the same kind of Planars.

William Ronald

Let's not overburden Edena too much with our questions.

I will be out and about for much of tomorrow. I am sharing tech with and trading goods with:

Kalanyr (Peace should be profitable. Thanks for firing on the robots.)
Festy Dog (Peace should be profitable for you as well.)
The Forsaken One (Peace should be profitable.)
Turrosh Mak
Black Omega
Forrester (another big thanks for putting down the robots.)

As I recall, if more than 3 people share with someone it does not help them. However, I am doing this also as a good faith gesture.

I will send my ambassador to the peace conference in Aerdi when Turrosh Mak does. He may be away for a few hours as well, I think.

Edena, if my last e-mail did not clarify my moves for next turn, let me know.
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Now that I have completed my preparations, I will do the best I can to help all of you.

There has been some confusion concerning Templates.

Let me show you some examples of Templates.

- - -

On the Lists Post, it says:

WILLIAM RONALD (Planar Celestials/Guardinals/Good Earth Elementals, People of the Kettish Hills, Kevellond Alliance) PL 83 + 16

Here is a sample template for Williams.
Note that Williams is able to allocate ALL of his points (the whole 100, not 86.)

- - -

The Planar Arms Race: I remain in this Race, summoning more Celestials, Guardinals, and Earth Elementals.

The Technological Arms Race: I remain in this Race. I am sharing technology with: Alyx, Black Omega, Creamsteak, Darkness, Forrester, Uvenelei, William, and Zelda.

The Magical Arms Race: I am devoting 30 points to the Magical Arms Race this Turn.

The Undead Arms Race: I am not in this Race.

The Construct Arms Race: I am in this Race.

The Monster Arms Race: I'm joining this Race.

Advancing a civilization: I am devoting 30 points to advancing my civilization this Turn.

(Note that William has 40 points left. He has spent 60 on magical research and advancing his civilization. That leaves him with only 40 PL to devote to armies.)

Regular Troop deployment:

Yeomanry: PL 1 (note to myself - these are forward scouts, whose purpose is to delay an enemy advance)

Sterich: PL 1 (note - these are forward scouts, whose purpose is to delay an enemy advance)

Geoff: PL 1 (note - these are forward scouts, whoses purpose is to delay an enemy advance)

Dim Forest: PL 15 (note to myself - this is a main strike force, ready to hit the drow if they try to reconquer Sterich. It could also be used in conjunction with Baklunish and Crescent Forces to strike at the drow and their allies.)

Verbobonc: PL 22 (note - this force is meant to hold the Verbobonc to Pomarj defensive line against the Shade. And to attack the Shade if possible.)

Races Troop Deployment (for my Planars, Undead, Constructs, and Monsters have better attacks and defenses)

Verbobonc: Planars 4 (Note to myself - I want my toughest guys in the army facing the Shade, so I am placing them at Verbobonc)

Verbobonc: Monsters 1 (Note to myself - Again, I want my best fighters going against the Shade.)

Verbobonc: Constructs 1 (Note to myself - I'm throwing all my best stuff against the Shades)

- - -

Please note that Williams did not place his 8 points from the Technological Arms Race, or his 2 points from the Magical Arms Race, because these numbers symbolize progress, not how many monsters or beings summoned.
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William Ronald


I just sent the revised template for you. It should be easy to read. (I divided the 99 PLs to categories.) If not, contact me. I will check my e-mail before I leave in the morning.

Kalanyr, the Forsaken One and Festy Dog:

In regards to the Underdark Alliance, they may notice some small forces building defenses. This is not meant to be a provocative act any more than their building defenses would be. I am glad there is peace betwen us. Expect tech and trade at the start of the turn. Peace should be profitable for all of us.

I also apologize for misreading your intentions. Some of my information was accurate, other information was off.

Some of my allies may remain in my lands. They are there for defensive purposes only. At least one will offer you tech next turn. (I am trying to get every one in on it, but I can only speak for myself. Obviously none of us need war with one another.)
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The Lists post, Forrester, is on page 1 of this thread.
You can't miss it, because it is horribly long.

+ 16 equals how many points (or Power Level) you have acquired in the various Arms Races, all put together (in this case, 16 points or 16 Power Level.)

The Planar Arms Race + the Technological Arms Race + the Magical Arms Race + the Undead Arms Race + the Monster Arms Race + the Construct Arms Race.

Advancing your civilization does not add to the number above ... for every 10 years your civilization progresses through the Renaissance and into the Industrial Revolution, your countries gain (permanently) an increase in their PL. The bigger the country, the bigger the increase.
Everyone advances the equivalent of 1 year into the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution per Turn automatically.
To speed the process up, you spend 3 points per extra year you want to advance, and there is no limit to how many points you can spend.

However, you must own (or have conquered) countries to benefit from this.
If you conquer countries after you have spent points to advance your civilization, you do not benefit retroactively from it.
You must first conquer (or somehow control) countries, then spend points to advance your civilization.


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Yeah, it's on Page 2 -- *duh*. It's clearly too late to be workin' on this stuff.

Hm. Seems I have more power than I thought. Forgot to add in the juicy bonus PL. Shame on me.


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creamsteak said:
Notice to Serpenteye...

Those Treaty Terms are Null till something is resolved.

I am asking for the game to be delayed (at least the two or three things involving me) if Serpenteye does not respond to this.

Ok, very well. Then I am willing to contribute 3 permanent powerpoints to your magics arms race. if that is possible.

Or, I could give you control over 3 points worth of armies (Nyrondese recruits) transferred to your territory.
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Request for a delay of 24 hours

My regrets folks, but I have a problem.

I am still receiving Templates, and more to come.

The placement of so many armies, and making sure (sometimes having to e-mail you and wait for replies) is going to take time.

I haven't got any time left.

I need to delay Turn 3 for 24 hours.

Very badly, so I can get the Templates right.

It just took so long to set up the War Room, and to organize things, and to obtain the Templates, and it will take so long to set everything up right, and I haven't enough time left before 1 in the afternoon to do that.

I need a delay.
I need another 24 hours.


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