(IR) Preparations for the IR, Thread 2

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Turrosh Mak

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The Forsaken One said:
But I like Turrosh so he isn't in that much of troubles :p
and your forgetting the shades. :)

No I'm not.
The shades are a bit further down the list, since they are one of the only two sources of tech. In the first few turns everyone is going to want to be their freinds. After that though...
well, we'll see

Well I'm off for tonight, in holland it's CARNAVALLLLL, in other words party time for the next 4 days :)
And tomorrow it's my birtday so I'm off for a day I'm afraid but I'll tryto get to the boards tomorrow.

have a nice day and night ya all~~

Turrosh Mak

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Re: yeah ill switch with scro

lynux said:
...infact my tactic is improv...

Who's Industrial Revolution Is It Anyway
Hosted by Drew Carry

This is a game where the points don't matter and power levels are awarded to whomever makes me laugh the hardest...


Turrosh Mak

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Happy Birthday

The Forsaken One said:
Well I'm off for tonight, in holland it's CARNAVALLLLL, in other words party time for the next 4 days :)
And tomorrow it's my birtday so I'm off for a day I'm afraid but I'll tryto get to the boards tomorrow.

have a nice day and night ya all~~

Have fun and Happy B-Day.
And try not to kill to many brain cell, your'e gonna need 'em ;)

Mr. Draco

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Kaboom: email checked and replied to.

Edena: I looked over the rules and two things came up. 1) Kas is my PC, and therefore should not be counted in the Dark Union's total PL (like the god-emporer) 2) One other faction has an artifact: Kas (Artifact: Sword of Kas)

-Mr. Draco
Kas the Terrible, Co-leader of the Dark Union of Eastern Oerth

Turrosh Mak

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Okay, It's done

The first Gnomish Industrial Revolution Threads are now archived on my site
16 pages of the first thread
3 Pages of the second thread (Forester's temorary IR Thread)
and 9 pages of the second thread.

You can find them here:

The second IR thread is going to take a little longer since I'm working from the original Board pages, but I hope to have it up before the 20th. No Promises though.



Kalanyr was born in the DemonWeb pits a drow half-fiend many long ages ago before Vecna rose probably before Greyhawk existed, even he is no longer sure of how many millenia he has lived, he fought mightily in the service of Lolth for the 400 years of his life, gaining much Knowledge of Magic and several items of great power, upon his death he was brought back as a Tan'ari, the evil and power he wielded in life allowed him to skip ,many ranks within the Tan'ari and retain much of his former power and begin as a Glabrezu where he mastered many secrets of the magical arts unknown to mortals, from there he swiftly worked his way up the ranks becoming for a short time a Marilith where he perfected his mastery of the longsword, and then was promoted to Balor, where he became a mighty warleader in the service of Lloth and won much of her favour. He has been sent to Oerth to watch over the Drow in this time, to see they do not fall before their foes and to counter the prodigious strength of Ilsenines Follower Anabstericon.

Kalanyr, Master of the Demon Blades, Knower of the Unknown,Favoured of Lolth, Slayer of Devils, The Hidden Weapon,Torturer of Souls and General of the DemonWeb,The Oozing One

Anarchic Balor(20HD) Wizard 20/Loremaster 10/Archmage 5/Arcane Devotee(Lolth) 10/Divine Oracle(Lolth) 10/Planeshifter 10/Fighter 10/Weaponmaster(Longsword) 10/Blackguard 10/Cleric 10 (Lolth)/Divine Disciple (Lolth) 10/Ranger 20 (Foes Baatezu +5/Tanar'i +4/Celestials +3/Drow +2/Miscellaneous Fiends +1)

Weilder of the Blade of the DemonWeb +5 Unholy Chaotic Vorpal Bane vs Baatezu Longsword & The Blade of Fury +5 Unholy Chaotic Flaming/Shocking/Acid/Cold Burst Longsword.

Wearer of the Crown of the Arcane Mind
+8 Deflection Bonus to AC,+8 Armour Bonus to AC,+20 Enhancement Bonus to Int,Wis,Cha,+8 Insight Bonus to saves,SR 11+Wearer's Level

Wearer Robe of Flayed & Tormented Souls
Grants Improved Evasion,Uncanny Dodge (as 20th level rogue),Causes Fear,Radiates Unhallow effect, and grants +20 Enhancement Bonuses to Str,Dex & Con.

Stats without enhancement bonuses
Str 44 Dex 34 Con 28 Int 48 Wis 39 Cha 38

Total Level:155


Dark Union
We are certainly willing to ally with you.


I am trying to gain aid from the Planar Unseelie, offering them the backing of Kalanyr and his faction of Tanar'ri any 13 times they request it.

I am also trying to gain aid from the Slaadii offering them the chance to spread havoc & chaos throughout the land (they will be gated in in Geoff, as far from my holdings and my allies holdings as possible)

If the Slaad will not come instead attempt to call upon the Daemons offering them the aid of Kalanyr and his faction of Tanar'ri any 13 times they request it.

The Drow shall be raising undead, the departed drow as mighty undead such as Vampires,Liches etc in return for their aid Kalanyr promises them some of his knowledge, The dead slaves as zombies,skeletons etc.

Ivid,his servants,the drow,Kalanyr and his fiends will be studying the mighty magic of the Arcane Age and the Technology of the IR.
Hmm I wonder if I can use tech to implant machine guns on the Tarrasque and use Arcane Age magic to give it a brain and a chaotic evil alignment?

