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Well, my take on the Irongate thing is that they were pretty much routed by the end of last turn (our deal occurred in between turns), and that is when Acererak gorged himself. Only small pocketfulls of Irongaters were still on their feet (and already infected) when I promised to leave them alone.

These were the ones corralled off for Forrester to pick up. If any of those attacked me, it is probably because lines of communication aren't that crystal clear in a war, but it was an insignificant number, I think.

So I agree with Forrester that he didn't mean to abandon them, that never happened. He did mull over his decision for quite some time while they were dying, trying to find a 'peaceful' solution. Edena had posted the cry for help early on, and only really Varnaith responded. When Forrester was beseeched directly, he started considering it, and I spread the plague as a precaution. So maybe that's what the Angels were talking about, the whole 'All that is needed for the triumph of evil is for a good man to do nothing' deal, but in that case everyone is guilty.

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A week has now passed since the horrific news of the Red Death was learned.

Forrester is well on his way to completely immunizing his entire army.
Other Powers are well on their way to immunizing their armies also (but not their civilian populations.)
All law and order remains broken down over vast areas.
In those areas where order exists, it is because the military is present.

The Dark Union still has not manifested any cases of the illness, nor has the Scarlet Brotherhood.

And, something else of great interest ...

The Planars, indeed, are immune to the disease.

So are the Fae.
Both the Faerie, and their evil Unseelie rivals, are completely immune to the disease.

And what's more, the elves - all of the elves, including the drow and half elves and winged elves and every kind of elf - are also immune.

And what is most amazing of all - the KENDER that Forrester brought from Toril are immune!!
The kender have always claimed that they were a form of elf, and related to all elves, and that the story of the Graygem creating them out of dwarves was a lie.
Apparently, they have been proven right.

The Alliance of the Crescent (Uvenelei) has invented something - I am waiting to see if Uvenelei releases it.

Also, it would appear that the Kevellond League has invented a disease of their own.
This disease has only one victim: the disease started by Acererak.

The Lortmil Technomancy has been successful in created early prototypes of microscopic golems.
Golems small enough to comfortably fit into the bloodstream of any human, demihuman, or humanoid.
However, the technology is not yet ready for mass use (consider the magnitude of what is being done here!)

The Lortmil Technomancy has identified what this ancient disease is.
It comes from the great (and legendarily notorious) creations of the Suel necromancers of the Arcane Age, from the Suel Imperium.
It is a weak version of one of these ancient and terrible diseases.
The Lortmil Technomancy is able to notify Forrester of certain kinds of substances that will slow down the disease - a mixture of antibiotics, herbs, and substances reputed to have magical properties.

The Lortmil Technomancy is working on an innoculation against the disease.
The Lortmil Technomancy is having to emplace magic within every innoculation, and some of the innoculation itself has to be made of magical substances.
Because the illness is a virus, not a bacteria, it is making matters worse.
However, the Lortmil Technomancy is making slow progress.

- - -

In what must be the most infuriating of all things to Forrester, the Angels do not permit anyone (including Forrester) to travel to Realmspace.
They do not even speak again.
Their decision, cannot be appealed.
Realmspace, is closed.

However, Forrester can circumvent this problem by going to the Ethereal Plane.
There, he can send messages to Toril, and have his scientists and clerics meet him there.
From there, they can create their pocket plane and conduct their research.

In other words, Forrester can do everything he stated he was doing, except it cannot be done on Toril or in Realmspace.

The Angels are adamant.
The Angels, do not change their minds.
Now, if Forrester wishes to give battle to the Angels to force the passage to Realmspace, then I need to know ...

The Angels took no civilians from Oerth because EVERYONE protested when they initially tried, and I the Moderator had to rule the Angels could not help.
If they could have rescued the civilian population, they would have rescued the civilian population, but I was forced to rule they could not, because of all the protests I received.
And now, once more, the Angels cannot directly intervene on Oerth, to stop the illness. Anymore than they could come and take civilians offplanet to Realmspace.

I the Moderator appreciate Forrester's anger.
I would be angry if I were Forrester.
Mind you, what the Angels said and did (and are doing) is IC, not an OOC attempt to humiliate or ruin things.

Why will the Angels not allow Forrester to take innocent, sick people to Toril, where they could be cured en mass, and everything made ok?
The Angels aren't saying IC.

However, I will tell you why OOC.

