(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 3 (thread 1)

William Ronald

Against the Red Death

The demigods Heward, Keoghtom, Murlynd consult with Zagyg, Kalden and Iuz. A means is sought for reversing this plague or altering it, curing it or stopping it. The means of transmission are sought and appropriate preventative techniques are taken.

Communes are performed asking what known and theoretical technologies, magics, artifacts, and relics could heal or stop this illness.

A grim Hazen faces the crowd of courtiers. Orders are issued for a quarantine. Efforts to prevent the spread of the illness are issued.

"This red death must be stopped. It will be traced back to its source."

Word is sent to the Underdark Alliance, asking for their aid in stopping this illness.

If the source is indeed revealed as Acerak, then a message is sent:

"You have betrayed this world. If we survive, we will make you and yours pay a horrible price. A price that this world has never seen."

(Edena: I am contacting everyone I can. In and out of character.)
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First Post
A message comes from Vecna, broadcast worldwide via telepathy.

He speaks casually:

Don't panic, Servitors.
Those who bow to the Shade and Myself, and acknowledge our Overlordship, shall be spared.
My 10th order magic is quite capable of removing this illness from your population.

If you will not bow to me, then I would seriously suggest you kneel before Acererak and give unto my friend all he demands, for he alone knows the antidote.
He will hardly render said antidote up if you attempt force against him.

Do not be foolish, Servitors.
Bow to the Suel, your Rightful Masters and Mistresses, and bow to the Shade, our allies, and you shall live.
Defy us, and know an eternity of Unlife ... after the illness treats you to an excruciating and very final death.

(The eye-opener thing here is that Acererak was able to accomplish this feat with 9th level magic.
One thing about disease, it is like trolls. It escalates out of control in a real hurry.
With 10th level magic, had he had it, Acererak could have created a plague that no spell, except for a Wish or a Miracle spell, could have hoped to stop.)
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Thayadon Fasfoni communes with Mystra (he is a 20th level cleric, after all) and asks a question: can this plague be stopped?


The Lortmils begin immediate production of gas masks with some powerful anti-viral magic on them and handing them out to our people. We will also make shipments of these items to our allies, when most of the urban areas in the Lortmils have been covered.

The Lortmils also start setting up huge fans, to fight off any wind. Antimagic fields are set up around our region's perimeter. We take every possible precaution to avoid this plague.

We will take any who have contracted the disease already and quarantine them, and send in scientists that are thoroughly protected to research them (as gently as possible) and try to determine a way to fight this disease. With patients' consents, we will use them as living guinea pigs (unfortunately), trying anything and everything we've got against it.

If nothing works, the patients will be mercy struck from a distance, and the resulting undead critter will be mowed down with a machine gun. We aren't taking any chances here. We will take their last words and send them to their families, but we will not allow them to leave the quarantine area.

We will try anything and everything we've got, from the latest medicine to the divine magic, to stop this plague. We'll get a wizard to cast Wish on one of them to eliminate the plague - but only once for that one, and if it doesn't work, we'll back off on that one. But whatever it takes, we will find out how to stop this nasty little disease.


First Post
Because GnomeWorks acted quickly, and because he acted with ruthlessness, and because the Lortmil Technomancy was far from the initial placement of the illness, the Lortmil Technomancy - alone - is free of the plague.
Within it's borders, there is no plague.
It's borders are now sealed.
I am assuming nobody gets in. Nobody. Anyone who tries, is instantly killed (if one takes the spirit of what GnomeWorks said into account.)

There is no illness in the Dark Union or among the Scarlet Brotherhood.
Surprise, surprise!
Not a single case.

The Solistarim, isolated in the north, are still free of the plague, and are able to seal themselves safely inside the Godspires.

The drow, humanoids, and giants are free of the plague, for they were isolated in the Underdark, and the plague could not reach them.

However, among the Baklunish Confederation, the Kevellond League, the Alliance of the Rising Sun, the Alliance of the Crescent, the Eastern League, the barbarians of the Thillronian Peninsula, the Sky-Sea League ... it isn't pretty.


