(IR) Preparations for the IR, Thread 2

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Mr Draco & Serpent Eye:

We accept your offer of none aggression and are willing to offer you tech aid (the full amount we can) in return for the secrets of 10th and 11th Level magics.

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First Post
Do you all see the last post I made?
I have just looked at all of the posts (all 12 pages of them on my word processor) made prior to my post.

I have modified the Lists again, to account for claims.

It is still unclear to me whether the Peoples of the Northern Lortmils are contested.
I know GnomeWorks is claiming it, and I know Lynux claimed it.
Has Lynus given up his claim, or is he contesting?

- - -

Now - to answer a few other letters, in the order in which they occurred:

All the Planar claims are noted, and I have put them on the Lists.
Undead claims are noted, and put on the Lists.

What are the Xill? What alignment? Where do they come from?
What plane do the Planar Rakshasa come from?

Acererak, you were successful in your efforts to claim the demons and the xeg-yi.

Zelda - I wish to be e-mailed questions, and comments. That way, more posts can be put on the main thread, which is limited to 200 posts.

Forsaken One - the robots in the Barrier Peaks do not have a society per se. They are currently mindlessly maintaining themselves and creating new copies of themselves.
It is really not possible to gain anything from them. They won't teach anyone anything, and they will attack intruders.
What pieces of high technology one could take away from there, won't make a difference in your Power Level.

Now, raiding the City of the Gods will make a difference to your Power Level.
But remember the consequences of such raiding (see the rule on City of the Gods in the Rules Post.)

The robots of S3 can obtain a purpose and drive.
You can give them one.
But they really can't aid you in advancing technologically - there are too few of them, too much of their technology was smashed when they crash-landed, and most of them are mindless automatons anyways.

Turrosh Mak said:

Who's Industrial Revolution Is It Anyway
Hosted by Drew Carry

This is a game where the points don't matter and power levels are awarded to whomever makes me laugh the hardest...

Heh. LOL! Good one, Turrosh. Although Power Levels do count in this game ...

Turrosh, thanks for archiving the IRs.
It's a long read, folks, what he has archived!
As you will see in reading, it was sheer chaos and anarchy. But it was fun.
Let's hope this IR is fun, and does not flop like a dying frog ...

Kalanyr - I'm still working on Player Characters.
I haven't yet looked at the Player Character thread.
I will. And I'll give PLs to each PC.

Turrosh Mak - your claim to the Githzerai and Earth Elementals was successful. They are coming to help you.
The Dao come, after a long period of thinking it over.

Creamstreak - again, I hope you wish to join us.

Maudlin posted:

Why is having the maximum starting power allowed under the rules a goal in the first place? If, in turn one, all the evil conqueror factions ally (as they seem inclined to do) that will make one big uneatable force with over 350 PL, a growth rate of over 50 and the objective of 'destroy'. Everyone else would then be forced to also ally with each other or the IR would be over by turn 3.

(this is seperate from everyone temporarily working
towards a common goal, like kicking the snot out of
uppity archliches, of course )

I admit, I did not foresee this.
I saw each power starting in the 20 to 40 point range.
Ah, how things change.

Please mind you, devastated countries do not produce PL (or, at least, they don't produce as much.)
If you'all go to all out war on Turn One, and state mass devastation of each other's nations, the PL on the board is going to drop considerably.

Also, if you get powerful enough, and the combined strength of several allied powers reaches 1,000, the Torilians are going to see you as a threat.
They just might decide to do something about that threat.

Please remember that the Torilians can enter the Planar Arms Race, and they are already in the Magical Arms Race and the Technological Arms Race.
Their PL will continue to increase each Turn.

Kalanyr: I gave you the Neogi of Realmspace, since it made more sense than the Yuan-Ti empire (which is way over on another continent, and difficult to access except by magic.)
The Lost Elves of the Adri Forest cannot be claimed until someone smashes their way into Adri Forest and states they are attempting to undo the Curse, which is being produced by an artifact.
GnomeWorks currently holds the Adri Forest - he will not have a chance to state any attempt until Turn One, if he wishes to attempt at all.
Kalanyr, the Sea League will not join. The drow frighten them off.