If Forrester starts rescuing the civilian population of Oerth, and taking them to Toril for treatment, Vecna the Insane intends to enhance Acererak's disease from a 9th level plague, into a 10th level plague.
If Vecna does so, the disease will incubate - not in 3 to 4 weeks, but in 3 to 4 DAYS - and most of Oerth will be dead or dying by the start of Turn 4.
Forrester won't be able to evacuate people quickly enough - he will be barely able to save even his own people.

Furthermore, the Angels know that Kalanyr is close to attaining 10th level magic, and quite capable at that point of starting a 10th level plague of his own.
Then, once more, the entire world of Oerth will be threatened with wipe-out in a single Turn.

There are plenty of other evil powers on Oerth, who are all too eager to attain 10th level magic, and all too eager to exterminate everyone else on the planet, as well, and the Angels know it.

And that's 10th level magic.

Against the might of an 11th level plague, there is no hope of victory.
11th level magic could counter the effects of an 11th level plague, on a case by case basis.
In other words, Toril could - barely - manage to save itself, after MASSIVE numbers of fatalities.

On Oerth, with the Power with the 11th level magic having inflicted the plague, and all the other Powers only having 10th level magic to defend themselves, they would be no hope at all.

The Angels are furious, sickened, horrified - being what they are - by this prospect.
The Angels, wish to force the issue of stopping the monsters who would inflict such plagues, or magically aid those who would inflict such plagues.
The Angels cannot themselves intervene, or they would - they would attack Vecna and Acererak (and they would die too. Vecna is stronger than they are.)
Since they themselves cannot intervene, they are forcing the issue with Forrester and his Oerthian allies.
They do not wish to see this kind of thinking flourishing, research being employed to create ever more horrible and lethal plagues, until the plague is created that destroys not only Oerth, but also Toril.
Such is their thinking.

Now, if Vecna had been stopped, the Angels would not be stopping transport to Toril now.
Yet, there Vecna is, in all his horrific madness, and he is an immediate threat to Oerth, and a possible threat to Toril itself.
The Angels know that Vecna will not stop, ever, until both Toril and Oerth are his, and the last small spark of resistance in the last dark corner of both Crystal Spheres, has been extinguished.
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Why has Vecna not already enhanced Acererak's disease with his 10th level magic?
It would seem the most logical thing to do, wouldn't it, because then Vecna would win, right?

Vecna is not logical.
Vecna, is insane.

Vecna is too preoccupied with his Queen and slavegirl, Ahlissa, to be bothered with the problems of Servitors.
Vecna is rather enjoying the spectacle of everyone sweating, suffering, being afraid.
He doesn't want to ruin it. He wants to prolong it as long as possible.

But if Forrester starts rescuing everyone, then Vecna's wrath will be aroused, and then he will enhance the disease, and instead of taking 2 to 3 weeks to incubate, it will take 2 to 3 days.

The Angels are sincerely hoping that Vecna is delivered to them alive.
They intend to punish him.
Trust me when I say their punishment will fit the crime.

- - -

Of course Forrester did not deserve the abuse of the Angels, Forrester!
However, Angels are, well, Angels. They say and do things for reasons of their own that are never understood by mortals.
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A new age seems to be taking form in the IBKSC. Due to the power vacuum caused by Iuz’s self-imposed absence, a calmer more stable sensibility seems to taking hold. The wild swings of politeness to wild brutality are quickly being replaced by cold, determined practicality. Rary, it seems, is quickly leaving his mark.

Rumors start to trickle out of Dorakaa about a brief power struggle between the Boneheart and Rary. While the details of the various stories are sketchy and conflicting, they all end the same – with the death of Vayne, arch-mage and member of the Lesser Boneheart and the capitulation of the rest.

Measures to combat the plague are quickly enacted. Throughout the military forces the clerics (now being called Culture Officers) move through the forces – by rank -- applying cure disease spells. The only way to for a solider to receive such a spell is to be at his post when the Culture Officer arrives.

Throughout the IBKSC civilian population the Culture Officers also begin the curing process, again working by rank – government officials, security forces, intelligence forces, scientists, engineers, military industry workers, educators, and finally everyone else. Once again, they only those who are at work when the Culture Officers arrive are cured.

Additional reports trickle out of the IBKSC. Reports that many might find disturbing. No mercy is shown to those too sick to be at work or at their posts. Only so many can be cured a day, and there is not enough time to be concerned about the weak and unproductive.

Critically sick soldiers are allowed to be tortured and brutalized by their former comrades increasing the morale of the cruel creatures, humans, and humanoids that make up the IBKSC armies.

