(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 3 (thread 1)


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((Don't worry, folks. Vecna is the lunatic, not your Moderator.
Now, this is what you get for forcing me to run a moldy old lich like Vecna.
Evil things happen when I am forced into such an abhorrent position!
Now, instead of a moldy old lich, you have a moldy young lich with a real attitude problem.))
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The Peace Conference, And Lord Melkor

The great marble and gold domes of the Hall of the People in Jalpa stand empty and silent. The occasional clerc or servant scurries quietly trough the halls bowing deeply when they encounter any remaining delegates, but the great passageways seem almost ghostly in their abandonment. The great banquet, enough luxury foods to feed a small country for a month, is untouched, except by a drunken Pit Fiend who bites the head of any servant attemting to clear the table. Suddenly the Pit Fiend clutshes its head in pain and collapses, writhing on the floor, as the God Emperor steps out of thin air before it. He takes one disgusted look around the room and dimension door to the Great Hall where he sees Vaergoroth standing in splendid solitude. "The conference is still officially open, " he says in answer to her question "but there seems to be little desire in the world for peace. There are still many issues to resolve, but perhaps the cease fire will be sufficient for now. For all practical purposes we have as much peace now as I expect we ever will."

The two allies exchange a few phrases of courtesy and then the God Emperor teleports out again, back to the Grandwood.

In the infinite fraction of a moment that he travels trough the astral plane he is hit by the sending. A part of his spirit plunges trough the vision of the shadow plane while the other snarls in irritation at having been distracted. A wave of nausea washes trough him before he can restore his balance. Even so, the sight of Lord Melkor is awe inspiring. Before him, on a throne of shadow, sits the power to which he has for so long aspired, the power of the divine. All he needed to do was kneel before this Power and he would be given power to shape the very planes to his whim. All he needed to do was kneel. Needless to say he did not. "You say you will make me a God of Rulership and expect me to bow before you. Know that I already feel the spark of the divine in my veins, that the spark is growing and spreading like a fire in the Amedio. I am already a God, and not just of rulership. My followers worship me as the One God, the God of all portfolios. They worship me for the rain on their crops, the health of their children, the salvation of their souls in the afterlife. They worship me as the God of war, as the Great Judge, as the lord of pleasure and pain, the Master of Knowledge, the God of Magic and the God of rulership. And you expect me to bow to you? I do not deny your greatness but my goal is not to serve but to rule, and to rule all."

Then he steps out of the vision into the headquarters of the armies of the Grandwood.
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Vaeregoth ponders while she grows bored.... she seems ignored exept for the brief answer of the god emperor which was as expected and not of any intesrest at all. She let's her mind wonder through the minds of the humans around and in the city. She extends her consiousness to all around the city. She wonders how tiny your comprehension and awareness would be without the beauty of a hive mind. To know all thoughts. The feel all feeling and to know what everyone knows and learns. Such beauty.... beauty of the mind...

And then she went over the activities of everyone and she knew.. she understood some more... she understood Kaboom is nowhere to be found.. she understood Kaboom is teching magic and civilisation.... Kaboom's defenses will be tested and seen if this thought might contain... truth... She extends her mind to greyspace where contacts the Illithid commander to mobilise the fleets. And with a single thought from Vaeregoth and with a single thought from the Flayer, 3 fleets set in motion. As the Scro, Neogi and Illithid Armadas swarm down onto the Sky Leage. They Swarm all over and between the flying citadels and see how they respond and check it's defenses.
The Swarm wn't deliver any great battle but they are moving in hard and fast to check on it's defenses of the skyleage and see how it's guarded. After that they will reatreat back into their hidings in greyspace.

OOC to edena: If there is NO ressistance at all or very little... they will crush the flying citadels and send the sky leage down burning to the ground so this taxi service is "out of commision", so this attack will only go ahead if this will result in his incapibility to transport troops with the citadels....
let me know what happens.. you have the templates.. so I hope you read them well and give me the info about the defenses there.. and if there is hardly any def so I can take the citadels ease... I'll take them out, but not if there wil be any serious resistance.. we'll just fly through and over,under and around the citadels and reatreat as told to greyspace.
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Vaeregoth has fired what might be the first shot in the great war.

The illithid, neogi and scro spelljamming fleets mobilize, and roar down out of Wildspace in a swift assault on the sky ships and Flying Citadels of the Sky-Sea League.
Very quickly, battle is joined, and rages throughout the skies over most of Oerth.

I need Kaboom's statement concerning what kind of defense the Sky-Sea League is making.

