(IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 3)

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OOC: Well Iuz is not involved with these events or I would comment... let you guys kill each... other... err I mean you know interact and just mop up later...

William Ronald


I may not get a chance to log in until evening Central Standard Time. So, I have asked a few Oerth Alliance members (Darkness, dagger) to represent my interests.

Also, I e-mailed Forrester to let him know of the presence of the Eternal Empire of Toril on Oerth. Maybe he will want to get involved in the thread again.

I will logoff shortly.

Still feel a little guilty for some of my mistakes today.

Edena, do Shade have nuclear weapons yet? But instead of mass producing them, we will focus on technomagic, and produce even more powerful negative energy/Shadowstuff accumulators.


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Not yet.

To have nuclear weapons, your Power must possess a number of 25 or higher in the Technological Arms Race.

I see you have a value of 23 in that race, Melkor.
You are close. Very close.
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I have NEVER attacked the people of AniKari.
My first post regarding the subject stated that I would HELP the native peoples, not attack them.

At the conference Ahlissa laughs:

-Fouls! You are afraid of Acerak, but you ignored my statement about Elder Ones?! Know that these are the ultimate powers of evil, madness
and entropy, Vecna, Tharidizun or Acerak are like five year old children compared to them! Farewell, fouls, soon you will learn the TRUE meaning of the word Fear!
Before teleporting she sends a mental message to God-Emperor:

-Know that we have no wish to fight you, for we believe that hunger for power still lies in your heart. Choose your allies wisely, for the time of cleansing will come soon, and Oerth will be purged from the Unworthy!

Black Omega

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*Yawn*.....mmphh....hey another war, cool! Now to start doing a little catching up.
Regarding the rumors, very cool. Hopefully that will be a semi-regular thing. Gives a few nice hints and even more amusing red herrings.
I'm finally getting around to setting up Siobhan, emissary of the Seelie, as the PC for my faction. And about time, I suppose.:)

Siobhan Silirevnur, Glittering White Flame of Titania, CG Seelie, 20th Lvl Aristocrat, 20th Level Sorcerer, 10th Lvl Archmage.
In a similar vein, that last five PL of NPC's is finally being put to use as well. Azaghul Doomhammer, Dwarven Defender and Warden of the Sepia and Parren Marches. PL: 2 (And there are still people in Perren, darn it! Ok, so the houses look a little empty...we lost alot of people. There are no evil experiements going on!:))

Morrolan, Sidhe Champion, fighter/wizard PL:2

Nyx, pixie Sorcerer, spy, and all other things small and sneaky, PL:1.
Regarding this new land. We'll join the herd sending out emissaries to greet them. No treaties offered in any hurry. We just want to open peaceful relations and find out more about them. Do they dance naked under the full moon while sacrificing babies? Are they bastions of good and peace? The good nations will be approached for treaties of friendship.


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Edena, I am going to cooperate fully with William and his diplomats in revealing the truth to the natives. The truth is my bared standard to the natives of the new land. Furthermore, I will inquire into these 'bases' that have been set up in the new land, and who sparked these 'native' people against us.

Anfaren will use all his powers of divination to find these invaders, who they are, and where they are now.

The Sunrise alliance absolutely disavows any knowledge of any of its people attacking the natives. It surely wasn't us!


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Kaboom, they won't ally, but they are friendly.
If a day of peace comes, your people would be welcome in their undersea kingdom, to come and go as they would.

The people of AnaKeris are friendly towards all the visitors now.
They are not unwise nor are they unintelligent (which open friendliness has often been associated with.)
They watch the visitors with keen eyes.

However, there is food aplenty, and juices of every kind (and many kinds never before tasted) to drink, and wine.
There is song, and dancing.
There is merriment, and eventually an atmosphere of joyful greeting to these friendly folk from Oerik.


Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
Better to post that on the new thread, Maudlin. :p

Also, I'll better close this one lest anyone else is confused...

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