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(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 3 (thread 1)

Yup unless they want to venture down through 2-3 miles of traps and maze into the deep of the plane.... and find us.. the underdark is a LARGE place.. so they have to find us first .... and survive the traps and ambushes and kill off zones...

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First Post
Oh, that's a shame.

Very well, the robots do not attack the Valley of the Mage.

They come down the northern end of the mountains, and assault Ket, which is a part of the Empire of Iuz.
First, they pass over the Kettish Hills, held by Williams, sweeping aside any forces there.
Then, they pass into Ket proper.
The Ket border guard is slaughtered, and the robots turn their heavy particle cannons, laser turrents, and rocket launchers on the civilian population of Ket.
The people of Ket are brave, but not stupid, and they retreat into Bramblewood Forest to get away from this attack, while SCREAMING for Iuz to come and help them.

The robots, however, are not deterred by woodlands.
Laser guns do a wonderful job of cutting down trees, and particle cannons are far better than chippers at reducing trees to tiny pieces.
The carnage begins in earnest now.

- - -

RULING (the good news): Any Power with 10th level magic can apprehend any Black Brotherhood agents in their territory. Even the Black Brotherhood is no match for 10th level magic.

RULING (the bad news): This is an exception to the rule on 10th level magic.
If Maudlin (who is playing the Scarlet Brotherhood) obtains the secrets of 10th level magic, so does Rhialto the Marvellous (who is playing the Black Brotherhood.)
There is little the Scarlet Brotherhood knows, that the Black Brotherhood does not also know.

Hmmm ... the Black Brotherhood with 10th level magic.
Interesting concept.
And they think kender would be troublesome ...


First Post
Since they posted it (both Kalanyr and Forsaken One) I have no problem with elaborating now.
The scouts find this out anyways.

The Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, and Barrier Peaks, including the Valley of the Mage, are completely free of humanoids, giants, drow, or anything else of evil alignment normally there (except for a few wild monsters.)
It's like they have evaporated from existence.
Great fortresses and encampments, giantish settlements and outposts, drow watchtowers and cavern bases; they are all empty.
For those few scouts brave enough to venture very far into the Underdark, the same thing is found.
Nobody is home.
Wherever the drow, giants, and humanoids went, it must be really deep down.

With the mountains abandoned, it will be easy for the Baklunish and the Kevellonders to take all the heights and valleys, to overrun the whole mountain range.
There is nothing there to take, no opponents to fight.
Just a windswept emptiness, scorched by the summer sun, swept by the cold winds of high altitudes, while torrents of melted snow run down into raging mountain rivers.

There aren't even any drow, giants, or humanoids in Geoff, the forests in Geoff, or in any of the lowlands.
An eerie silence prevails over all the western mountains, from Varnaith in the south to the Valley of the Mage in the north (I would have said Ket, but it is quite noisy there!)

- - -

The Baklunish Confederation regains control of Zeif, Tusmit, and Ekbir when it is discovered that dopplegangers impersonating the top officials took over the governments of those three countries.
A few agents of this mysterious Black Brotherhood are also unmasked, but they all drop dead on the spot, their souls dying with them.

Forrester discovers an agent of the Black Brotherhood in his camp, in Lyrn!
How that agent got there, considering the Torilians only just landed on Oerth, is anyone's guess.
Like all the others, he cannot be questioned, for he and his soul perished upon discovery.
They must be real fanatics, these Black Brotherhood people, to have agreed to such conditions as dying body and soul if they were caught.


First Post
Now I need to know.

Is the Grand Alliance (Alyx, Black Omega, Creamsteak, Dagger, Darkness, Forrester, GnomeWorks, John Brown, Kaboom, Turrosh Mak, Uvenelei, William, and anyone else involved) attacking Vecna and the Shade?

If the answer is yes, how much PL is being devoted to this assault, and by whom, and from where?


Somewhere deep below the earth a vaguely disgusted looking Kalanyr watches as Drow mate demons (even if they are pathetic least Tanar'ri) with slaad and monsters and monsters with slaad. And the crossbreeds with other crossbreeds.


First Post
Heh. The Moderator knows exactly what you sent to Kalanyr and Serpenteye, Melkor. :)

It is not too unreasonable that Vecna knows IC also.
Vecna, approves ...
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Melkor.. know that you can IC only contact us via my PC. It's at the conference in the DU. Kalanyr is in the underdark and noone knows where we are hidden. No contact exists with anyone. You can only contact us through my PC which is at the conference for just that reason. You can go admire his new shade template :p

Edena does the shade template increase my PC in PL?

So if you want to talk to the UA come to the convention.

Peace convention.

Vaeregoth appoches the God Emperor and inquires if it's going to get underway again....?

Vaeregoth likes to be efficient, noone contacts her for UA relations and the peace conference it at a halt so she if about to make a nice shift out of there so if anyone wants a word with the UA of the convention started... plz do so now since when I'm gone and kalanyr isn't there as well there is NO WAY to contact us.

(I might be stupid to say this :p but edena.. why need ICBM's when you can just teleport the nuke with 10th level magic :D)
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First Post
Uh ... a minor correction is needed to the above.

Vecna can locate Kalanyr, and knows precisely where he is.
If Vecna wanted to drop his entire army on Kalanyr, Forsaken One, and Festy Dog, he could do it ... now.

Ah, the wonders of 10th level magic ...

In any case, Melkor's message DOES get through IC, because Vecna sees to it that it does.
Vecna has his Queen, wife, and slavegirl now, and her name is Ahlissa, and thanks to her the Shade have his solid support.

- - -

The Shade Template alone is not enough to increase your PL by a full one point.
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