- - -

Forrester, the Seers in the great Torilian camp suddenly clutch their heads in pain.
When they recover, they state a great evil has been released.
They state that a terrible evil has been unleashed, and it will soon afflict the Torilians, and everyone else.

Shortly thereafter, Seers worldwide predict impending disaster.

However, what the disaster will be, cannot be determined.

Several things can be divined.
The disaster will be inflicted by something altogether evil.
The disaster will be inflicted by something without pity or mercy.
The disaster will be magical.
The disaster will be sentient.
Vecna has nothing to do with the impending disaster.

- - -

The Industrial Revolution has come to Oerth.
With the aid of Forrester and the Lortmil Technomancy, and with the aid of the Shade in other countries, major things are happening.
Hundreds, then thousands, of factories are going up, to produce firearms, then explosives, then every kind of thing an army would need.
Canning is introduced for the first time on Oerth.
The printing press is introduced, along with the concept of mass production of books, and that new item of propaganda called the Newspaper.

The factories require workers, and they are dragged in off the great serf farms, or they come voluntarily.
Usually, the wages and treatment received in the factories is incredibly higher than what the serfs had in the fields (although by today's standards, it would be considered the most horrendous kind of slave labor.)
The concept of the Work Day is born on Oerth.

When news of the Good Life of the factory workers reaches the rural areas, large numbers of people simply pick up and move to where the factories are.
Cities grow up overnight, as people crowd in, and the authorities are forced to build housing for the workers, and more housing for all the additional people pouring in.
The authorities see, clearly, that ever more people are going to be needed, so they splurge on housing.
The population of places like Veluna City, Chendl, Eastfair, Jalpa, Gradsul, and other places doubles, then trebles.

Railroads are hammered down, with the help of friendly earth elementals.
With magical aid, railroads are put down with incredible speed, and soon all of the Kevellond League has a network of these iron roads.
Now, troops can be ferried from one place to another, and the Sky-Sea League is not needed to ferry them.
However, the Dark Union does it also, and they do it to such an extent that a very extensive railroad network soon stretches from the Bone March in the north to Medegia in the south. The County of Urnst in the west, to Rel Astra in the east.

With the help of magic and earth elementals, power lines are buried in the ground, made thus safe from attack.
Instantaneous communication via lines of copper - now, THAT is a true magic! Everyone wants it, and everyone is building the network as fast as possible.
VAST numbers of peasants and skilled laborers alike are being pressed into service to build, build, build this network.

The magic and wonder of electricity leaves the people of the Flanaess dumbfounded, but it's uses are obvious, and they put down power lines as fast as physically possible.
Great mines are opened up, in every country willing to ravage the land, to dig for coal and drill oil, to power the new electrical plants going up.
With electricity, the war plants are made possible.
With electricity, vast amounts of metal can be heated, shaped, and made into almost anything desired.
With electricity, it seems, almost anything can be done.

Cities like Chendl and Jalpa are soon aglow with light, the stars dimmed, and the light can be seen for over 20 miles away, for the very night sky seems to glow over the cities.

The necessity of building adequate roads for troops is now being addressed, with gnomish help.
Seeing that hardened dirt will not do, the gnomes have invented a hard substance that can be poured onto the ground, to produce a road study enough to bear heavy weight.
With the new tanks in service, the gnomes are encouraging everyone to build these hardened roads for the motorized, mobile machines to travel on.
The Paved Road comes to Oerth.
The Motor Vehicle comes to Oerth.

In some countries, especially the elven ones, there is very real misgiving about all of this.
Especially since there is widespread and massive destruction of the ecosystem as a result of all this activity.
Forests make for quick fuel, and fuel is in extremely high demand.
Forests also must be cleared for roads and power lines.
Forests also must be cleared for new factories, and the cities that grow up around them.
Nevermind that large areas of the cities themselves are being cleared so that factories can be put up, and people are being jammed into the new tenements, 8 stories high - built with the new technology supplied by the gnomes, and considered to be good living indeed by those serfs being housed there.
Of course, I need not mention that the mining is causing more destruction, and polluting the air.

It's all happening. The situation in IRL England of the 19th century, is happening all at once all over the Flanaess.

Led by Anabstercorian, who is from Toril, the Solistarim are furiously moving forward into their own Industrial Revolution, and the din going on under the Godspires would deafen the Gods.

It's happening in Lyrn and Ishtarland, in Erypt and Suhfang, and in the Empire of the Yuan-Ti.
On the Isle of the Phoenix, it's happening.
In Varnaith, it's happening.
In Esmerin and Orcreich, it's happening.
Even in the Underdark, it's happening.