Kalanyr, you have close to 100 points of PL now. Check your claims on the Claims List. :)

Maudlin said:

That's why I'm officially announcing that on the 19th, I'm contesting every nation that seems pressganged into its current alliance. Civil war, baby!

Maudlin, you can do that. Yes, you can do that.
However, when EVERY OTHER power in the IR descends on you like a tidal wave, don't blame me! :D

Kalanyr said:

I'm willing to drop things for new players and/or good reasons. Besides less power in nations means more power for an NPC Take Kalanyr vs the God Emporer for one.
An Alliance would be good 200 is enough to actually harm Vecna,of course it makes us a target for 10th and 11th level magics.

Mind you, Acererak has allied with Vecna. You have double trouble now. (wicked chuckle.)
Cheers on your post concerning new players.
I hope, when I get back to the post, and read the replies made since my last post (not this one) that new players will have joined!

Forsaken One - I have once more placed your claim to the Hold of the Sea Princes on the board.
That is now a contested claim, as Lynux is claiming it also.

Spelljammers can sail anywhere in Greyspace.
They can easily sail through an atmosphere.
They can land and take off.
They can be used as aerial bombardment platforms.
They can land and disgorge troops.
They are altogether very versatile.

If someone has laid claim to one of the spelljamming races, it means basically that you can transport large parts of your army anywhere on Oerth, in any given Turn.

Some powers, like the Solistarim, already have access to spelljammers, even though they have not claimed any of the spelljamming races.


William said:


I received an e-mail from Forrester answering my
questions about his continued participation in the IR thread as the representative of the United Commonwealth of Toril:

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you -- I have been monstrously, monstrously busy at work. Brought a ton of stuff home to work on this weekend .

As long as the UC isn't immensely involved (i.e., one post a day will be sufficient), I would be happy to represent the UC of Toril.

And it looks like you guys are going to need all the help you can get .

So, the UC will be a player.

(Yes, they are now a player, and Forrester is now in the lists.
This definitely throws a wrench into the gears, since a 1,000 point power is on the boards.
All I can say is ... leave it alone, and hope it leaves you alone.
Or, do as the Wanderer says, and go after it. But don't blame me for the consequences.)

Serpenteye (and Mr. Draco later in another way) said:



The Dark Union hereby extend an offer of non-agression to all powers on Oerth, except for Vecna and those who allies or joins with our lesser neighbours the Iron league and Grandwood. Those who join these forementioned powers will find themselves with a very powerful enemy.

Interesting. Blackmail. NOW I know why nobody has claimed the Iron League.
This does not mean the Iron League won't ask to join one of the Powers, though!
They may just ask to join you, GnomeWorks, or you, William, or even you, Darkness.

These are good people.
Will you allow them to be crushed, helpless and unaided, by the evil forces of the Dark Union?

This is the kind of thing that would sway the good Planars, by the way, into coming and helping you ... were you to take up the cause of the Iron League and Grandwood.

Kas is now a Player Character.
I have removed him from the Dark Union, and placed him in the Player Character category for Mr. Draco.
Serpenteye, that means he won't show up on your list at all.


First Post
First of all, I'm still on vacation (if one can call it that.)
Just trying to make my job easier once I get back, by updating the Lists as I can (it takes time to do that ...)

Williams is still moderator until I return.
Williams, thank you for helping me! :)

Black Omega - Williams has claimed the Circle of Eight.
The claim is now contested between you and him.

Concerning the speed of the Flying Citadels and Ships of the Sky League of the Isle of the Phoenix:

The ships of the Sky League can make 40 mph in good weather, maybe 60 mph if a powerful wind is at their back.

The Flying Citadels can cruise along at about 20 mph.