What PL is Kal? 4 or 5?

I am claiming sufficient unclaimed evil powers to bring me up to 90-100, These powers are of your choice since it is hard to tell what is claimed and what is not, if unclaimed I will take the Yuan-ti Empire (The yuan-ti would doubtless like new land and we have little use for what lies above ground) as one if it is claimed, then I will take the Neogi instead (since Drow sometimes trade with Neogi and an alliance would be mutually beneficial) if it is unclaimed if both are claimed I really have no preference.
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William Ronald

I'm back

Hello, William Ronald here.

I was away for most of the day. I will be here for the next hour or so, put in an appearance at my best friend's birthday party, then run back here to help everyone.

I would like to clarify something. I claimed some powers for Kesh, whom I have been told is leaving the thread. I release anything I claimed for him. I also will make a public apology to Kaboom for claiming something he had claimed. Sorry. :eek::(

I will spend most of the next hour catching up.

Also, after the party, I will be back and up for a while to help out with your questions. Many of you have e-mailed your questions and concerns to me. I have yet to check my yahoo mail account, so I apologize.

However, there are some concerns I will try to address, using the rules of this thread. Some of you know EXACTLY what it is.

If you need me, I will be here for the next hour. You can contact me at williamwronald@aol.com.

Well, I am going to have a quick dinner then catch up. In the interim, I urge you to reread the rules and what Edena said about claiming powers and alignment which is an OFFICIAL RULE with EXCEPTIONS approved by Edena. Also, feel free to claim powers for weak or new players to hold on to.

As I no longer claim the powers for Kesh that I mentioned earlier, I will claim the factions of Sterich and the Yeomanry, and the Circle of Eight and all other powers claimed by Kesh. (Sad to see him go.) I wish to keep Sterich and the Yeomanry as they make sense for my faction. I will offer Ishtarland and the other factions to new or underpowered players.

If you wish to contest a power, go ahead.

Talk to you soon. Don't blow up Oerth while I am eating. Otherwise, I may do my Cthulhu imitation:D

Turrosh Mak

First Post
Planar Claims

Edena please note
Planar Claims:

The Githzerai: We offer them the oppertunity to help stop the formation of a new mind flayer Empire. (sorry Riot) with Anabstercorian (?) here on Oreth, they should be coming to me. ;) I also offer to share technology. They were supopsed to get some in the First IR, but like Iuz they got jipped. I won't do that and the Gith of Greyspace can vouch for me on that one.

Earth Elementals: Offer the oppertunity to smash lots of stuff. also metals of all kinds. (what else would an eath elemental want?)

The Dao of the elemental earth: A similar offer, but with less smashing and more wonders of the earth, as well as finished and exotic goods made from materials not readily avilible on there plane. wood for example.

~Turrosh Mak~
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William Ronald

Q&A for Mr. Draco

William, I wana know 2 things, i think edena will have to answer them but mayB you can as well.
1. The robots on the barrier peeks what kind of tech do they poses and what will their ownership or the posession of their tech mean in the tech race?
2. Your forces in greyspace, how can they affect the happenings on Oerth itself, can they come down and give battle from teh skies or are they solely able to be deployed in greyspace?

Edena will have to rule. I suspect the robots are at the highest tech level possible in the thread. However, it would be rather hard to transfer it over very easily. Going from the 1500s to 2100 is not easy.

As for the forces of Greyspace, I really don't know how this will work. I am not all that familiar with spelljamming vessels.

Tomorrow, I will create a list of updated claims.

I feel bad that Kesh has left us. We could use some more players

So, invite anyone you talk to at EN World here. Also, maybe mention this in your posts on other parts of the boards.

Turrosh Mak: Thanks for posting the old IR threads. Everyone, please read these as we are going to learn about what happened on Toril in all likelihood.

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Turrosh Mak

First Post

In previous IR threads Spelljammer vessles where used for both transport and military action within toril's atmosphere.
Due to the Magicial nature of spelljammer ships, even the largest spelljammer can safely travel and manuever in an atmosphere.

Edena might have other notions on this of course :)


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I am trying to understand what is going on... so I am laying claim to the spoon. I know it isn't anything you use... but I am the guy with THE spoon till I understand this fully.

someone who has a clue email me please.
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William Ronald

Alignment issues


Please check the e-mail I just sent you. It should help. I hope you will consider joining us. There are several powers you can claim. If you need help, people here are pretty helpful.

People, remember that Edena has posted a rule on claiming factions and alignment:

William asks how alignment restricts your claims:

If you are primarily claiming good and neutral powers, don't claim evil ones please (although Rary of Ket will work with the Baklunish, an exception.)
If you are primarily playing evil powers, don't claim good powers or neutral and good powers (and be very careful about selecting neutral or heavily neutral powers.)
Ulek is an enemy of the Pomarj.
Nyrond is an enemy of Aerdi.
Ket is an enemy of Bissel.
Iuz is an enemy of Furyondy.
Varnaith is an enemy of the Yuan-Ti empire.
The Scarlet Brotherhood is feared by most powers.
Vecna, Acererak, and Ivid are feared by everyone.

People, please review your claims.

I will be going to sleep shortly. I will be back tomorrow afternoon. Also, I bumped a few threads related to our IR thread up in the General RPG discussion forum.
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Dividing the Bone March

It seems Kalanyr has agreed to divide the area and take the greater northern part. (2/3rds.) He implied as much in an e-mail.

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