Everyone wants the new Instant Communication Devices, the Instant Power Bringers, the ability to produce the Machines, and of course the Firearms are a hit with everyone.
Even the drow are bedazzled with the wonder of Electricity.
This is the very Lightning of the Heavens, brought down and TAMED for use by Mortals!!
They want it, and they want it now.
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OOC to edena: If there is NO ressistance at all or very little... they will crush the flying citadels and send the sky leage down burning to the ground so this taxi service is "out of commision", so this attack will only go ahead if this will result in his incapibility to transport troops with the citadels....

Keep this very well in mind... if there is a full scale battle to take place... there are conditions should I fully engage.. I stated that very clearly I thought, only of I can bring these cidadels down swiftly. And before any help can come up there that high that fast you must be bamed vecna.... So I only attack if there is hardly any defense else I'll just scream by and up and ago back to wildspace..

still OOC, you do not attack someone who is neutral to you if you can't make the victory you were after.... and defenses can just be tested.. Edena you yourself know what there is for defense in PL. If it's under 15 I attack it with the 80 PL spelljammers and take the citadels out.... if they are very well deefnded.. you know.. just pull out.
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Btw.. I got a great way for clean energy that doesn't polute!
just make huge treads and wheels and let undead walk them and keep them spinning! Undead never tire and if they don't want, just have them commanded by some clerc :D

btw this Idea is patented now! :D
And so the nature debate got another impuls :p
Undead, the clean energy :D

+Style bonus to PL :cool:
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Very well.
The flying ships and Flying Citadels put up a great deal of resistance.
I am assuming, based on your statement, Forsaken One, that the spelljamming fleets are retreating after their swift strike.
There are only minor losses on either side.

The uproar in Ket continues, as the Robots of the Barrier Peaks press the attack against that nation, and Iuz has yet to come to the aid of the people there.

Other than that, all is quiet.
All is quiet across the Flanaess.
All is quiet across all of Oerth.
Very quiet.

Too quiet.

Black Omega

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Postcard from the Peace Conference


Hope you got everything settled back home. It's been chaos here, of course. About to do my own teleport back home, we'll have to postpone that dinner until later. I guess the peace conference was more about pieces than peace. Take care! Don't get assassinated or anything! Hugs and kisses,

Perrenland declares independence from the Coalition of Light and Shadow. Their ambassador states they are joining the Solistarim, their Flannae relatives to the north.
Dear Azaghul Doomerhammer, Warden of the Sepia March,
Given that Perrenland are not even all that close to their Flannae relatives to the north...this is certainly a Scarlet Brotherhood trick. Solistarim are not to be allowed overland access. Please open a dialogue with the Perrenland ambasador about their return, and start a investigation into Scarlet Brotherhood interference in Perrenland, eliminate these conspirators and this issue should be solved. We won't let them split the Coalition so easily. Also please put patrols along the border with Vecse's forest. The industrial revolution might be starting up but this doesn't mean the forest is fair game. Reasonable logging is permitted. Stripping the forest is not. Thanks!
Siobhan Silirevnur, the Mithral Hammer beating down the nails of evil.

Circle of Eight, Please look into researching this magical assistance for this industrial revolution. Primarily, magical ways around the worst aspects of the need for fuel and magical substitutes for use in technology free zones.
Ok..guess Kaboom doens't need help defending the spelljamming mountains.
Must...sleep...William can run my forces until I'm back.
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Hmm. Some, moderate effort is put to finding out more about the nature of this threat. Diviners are ordered to search the present, the past and the future for the source. But others are still divining for traitors, infiltrators and the Black Brotherhood.

An offer goes out to the people of the Grandwood:
"Sanctus Punitor of the Delrune has offered you sanctuary in his lands. Surrender to the armies of the Dark Union and you will be allowed to evacuate. If you continue fighting you will all be killed or worse."

Shortly thereafter, Seers worldwide predict impending disaster.

However, what the disaster will be, cannot be determined.

Several things can be divined.
The disaster will be inflicted by something altogether evil.
The disaster will be inflicted by something without pity or mercy.
The disaster will be magical.
The disaster will be sentient.
Vecna has nothing to do with the impending disaster.


Yup they fly by at max speed as they see they are meeting a AA barrage. After swarming around the Citadels the flayers reports to the Queen that Kabooms forces aren't taking any great riscs with devoting 100% PL to devellopment on research and civ advance :)

The fleets are ordered to go to teh grandwood and deliver a massive magical bombardment of any forces hostile to the DU. After that they will go to Ket and deliver the same sort of bombardment on the robots. After a few runs over the robots they well inspect damage done and reatreat back to Wildspace.


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Re: Edena.