The property of terminally ill civilians is redistributed amongst those that are not. Whether they are actually dead or not is not a consideration. In some cases entire villages are stripped of wealth or useful materials, leaving only ghost towns.

Those that do die find no peace even in death as undead begin to swell the IBKSC armies.

Rary sends identical letters to Vecna and Acerak. They say simply:

“Thank you for separating our wheat from our chaff. We will come out of this stronger. It seems that you have made your first mistake, and I am sure it will not be your last.”

Letters also go out to the various members of the anti-Vecna/Shade alliance.

“We of the IBKSC are not able healers. Quite the contrary actually. It may be, however, that our expertise in the infliction of pain and disease may help those of you who are of a more benign disposition. We offer the services of those necromancers among us who specialize in disease to work with your healers to find a cure to this plague. Perhaps working on the problem from both sides will bring about a cure faster.”

A second set of letters also goes out to all nations and powers

“We stand beside those who would not be slaves and pawns of Vecna and the Shade.”

“ To those who would stand with the Master of Secrets…consider this a warning.”
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You are quite welcome, Rary.

For further culling of the weak, I suggest switching them to a diet of nails, draining half their blood, and making them run into brick walls at high speeds.

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Slowly and very painfully, order is restored across the Flanaess.
Almost entirely at gunpoint, or swordpoint.

With the civilian governments in collapse, and a greater number of the officials dead or in hiding, military takeover is necessary in almost every country as a prerequisite to restoring any order at all.
A grim military rule is established in the Empire of Iuz, as per John Brown's statement.

I must assume that strict military rule, less dark than John Brown's but strict nevertheless, is established in the Kevellond League, Baklunish Confederation, Orcreich, the Alliance of the Crescent, the Kingdom of Keoland, the Pomarj, and the Sky-Sea League.
In the Alliance of the Sunrise, less draconian measures are necessary, for the elves are immune to the disease.
In the Coalition of Light and Shadow, the faerie - immune to the disease - become the actual day to day rulers, and I am assuming they are much more gentle towards their panicked populations, being inherently good as they are.

The plague never hit the Solistarim or the drow and their allies, so their societies are unchanged - although I'm sure this was an eye-opener for even them.
The Lortmil Technomancy remains under civilian rule, alone among the nations around it, for the plague was halted before it got a hold in their country. The military cordon around the Lortmil Technomancy is now as solid and unbreakable as a Summoning Circle designed to protect against Fiends.
In the Dark Union, and in the Tilvanot Peninsula among the Scarlet Brotherhood, there is a vast sigh of relief that somehow the plague missed them.
This is generally attributed to the God Emperor.
It is said that the God Emperor himself kept the plague at bay, and saved his people.

As a direct result, churches to the God Emperor start sprouting up like weeds from the Bone March to Medegia, and the faithful flock in droves to pray to their benign savior.
Their loyalty to him is now fanatic.
Anyone in the Dark Union who so much as even speaks an ill word about the God Emperor, or denies his divinity, is set upon.
Despite everything the God Emperor can do to stop the situation, his overly euthusiastic followers burn and destroy hundreds of churches of other faiths across the Dark Union, and kill those they consider infidels and traitors.
When the God Emperor sends his army to stop this, his followers stop, but the followers of the other religions got the message, and most of them pick up and flee the Dark Union, or flee into the havens of Adri Forest and the Grandwood.
The Lost Elves, alone, do not worship the God Emperor, nor are they much affected by what is going on around them.

All this worship and adoration is sufficient.
Congratulations, Serpenteye.
Your character is now a Demipower. His PL increases to 5, as Divinity becomes his.

Few ever considered that it was Acererak, sending the antidote out via his Minions in secret, who saved the Dark Union and the Tilvanot Peninsula from the dark fate bequeathed to everyone else.
Few in the Dark Union even conceive that Acererak could have been involved at all.

Among the Scarlet Brotherhood, most guess the truth.
Among the nations being hit by the plague, the truth is all too painfully obvious, even if the details of the truth are not known.
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Acererak causes another Sending, taking the guise of a goldenhaired Solar, speaking with compassion in his eyes and wrathful indignation in his powerful voice.

Peoples of Oerth! Your leaders have forsaken you!

Their lust for power caused this pestilence to be unleashed. It has been festering for over a week now, and hardly another week left before its lethal effects are unleashed. Who are they healing? Themselves! They know they cannot cure the entire population of the world in a week, so they save themselves and let you die!

Join Vecna. He is Redeemed, and has been anointed by the gods to deliver Oerth from this scourge. Pledge your soul to him, and you are saved. Your false leaders cannot help you. Your false leaders will not help you. Join Vecna or perish.