First Post
Sanctus Punitor now wishes to personally investigate the red death. He appears to not have any fear of the disease and willingly will speak and take care of people who may be afflicted- including Forester.

"A disease... how many types of irony is this?"

Sanctus appears solemn...

"So it is necromantic... and it has not been cured by any normal magic. Does this not narrow down the number of manufacturers of such a substance?"

Sanctus appears boldly difident...

"So we have cowards being made out of the devils candy..."

Sanctus appears vengeful...

"The same candy that has been offered to me my whole life and has made me brave by denying it..."

Sanctus appears angry...

"So a disease that is purely evil infects people and kills its host. Then it keeps killing its host till all food is gone. Then it dies. This is how I described evil, did I not? It eats on its host till it dies and then eats on itself. Pointless... pointlessly devoid of purpose."

Sanctus appears loathsome...

"And to find out that the infection of evil that has been in my body for all these years has found its twin in all these poor people. To see that it is spreading indifferently among them..."

Sanctus appears upset...

"Is it my fault that by swaying against my evil side I have destroyed good? If I had let my future come into being as it was supposed to have... would I have destroyed evil inadvertantly? Would I have ate out my own cancer? Kas before me attacked his creator... would I have done the same?"

William Ronald

Die, Vecna Die!

The image of Archcleric Hazen appears. His face is angry and it is a cold anger.

"Lord Vecna, if you and your lackey Acerak were living men, I would say that you and Acerak have signed your death warrants."

"Work is underway to counter this Red Death you and your pet lich have released."

"We hold due every death that occurs because of your actions. Regardless of what you and your deluded followers think, you shall never rule this world."

"I look forward to your annihilation. And that of every last one of your deluded followers."

"Peoples of Oerth! You have been betrayed by Vecna, Acerak, and the Church of Shade. Now we fight not just for our freedom but for life itself."

"Let all who will contact us. We already have ideas on stopping this plague."

Word is sent to the UC of Toril for aid in stopping this illness. All powers not allied with Vecna are contacted.

A message is sent to the capitol of the Dark Union:

"Do you see now what you have allied yourself with? Join us in ending this plague and destroying those who released it? Did you ask for this for your own people. It is time to make a stand, one way or another. We respectfully await your answer."

Word is also sent to the Solistarim about this plague. Weather patterns are altered to slow the spread of the plague, assuming that is spread by the air.

Rao is asked how may this plague be stopped, reversed, mitigated, cured, or altered. The clergy of Rao will work with those of Mystra in trying to find a cure. They will work with anyone seeking to do so. (The Kevellond League previously stated it would treat the religions of Toril with tolerance.)


First Post
Sanctus Punitor asks that his countrymen not be afraid of the disease. He asks that the people take care of each other openly. He asks that we not fear loving our friends as they die.

"Because that would go against all the good in my heart to take away the last moments with our families and friends."

Sanctus Punitor also secretely goes to a location outside the lortmills to have his body inspected. He is quarantined of course, in case he is infected. He asks that any information he can help with be given to Gnomeworks and Forester.

"Kessel, I think that maybe we can find a cure in my vampiric infection that has been in my body for these past 50 years. Check it out at the least, maybe I have some kind of variation of the disease you can explore. Maybe use it to create a counter-virus. My body has not been corrupted with vampirism for years now, maybe there is something you can use. Somehow I have yet to become undead..."

After Kessel and his scientists/mages inspect Sanctus he returns to his army.
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Yes, we will not allow anyone to pass through our borders (sorry, allies). Any who try to are warned away by something, magic mouths would help, and any who just don't go away are shot down. And, of course, the ensuing undead thing is shot down, as well.

Forrester, check thy email. I have an idea, but it can only work if you have the stuff for it.

Edena - is this disease similar to anything we've seen before? Something that would be similar to this disease, but weaker? Something that we know how to fight?