The Forsaken One said:

The fleets are ordered to go to teh grandwood and deliver a massive magical bombardment of any forces hostile to the DU. After that they will go to Ket and deliver the same sort of bombardment on the robots. After a few runs over the robots they well inspect damage done and reatreat back to Wildspace.

You have my gratitude for your most gracious assistance.


I wanna see Edena roll 80d6 vs 1d6 and see who wins ^^

As for the robots I think my Fleet should be able to do some damage.... they aren't as super as teh robots but they are more numerous and can deal quite a punch... so I'm gonna hit them a few times and leave it at that if things aren't going all to well.. I'll just retreat to wildspace then.
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Wasn't there some sort of *peace* conference?


It seems to me that this whole Vecna/Shade thing has thrown the Peace Conference into a bit of a tailspin.

And you're allied with the Shade, aren't you, Serpenteye?

And Acererak too.




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Yes Forrester, I am allied with the Shade and Acererak and quite a few others. I still support the peace process, there is no contradiction. Balance is a prerequisite for peace, when the balance breaks so does the peace.


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In one of the most interesting engagements of this IR, the spelljamming fleets of the Scro, Illithid, and Neogi bombarded the Robots of the Barrier Peaks from the air.
Since the Robots were attacking Ket, and Ket was a part of the Empire of Iuz, they were doing Iuz a favor.

The Robots did not seem to quite know what to make of spelljammers.
Perhaps, they thought, the spelljammers were enemy Starships.
Perhaps, they thought, the starships would rain supertechnological destruction down on them.

In any case, they went defensive and set up defensive forcefields, while aiming their turrents skyward.
It was all in vain.

The illithid easily teleported through the defensive shields, and with psionic powers wrecked the main motherboards running the devices.
The Neogi used magic to throw off the robot targeting systems, so that their shots went wild.
Even guided missiles failed to hit the target, raining down randomly against an unfortunate Ket and assorted hills and mountains instead.

In the end, the robots were reduced to a pile of scrap metal.
I must assume the illithid, being a race of researchers, gathered up all the pieces for examination, before taking them back to their base.
The Scro were very disappointed, but no treasure was located.
As for the Neogi, they smirked and commented that magic was always supreme, would always be supreme, and that this so called science was all Torilian propaganda.

- - -

Perrenland. Ah, Perrenland.
The people of Perrenland, as it turns out, had no idea their leaders had allied with the Solistarim.
In fact, the Perrenlanders do not even know who the Solistarim are.
The Perrenlanders thought the Coalition of Light and Shadow had abandoned them, had thrown them out of the Coalition, and they resented it greatly.
Now, they hear that the Coalition never threw them out, that they abandoned the Coalition, and there is a great deal of confusion.
The Coalition of Light and Shadow does not find any of the Perrenland leaders immediately.
Perhaps the agents in the shadows, or the dopplegangers, saw the fate of their cousins, and got out of town before the marshalls arrived.
The actual leaders of Perrenland, are never found.

Until the Faerie, a lofty, beautiful, and good people, but also determined, ruthless, and remorseless when need be, catch up to the dopplegangers after several days of intensive magical searching.
Then the dopplegangers are interrogated, and the remains of the leaders of Perrenland are thus located.
The dopplegangers do not know of any Black Brotherhood.
What they know is that the Scarlet Brotherhood paid them to take over Perrenland, cause confusion and disarray, and attempt to hinder the Coalition of Light and Shadow from being an effective force for as long as they could.
Although, after more magical probing, it is discovered - once again - that these dopplegangers have had their memories tampered with, and much of their memory was permanently erased.


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Vecna muses:

Forrester the Torilian speaks of peace.

Vecna sends out a telepathic communication to Forrester:

Forrester, I - Vecna - am coming.

Without further ado, Vecna teleports himself DIRECTLY to Forrester, right there in the midst of the entire Torilian encampment, right into the heart of the place!

Vecna then speaks to Forrester:

I am Vecna. I wish to speak with you, Torilian.
I wish to speak ... now.
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Vecna speaks:

I say to you that you are trespassing.
Oerth is not your world.
Toril is your world.

I say to you and yours: Go home.

In your trespassing, you have brought grave danger unto yourself and all of yours.

Why do you so foolishly trespass where you are not wanted?
Why do you so foolishly trespass where you do not belong?
Why do you intervene in affairs that are none of your business?
Why do you presume to influence events here on Oerth?

I await some good answers to my questions.
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Edena, since I am going offline for at least a day, you are in charge, it is justified for Vecna has become a God for The Shade, and the main God of Shadow, Melkor, cannot personally appear on Toril. I invited Kalanyr to join The Pantheon of Shadow as Dark Lord of War, you can invite the others.

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