Spelljammers can roar through an atmosphere at 200 mph (although the crew had better stay belowdecks if it does.)
Spelljammers can roar through an atmosphere at 100 mph if the crew is on-deck.

Most spelljammers, in order to cover great distances, will leave the atmosphere and enter near-space, flying at thousands of miles an hour around the globe until they are over their destination.
Then they will slow down, and descend through the atmosphere.

To William - I am not back yet. Just trying to make things easier for you by doing my share.
Again, thanks for the help!
I have to go to the Player Character thread, have a look at it, and assign all the PCs Power Level values, and put them on the Lists Post.

Darkness, your claim to Erypt is noted.
As Williams has pointed our, the claim is contested with Lynux.
Williams, Mr. Draco's Planar claims were successful (except the Xill, which are in question.)
Williams, note that you and Black Omega are contesting the Circle of Eight.

Again, I need more information on the Xill and where the Rakshasa make their home plane.
Mr. Draco's claim to the Xill is uncertain until then.

Black Omega

First Post
Edena_of_Neith said:
First of all, I'm still on vacation (if one can call it that.)
Just trying to make my job easier once I get back, by updating the Lists as I can (it takes time to do that ...)
Black Omega - Williams has claimed the Circle of Eight.
The claim is now contested between you and him.

Interesting, since he was the one who mentioned to me that it was in my area. We'll just have to have a 'chat' about this.;)


First Post
Edena_of_Neith said:
Maudlin, you can do that. Yes, you can do that.
However, when EVERY OTHER power in the IR descends on you like a tidal wave, don't blame me! :D
Don't worry, I'll stay in those territories only long enough to sow the fields with salt and attach motion-sensitive boobytraps to all the inhabitants :D (why was Space, Above and Beyond cancelled anyway?) Nono, seriously, I retracted that claim, it's not up to me to say how other people should play. I'm just concerned about what you so inimitably called the Alpha-Strike :)

Edena_of_Neith said:
Mind you, Acererak has allied with Vecna. You have double trouble now. (wicked chuckle.)
Hmm.. I've posted my strong desire to do so, and mailed Bonedagger about it, but I've still not received a reply to either. Obviously, if Vecna has been rendered comatose by the rigours of timetravel, it is not in Acererak's best interest to wave his flag in the face of a united Oerth (which has now grown to about 100 times his own power). If agelong unlife teaches anything, it is pragmatism :)

Edena I'd claimed the Jamming Illithid and the Neogi a whole while back. So the neogi would be contested between Kalanyr and me. I discussed this matter with kalanyr and we came to the agreement that he relinquishes his claim over the neogi and he reclaims the Yuan-Ti.
Also I'm claiming the Unseelie for Planar arms race. Why? To come aid their realmed kin offcourse with the prospects of crushing and exterminating those horrid light and love loving kin of theirs!

My claims now would correctly be:


Modrons (The Planars of Mechanus, lawful neutral) PL see the Planar Arms Race
Formians (The Planars of Mechanus, lawful neutral) PL see the Planar Arms Race
Unseelie of the plane of fairy (every type of Dark Faerie, evil) PL see the Planar Arms Race.

Illithid of Greyspace (spelljamming illithid, slaves of every type, evil) PL 25
Neogi of Greyspace (spelljamming neogi, their umber hulk servants, slaves of every type, evil) PL 30

Unseelie of the Flanaess (every type of Dark Faerie, evil) PL 13

Hold of the Sea Princes (Suel humans, oeridian humans, dwarves, slaves of all types, neutral and evil) PL 4 *

Formians of the Southern Hellfurnaces (Formian Giant Ants, lawful neutral) PL 7
Kuo-Toa of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists (kuo-toa, slaves of all types, evil) PL 5
Illithid of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists (illithid, slaves of all types, evil) PL 3
Trogolodytes of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists (trogolodytes, slaves of all types, evil) PL 3
Kuo-Toa of the Underdark (kuo-toa, slaves of all types, evil) PL 8

So I hope you edit the claims list as soon as you can for me and kalanyr.