If you are unwilling, we have discovered another cure, but it is hard to reach. Those making a pilgrimage in the Vast Swamp of Sunndi with peace in their hearts will find an edifice there. Praying by that edifice will also lift the Plague from your flesh. The road is difficult, but the prize is life.



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Rary dispatches a 3 PL force of fighters, mages and Cultural Officers to secure Tenser's tower. Since it lies with my territory, and Tenser is dead, no need for it to go to waste. Both Rary and Robilar are intimately familiar with the inherent defenses of the place, and both are also intimately familiar with its layout. Maps and all available information will be given to the commanders to help make the take over of the place (and Magepoint if that isn't already under my control), run as quickly and smoothly as possible. The place is not large and if one knows the do's and don't of the place (which my forces do). The take over should be quick and painless (I hope :) )

Since I have heard nothing about an opposition to my annexing of the Abbor-Alz. Am I safe in assuming that they now belong to me?

Edit: Needless to say, anyone member of the IBKSC who decides to make a pilgramge to the Vast Swamp suddenly becomes Demon-Chow :)
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Yes, Acererak, your scouts secure the southern Hellfurnaces.
They are abandoned, so the seizing is easy.

Yes, Iuz, you are able to take the Abbor Alz. The independent monsters and people there are unable to mount an organized resistance.

- - -

Everyone (and that includes you, Melkor, Serpenteye, Mr. Draco, Maudlin, Rhialto) - Your Seers are all reporting that Vecna is going to do something truly awful.
Something truly insane.
If he is not stopped.
If he is not killed.
Before the end of Turn 4 (the next Turn), it will happen.

And your Seers are able to deduce what it is Vecna is going to do.

Vecna is going to open a Gate, and let the Elder Ones into Greyspace.
He is also going to use his 10th level magic to stab a poisoned knife into the very vitals of Oerth, creating a 10th level plague that will cause all that grows - tree, brush, and grass - upon Oerth to become poisoned, twisted, and / or evil.
He also is going to attack, with all his Legions, in order to stop you from researching any way to save yourselves from Acererak's plague. And he will strengthen that plague, so that it cannot be cured by anything short of a Wish or Miracle spell.
He also intends to storm the City of the Gods, with the specific intent of awakening it, so that it will bring it's weapons of superscience to bear upon you all.
He intends to escape into his pocket dimension, while your world dies, and watch it all from a safe distance.
When it all is over, he intends to return, with 11th level magic, subdue the Elder Ones, and rule over a world of the Living Dead.

Only the Suel and those allied with them (such as the Dark Union and Shade) will be spared, for Vecna intends to take them with him into the Pocket Dimension.
And even they will forevermore be his slaves.

Vecna intends to do all of that.
Vecna ... will ... do all of that.
Unless you stop him.
Unless you kill him.

(I am sorry, folks. It is my misfortune to have to play Vecna.
And if I do not play Vecna as Vecna truly is, I am doing you all a discourtesy, and insulting your intelligence.
It is up to you, what you do with this information. I would seriously suggest that you do something.)
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I am terminating this thread, for it is nearly full.
It is close to the 200 post mark.

Everyone, please post to the new thread I have created.

Turn 3 is by no means over.

Black Omega

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Coalition of Light and Shadow
Red Death + One Week

Siobhan's Study is not half as neat as it once was...numerous stacks of paper and parchment littering the tables and chairs. Siobhan herself is nearly unrecognizable under the sealed white environmental suit, breathing mask and heavy gloves.

"To the Circle of Eight, It's an honor to be in touch with you again. I hope the research into the plague is coming along well. The technocracy and the Torillians remain free of it. Get in touch with them to coordinate research on how to stop, or at least slow the plague. The more we can slow it the more can be healed by our clerics. Thank you and best wishes.
Siobhan Silirevnur."

A knock at the door disturbs the fae's plotting "Just slide the papers under the door, Morre! Make sure they were treated first!"

"good news!" comes the voice through the door "The plague won't effect us! Elves and fae are immune!"

Siobhan yanks off her mask, panting a little "Great....I was starting to feel claustriphobic. Ok..ok..come on in then...we've still got orders to get out."

"To Azaghul Doomhammer, Warden of the Sepia and Perren March. We've sent all the clerics we can to help stem the tide of the disease. Do your best to restore order, but as peacefully as possible. The people are panicked and it's understandable. But they are still our people...be as gentle as you can but get the job done. We have to be ready in case of attack. Siobhan."

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