(IR) IR Interlude, between Turns 2 and Turns 3

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OOC - Remember folks, I as the Moderator am neutral concerning what happens.
However, I am playing Vecna IC, and IC he most certainly is not neutral.
Vecna is allied with nobody, no matter whose side it seems he is on.
Vecna is on his own side, period.

If the following doesn't make people mad IC, at the least, I will be surprised.
I just hope it doesn't become OOC anger. Vecna is not a very nice person.

- - -

The emissary of Vecna approaches the table, an unremarkable (and living) suel human, dressed in clerical robes.
This person speaks:

I am the Voice of Vecna.

All praise Vecna, Eternal Emperor of Oerth.
May the Will of Vecna be done.

Here is the Will of Vecna to the Servitor Races.
May the Will of Vecna be done.

The Servitor Races shall obey Vecna.
May the Will of Vecna be done.

The Servitor Races shall not attack the Shade.
May the Will of Vecna be done.

If the Servitor Races disobey, the Lortmil Technomancy will be utterly destroyed.
May the Will of Vecna be done.

The Servitor Races of the Sky League shall not again employ their sky ships or Flying Citadels to ferry troops.
The Will of Vecna be done.

If the Servitor Races continue to ferry troops, their ability to do so will be ended, permanently.
The Will of Vecna be done.

The Servitor Races shall yield unto Acererak, what is Acererak's.
The Will of Vecna be done.

If the Servitor Races disobey, and render not to Acererak what is his, then punishment will be forthcoming for disobedience.
The Will of Vecna be done.

The Scarlet Brotherhood are the Race of Suel, and that Race stands above and beyond all of you, over and above you.
Kneel before the Race of the Suel.
The Suel are the Supreme Race.
The Will of Vecna be done.

The Suel are invited to return to the Ancient Homeland.
The Suel are invited to rebuild the Ancient Homeland.
The Will of Vecna be done.

The Suel shall rule over all the Servitor Races, and Vecna shall rule over the Suel.
The Will of Vecna be done.

Refusal to acknowledge the Suel as your Masters and Mistresses will result in appropriate punishment for the Servitor Races.
The Will of Vecna be done.

The Voice of Vecna has spoken.

Black Omega

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Re: Request concerning e-mails

Edena_of_Neith said:
Do not e-mail me for the next 8 hours unless you really need to.
E-mail me if you need to change your Template, or if you are submitting a Template.
E-mail if it is important.
Alrighty. I was given the understanding there was a problem with my template. If it's fine then everything is cool.

Mr. Draco

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Ahh, voice of vecna, perhaps you could convey a question to your master...

"What plans does he have involving the one known as Kas the Terrible, for I of the race of Suel, demand to know what is rightfully mine, the knowledge of my future, and whether Vecna has yet decided for or against a final duel, as the honor of the Suel dictates."


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Looks like I will miss the first day possibly (getting home around midnight, I may be able to access the site for about 10 minutes between school and going to visit a publisher.)

William is in charge of my units and only needs to follow these guidelines:

Defend if attacked

Dig in if the attacker is repelled

Counter-Attack if provoked by anyone who I share borders with other than Serpenteye/Draco, Sollir, and Iuz.

I trust you to remember my treaties with everyone, don't break them.


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The name of Kas greatly angers the Voice of Vecna.
However, before he can reply, a tremendous explosion lights up the sky outside, followed by all the windows blowing in.
Although nobody was injured in the Embassy Hall, there are many casualties outside, and debris is spread far and wide throughout Jalpa.

Looking out, everyone can see a red light bathing the city, as the new Ammunition Plant (or, the wreckage that used to be the new Ammunition Plant) burns furiously, and the fire is spreading to other buildings and other parts of the city from flying debris.

The Voice of Vecna then responds, as if the explosion did not happen:

Kas will be killed.
His soul will be extinguished.
His body will be desecrated, then the remains preserved and hung forever.
The Revenge of Vecna be done.

Divinations show that Vecna, the Voice of Vecna, and Vecna's followers had nothing to do with the explosion and fire.


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A message to Kas

The IBKSC ambassador conveys the following message to the mighty Kas:

“So, it would seem the your former Master has chosen sides. He has chosen the Suel. He has chosen the Shade. Whether or not he has chosen you remains to be seen. While the IBKSC hopes, as always, for a peaceful resolution to the current tensions, certain realities are hard to ignore. We suggest that you may want to rethink current alliances, for they appear to not be what they once were. We, as we have in the past, stand ready to assist you if you request it. This assistance isn’t free, of course. The IBKSC is not a charitable organization, nor have we ever pretended to be. Our price is fair, however. We ask that you simply keep in mind the assistance we have rendered you, so that it may guide your actions in the future.”

“The most terrible leader of the Pantheon of Power,”



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Apparently, someone tried to break into the Technomancy, succeeded, then was driven back out.
The mages do not know who the attacker was, but the attacker killed quite a number of them, and injured many more.
The mages do not know why the attacker came, or whether the attacker obtained what he sought.

A report comes from the drow investigating the ship in the Barrier Peaks.
The Solistarim secretly reprogrammed the robots, and that is why they are attacking. That is why Bissel was attacked.
The City of the Gods is in the Godspires, which the Solistarim hold, and they know a lot more about the technology than anyone thought!

Acererak discovers at Irongate that Turrosh Mak is preparing to launch a massive sea attack across the narrow straits to Onnwal, and Kaboom will be helping him from the air.
This invasion will occur, and NOT the Torilian invasion that was expected - the Torilians are going to attack the Dark Union.

Shortly thereafter, a report comes from the Solistarim.
It states that the Torilians are encamped in force in Lyrn, and that the Alliance of the Crescent (Uvenelei) is giving them succor and aid.

A scout confirms a new report.
Iuz has allied with the Dark Union.
Out of fear of the Torilians and the Solistarim.

Furyondy just declared independence from the Kevellond League.
William, you lose the Power Level from Furyondy for Turn 3.
The Furyondians state they will not tolerate the forces of Iuz on their soil, and that the alliance with Veluna and Keoland is not necessary in any case.
Furyondy also resents, GREATLY, that Veluna is telling IT what to do. So they have declared independence.

There is a report that the Scarlet Brotherhood has unleashed a magical plague upon the Lortmil Technomancy, and that this plague is invariably fatal.
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Aiieee! What kind of peace conference is this anyway? :)

Edena, is this preceding Turn 3? If so, can we update our templates to reflect this new information?

PS: If you have the time (hah!), could you check out this page and tell me if that algorithm is right? It'll help me plan if I can run some simulations beforehand :)
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I'm not attacking Acererak or anyone else this turn. My ships and citadels will not ferry troops. Edena, please don't assume that I'm attacking this turn.

The reason for this is that moral is low. Really low. My troops will not fight for some ally who they've never seen.


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Oh, don't worry.
I the Moderator am not the cause of the explosion or the news.
One of you, is.

As for the Voice of Vecna, he just says what Vecna tells him to ...
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