Black Omega

First Post
lynux said:
I want to propose an offer. I will relinquish one faction with a PL of 15 or less to anyone if they are willing to make an Alliance
Does anyone accept?
This is only going once.
and if Vecna wants it, sorry, I dont want to get slaughered.

The offer does sounds interesting. In the interestests of pursuing peace the Coalition of Light and Shadow (Seelie Court, Highfolk, etc etc) might be interested in this, with out interests extending to the Wolf and Tiger Nomads. Weak factions but it does secure the borders.

Omega, look what nice new neighbours you're getting. Wouldn't really call that secure the borders :) You've got a nice little buffer now to prevent you from the first blows from above.


First Post
Kalanyr, the Neogi were already claimed, so I gave you the Yuan-Ti Empire, as you requested.
You're pretty close to 100 now (but not quite there.)

Lynux, you're at 102 in Power Level. You must relinquish some claim, to go to 100 or below.

The Gnomish Sidewheelers of Greyspace are contested.
Erypt is contested.
The Hold of the Sea Princes is contested.
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First Post

Check the Lists again, everyone.
I have updated it, based on your posts.

Is everything accurate?

John Brown must be located.
We cannot play this IR without Iuz. Iuz is too critically important.

Where is Frigid Spleen?

If you can find any new players for this IR, I would appreciate it.
Even if it means redivvying the claims.

- - -

The following Powers have still not been claimed (these I am sure of ... there may be 2 or 3 others)

Storm-Riders of Telchuria (agnakok mages, agnakok humans of unknown kind, agnakok demihumans of unknown kinds, agnakok humanoids of unknown kinds, small sentient tornadoes, spirits of the earth and sky) (far northwest off-map) PL 35

Peoples of the Gnarley Forest (high elves, wood elves, oeridian humans, some humans of other types, some gnomes, treants, forest beings, good) PL 2

(The Iron League)

(Idee (Oeridian humans, some humans of other types, elves, dwarves, gnomes, good) (Part of the Iron League) PL 3
Peoples of the Iron Hills (dwarves, gnomes, some humans of oeridian and suel types, neutral and good) PL 3
Free City of Irongate (dwarves, gnomes, halflings, oeridian humans, neutral and good) PL 4
Onnwall (Oeridian humans, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, neutral and good) PL 3)

Peoples of the Grandwood (Oeridian humans, suel humans, some humans of other types, high elves, wood elves, grey elves, wild elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, treants, forest beings, neutral and good) PL 3


P:S Maudlin, I repeat: the region between the river and the Adri Forest is held by the Dark Union (in purple), and not by the Eastern League (in green.)
The Dark Union holds everything east and south of that river.

Kalanyr holds all of Geoff, including the 3 forests in that area, but not the hills separating Geoff from Sterich (nobody holds them.)

Since Kesh has left us, and Williams has claimed them, put the Yeomanry and Sterich in William's orange color.

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First Post
Maudlin, I made a mistake.

Those are not the Stonelands.
They are the Flinty Hills. My apologies.

Gamboge Forest is just to the west of the Flinty Hills. The Eastern League does not control Gamboge Forest. Put the forest back in normal colors.

Also, the tiny region south of Almor, south of the river, is not held by the Eastern League.
The Dark Union holds that.

Talk about a thorn in the side - see the forest at the easternmost point of Kalanyr's control (he controls Geoff.)
You show the Kevellond League as controlling the eastern part of that forest.
That's incorrect. Kalanyr controls it.

Also, Kalanyr controls 2/3rds of the Bone March.
Give him the 2/3rds towards Ratik, away from the borders of the Dark Union.
This area is now called the Dark Swamp, I believe.

Maudlin, the Vesve Forest needs to be named. (That giant forest in light blue west of the Whyestil Sea.)