First Post
The Angels disallow any travel from Oerth or Greyspace to Toril or Realmspace.
The reasons for that are all too obvious.
Messages via telepathy can still get through, both ways, and Torilians are still able to come to Oerth (it's a one way journey, though.)

Sigil slams shut all the Gates leading to and from Oerth and Greyspace.

Spelljammers leaving Greyspace are attacked and blown up by their own people, or anyone else they encounter, and the remains of the vessels are incinerated.
All spelljammers travelling towards Greyspace come to a screeching halt.


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I'm afraid that all initial research into this disease, even by Iuz (the Empire of Iuz is being hit also) fails.

Acererak comes from an ancient time, and is aware of ancient illnesses that do not exist in the current era of Oerth.
It is one of these ancient ills he has unleashed.

Undead do not arise from those killed while they are incubating.
Those killed while incubating are merely dead, their souls intact.

Nobody in the Flanaess has yet actually exhibited any symptoms of the disease.
Nor will anyone, until the next Turn (Turn 4.)
The disease started over 2 weeks into the current Turn, and has a long incubation time.

William Ronald

An idea for a cure

I have an idea.

In real life, smallpox was a deadly disease that until relatively recent times claimed many lives. It was noticed that people who suffered from cowpox, a very minor illness, did not contract smallpox.

In addition to other efforts, research is begun into a disease which may protect/cure people from the Red Death (Maudlin, you released it. I get to name it. :D)

Also, it should be noted that the Suel who are not allied with Vecna and Acerak may also be impacted with the disease. The Northern Suel are contacted for help. Indeed, Vecna and Acerak may have angered the gods whose support they seek.

(Edena check my e-mails for some of my research ideas. Let us say I am not going to show all my cards in public.)

Also, Rao is one of the oldest - if not the oldest of the gods of Oerth - he is consulted about this plague. As is the one deity who should know all about all matters Oerthly. Beory the Oerth Mother.
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We will take a few small samples of Sanctus' blood, and try to figure out how he has fought off vampirism. We will compare his blood cells to those of actual vampires (if we have a few samples of vampire blood in the back somewhere). We will try to figure this out, in conjunction with our other projects.

We will begin recruiting some of the smarter people in our country that are not scientists in nature to assist in these proceedings - they will receive crash courses in recent events and our current level of technology. We'll start handing out Discover for dirt cheap to keep people up to date.


First Post
((My intent was not to embarrass Forrester.
If that has been the result of my posts, my apologies to him.
I am required to roleplay all those who fall under my jurisdiction, and these beings - Angels and Horrors alike - have strong opinions, and sometimes put things strongly.
I am not in this to embarrass or humble or humilate anyone.
As for the actions of Acererak, I merely am using my typical grandeose way - SOP for me - of portraying what he has done.))


First Post
10th level magic will stop the illness on a grand scale.
But typically only for the Power that has the 10th level magic.

Forrester could save his own people if he gains 10th level magic on Turn 4, but he could not save anyone else also ... there are just too many cases.
If Kalanyr gains 10th level magic on Turn 4, he could save vast numbers of the people of the Flanaess, since the drow have not been hit by the illness, and Kalanyr does not need to expend energy saving his own people.
Vecna could save vast numbers of people right now, but - unfortunately - his help comes with a price.

And yes, Acererak has the antidote.
He could save vast numbers of people.
However, he has his price too.


The messengers will not be allowed in they may be infected. They can shout to us if they want too but they may not enter.


First Post
Edena_of_Neith said:
And yes, Acererak has the antidote.
He could save vast numbers of people.
However, he has his price too.

To Acerak,

"You draw no end to your ignorance. You necromancer kissing fiend, I demand you end your plague! To be so blasphemous as to use disease as a weapon of war! Your people still obey you even though you care nothing for life as having value! You are attacking forces that have not wained against your evil on any scale! You have a cure for this and you have not released it? Foul defiler, prepare thineself for eternal oblivion! Necromancer, your tricks pay no homage to my blade, and therefore I shall smaketh your wrotten caracass downeth with my sword! Peon..."

-Love Dearly,
Sanctus Punitor

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