(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 3 (thread 2)

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Serpenteye said:
Why use a cybernetic arm when you can use the ... ARM OF VECNA! ... That's what I was planning to use him for, harvesting his body for artifacts. Consider the possibilities. The power. The ironic justice. You were his "right arm", now his right arm will be yours. :))

:giggles uncontrollably:

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Re: Oh pish posh

Anabstercorian said:
OOC: I'm sorry, Forrester, did you know I was firing on both sides? Because if you did I'm extremely impressed you got through arcane, psionic, and divine shielding against scrying, and followed the trajectory of my bullets over the course of a mile from where I was, up in the sky. Frankly, I don't know any IC way you could know that I was attacking both sides - Unless you've devoted 10th level magic specifically to keeping an eye on me, which is far from unlikely given our history. So unless that's the case, you mostly know I've just stayed out of the way - Lazy jackass, perhaps, but not a murderer.

You grow sloppy, Illithid. It will be the death of you.

For one, you forget how well we know you.

In past battles -- hell, in past battles ON OERTH, you flew in the sky and blew up those on both sides with your extraordinarily powerful attacks. So much that everyone here prepared for your presence in future attacks.

And now-- now, some strange force a mile up in the sky hurls magical bullets and worse at both our forces and Vecna's forces! Some unseen *unscryable* extraordinarily powerful force, using attacks that we've all grown to know and love and recognize! Wow! What a coinky-dink!


Gee. I wonder, who could it be? It must be some Odd Mystery Attacker, completely unheard of until now.

Ignore the fact that the forces of the United Commonwealth have extraordinarily powerful psions. I, myself am a powerful Psion, though admittedly not as powerful as yourself. Still, group effort counts for something. Do you really think that your guise is unpierceable?

Ignore the fact that as you climbed towards 130th level on Toril you *DID* gain a bit of a reputation regarding your favorite weapons, tactics, and motives, and these are things you cannot hide with Improved Improved Improved Invisibility and Mind Blank.

Ignore the fact that I am not an idiot, and that I am, in fact, the most dangerous foe you have ever faced.

Ignore it all. Your weapons betray you, your manner of attack betrays you, and your unscryability (if indeed you are unscryable to my 200+PL force, most of whom is psionic) betrays you.

Common sense tells us it was you. Unless you've created a psionic power to shut that down . . . be prepared.

Lord Forrester

OOC -- I have to say that it is good to have a worthy foe in this battle, Anabstercorian :D. Somebody who can appreciate the battle for what it is, and appreciate the intelligence of his enemy. Someone to match wits with. Someone who understands what is going on.

On this particular point, I think I get to put one in the 'W' column, though :). Lazy? Yeah. That's what I'm supposed to think you are. Just a lazy insane 130th level Illithid. Wait, let me guess -- do you have a brother? ;). An evil twin, maybe? He must have been causing all those problems! Shame on him.

If it makes you feel any better, I would have made the same threat had I not seen you at the battle. The fact that you were, though, and I'm IC pretty sure of it, hardly hurts my case . . .
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