The Burneal Forest should be named. It is the subarctic forest between the Wolf Nomads and the Solistarim.
There are nasty things living in there ...


First Post
Re: Important

Edena_of_Neith said:
P:S Maudlin, I repeat: the region between the river and the Adri Forest is held by the Dark Union (in purple), and not by the Eastern League (in green.)
The Dark Union holds everything east and south of that river.
I'd already changed the bits outside the forest to purple, do you mean they also have the southeastern part of the Ardi forest itself? (Just checking 'cause you'd previously said to take out the purple there :)) If not, I'm not sure what part you mean...

Also, could you check if the Bone March is properly distributed? I wasn't sure how far it reached. I'll know a lot more about oerthian geography before this is done, I do know that :)


First Post
No part of the Adri Forest is held by the Dark Union.

The area I'm referring to is the small part in green south of Almor, and south of the river that is Almor's southern and eastern border.

This area lies between the river and the sea.

I think you have Bone March just about right.

Edena and Maudlin. I'd like a ruff scetch of a "map" not detailed but a simple map with ALL THE factions on it or at least the ones not on teh greyhawk map. I want to know what lies west of me and where. Not that someone jsut attacks me from the west while there are 2 other countries in between.


First Post
Beautiful, Maudlin! :)
That's just right!

Let's put in a few names.
Let these poor people know what's what!

Grandwood is the name of the forest in the southeastern part of the Dark Union, and not held by them.

Rel Astra is the name of the region east of the Grandwood, and north of Medegia.

Adri Forest is the name of that big forest that stretches into the Dark Union.

Gamboge Forest is the name of the forest Nyrond doesn't control - I had you take the green off of it, remember?

Phostwood is the name of the forest west of the Theocracy of the Pale, north of Nyrond, and east of the Empire of Iuz.

Garrel Enkdal sits in the Raker Mountains

The mountains between The Hold of Stonefist and the Frost Barbarians are called the Griff Mountains.

The mountains by the snow barbarians are called the Corusk Mountains.

Irongate sits at the narrow point betwween Onnwall and Idee (put a tiny BLACK circle there to represent it.)

The hills to the northeast of Irongate are called the Iron Hills.

The 2 islands in the Nyr Dyv NOT already colored belong to William and his Kevellond League.

That forest west of Greyhawk is the Gnarley Forest.

The big forest in the middle of Iuz's Empire is Fellreev Forest.

Try all those names. It should help things.
There are more names, but try those first. We'll make everyone an expert in Flanae Geography!

Also, I know this will ruin some people's day, but:

See those 3 forests on the big peninsula with the frost, ice, and snow barbarians?
They do not hold those. Those forests should go back to their normal color of light green.

See that forest way up there near the Hold of Stonefist, in their dark blue?
They DO NOT HOLD that forest. Put it back in normal light green.

See that forest right next door in Iuz's domain, all colored in red?
Iuz does NOT hold that forest. Put that forest back in normal green.
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First Post
Reasons for the planers to stay.

I claimed the water elementals, the djinns, and the air elementals. Here are the reasons why they should stay.

The Djinn: I say to them: we are in dark times and unless you help us, a entire race may never fly again. If that fails then I offer them technology and magical secrets.

The water elementals: I offer to open underwater gates to the plane of water after the war, so they can freely come in and out of this plane.

The air elementals: I offer to open gates to the plane of air after the war, so they can freely come in and out of this plane.
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Hmm try spoils of war, owno your a good guy ^_^

Hey what the hell, I'm claiming the sea of dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll get my spelljammers to operate from the forgotten city if that ain't a too crazy idea.
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First Post
There you go. I noticed those mountains in the northeast had snuck back to being coloured in (nasssty sneaky barbarianssesss); sorry about that, had a crash a few days ago and had to revert to an earlier version.

I probably won't be around anymore today, hot date :D

Forsaken One -- I'd love to, but I don't really have a map of greater Oerth, just the Flanaess unfortunately.

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