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The Further Adventures of Iuz and Rary

After dropping the Black Brotherhood prisoners at Forrester's, Iuz, with many non-detection type spell active to prevent anymore-unwanted shade annoyances, drops into Magepoint and strolls into the 3C. Orcs and humans scurry to get out of his way. Upon reaching the base of the big blue tower, he calls out “Lord Rary!”

After a moment, Rary comes to balcony of the fifth floor and replies angrily “Go away, Lord Iuz. I’m trying to run a war here!”

“Oh, but Lord Rary, I think you will enjoy this.” Iuz then sends a mental image to Rary.

He waits for Rary to process the information. “What do you think?” cackled Iuz, all of the violence and death was starting to make him giddy.

The mages at their crystal balls then heard something they never thought they hear; they heard Rary laugh.

“I thought you might like it,” called Iuz.

“We’ll have to be careful though. He is a dangerous opponent,” yelled down Rary.

“Of course, but you’d think he didn’t have a weakness the way he is flittering around the battlefield like that.”

“I’ll be right down.”

Rary stops long enough to cast a battery of protective spells (he’s a 20th level wizard with boatloads of adventuring experience, so I won’t bother going into which ones) and then checks the latest intelligence reposts on where Acereck was on the battlefield. He then joined Iuz in the courtyard (also protected magically to hilt). Both walk out of 3C, across the land bridge and into Magepoint.

“I can’t be gone long.” fretted Rary.

“Don’t worry, this wont take long,” replied Iuz, “now lets see if I can pinpoint his exact location…ah, there he is...sucking on the soul of one of our orcs.”

“We must make him pay for that.”

“Oh, we shall.”

Both Rary and Iuz activate fly spells rise into the air, pass over into the Border Ethereal, and teleport. They instantaneously find themselves hovering above Acerack who is greedily eating the souls of some of the IBKSC troops (paraphrasing Acerack’s own words).

Iuz looks at Rary. “Shall we?”

Rary looks at Iuz. “We shall.”

Nearly simultaneously they cast Power Word: Kill. (OOC: Which according to the Tomb of Horrors and the Return to the Tomb of Horrors destroys Acerack, at least for awhile, when cast from the Ethereal). They will do so until he is destroyed, or it is no longer safe to do so. If it doesn't work they just leave, probably with Acerack none the wiser.

Edit: Upon returning to Magepoint, Rary pauses before entering the 3C. He sniffs the air. “What is that smell? It seems to be emanating from you Lord Vecna. Ewe, what is that?”

Iuz turns and storms off in a huff. “If you must know,” Iuz replies over his shoulder, “Kender….”
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William Ronald

If possible, and reasonably safe (as far as war goes), I would like to repeat the tactic in the Holy Rain, Batman! post a few times.

Kaboom, feel free to join in the tactic.

Time to get some rest.

Suddenly 4 beings teleport to the side of Iux. Two typical, skeletal liches with fires burning in emty sockets of skulls, one Shade human in black robes, with dark hair and beard, finally one very beatiful Shade Drow. She speaks:

-We have found you at least! Now you and your servant here will pay for defiying Lord Melkor! She speaks some words, and a very small sphere of total Darkness comes from her palm. Then they companions also speak their words of power, and the sphere becomes bigger and bigger, ideal size to swallow Iuz and Rary.

-Say hello to The Void, laughs Ahlissa but doesn`t lose her guard, for she knows that Iuz is not to be underestimated!

William Ronald

Originally posted by Lord Melkor(Talos):

To Mr Draco

Lord Melkor sends a telepathic message to Kas.

-It seems that you and your former master are worth each other! You are both insane, you with your lust for revenge, and Vecna is just a bubbling idiot! However Vecna is still worth much to me as an ally, much more than you. But still, in long terms I would rather assosiate with God-Emperor, which unfortunately happens to be your ally! If you be so nice and go away I might give you Vecna when I decide to dispose of him!

Edena, what is Lord Vecna's reaction to this obvious betrayal and blatant insult?

Also, John Brown informed me he is resting. However, he was by a heavily defended installation before he left.

Gnomeworks teleports several of the nanotech golems - equipped to harm anything with the Shade template. They zip in and out of anything with the Shade template. Such as the Shadow Lords.

Also, a simple wand of cancellation should be able to negate the Void, assuming it works like a good old fashioned sphere of annihilation. As would a Mordenkainen's disjunction and many other tricks besides.

Also, Iuz has demons and yuggoloths under his command.
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Anab, you really don't think a creature with hivemind conciousness for 500 miles doesn't see that coming :D

And what I'm packing in equip and custom powers I'll post later (school now).
Btw EDENA, I contact Vecna to notify him Anab's here and he might want to join in the fun.


First Post
LordMelkor{Talos} said:
Okay, small change of plans. Edena, all Shadowlords will come against Iuz and his NPC`s! By the way isn`t Acerak with us, he might get his revenge against Forrester!

I've been spared the onus of choice by not having any troops in the area though :)

I'd rather not go the road of killing other people's PC (at least not until their factions are dead too), mostly because I'd probably win :D


First Post

The following all happen, in the order stated:

Iuz, working WITH the kender, overwhelms the agents of the Black Brotherhood.
The Doomgrinder is retaken, although exactly who is in charge of it (Forrester or John Brown) is a real question.
Iuz is finally able to capture some of the agents of the Black Brotherhood - alive. This is the first time this has been done in the IR so far.

The dwarven spelljammers arrive to pick up the Doomgrinder Juggernaut and set it on Vecna's rear flank.
It seems that Iuz does not mind this, so that is indeed what happens.
After the dwarves figure out that a truly enormous number of cables are required to lift the stupid thing.

Fresh reinforcements from Uvenelei and from Black Omega hit Vecna's northern front, hurling it back towards Dyvvers and away from southern Furyondy.
The reinforcements from Erypt and Suhfang (William, Darkness) arrive with the help of Kaboom's Flying Citadels and Flying Ships, and slam into Vecna's central advance.
Vecna and the Shade begin a furious battle for Celene with these fresh forces and the forces of Alyx.
More forces arrive via Kaboom's Flying Citadels and Flying Ships from the Dark Swamp (Zelda, Turrosh Mak.)
These hit Vecna in the rear.
The Silent Ones arise and gather their strength, but they do not move to aid in the battle against Vecna.
They see something that everyone else is missing.

The Kevellond League and Baklunish Confederation send out the plea for more help to the drow and other races of the Under-Oerth and Underdark, and to the Dark Union.
Apparently, only the Dark Union responds, and they refuse to help.

Anabstercorian, who has reaped a massive number of kills on both sides in the great battle (as, in the thousands) assails Sauros of the Shade.
Anabstercorian is victorious and Sauros - being intelligent, and severely wounded - flees the battlefield and returns to Shadow Throne.
Anabstercorian has, indeed, gotten the point across that Ilsensine is not to be insulted!

Vaeregoth assaults Anabstercorian before he can retreat to the Godspires (to commence his attack on Vecna as stated in the post.)
Both Vaeregoth and Anabstercorian are torn apart by the ensuing battle, minds severely injured, and both are forced from the battlefield.
Anabstercorian ends up in bed in the Godspires, while his allies attempt to heal his mind with Restoration spells.
Vaeregoth ends up back with the drow, while they also throw Restoration on her.

Forrester's troops decide to hold the line, withstanding the continued, furious assault of the Legions of Vecna.
Inspired by this, others who were retreated rally to the Banner of the United Commonwealth of Toril.

And, incredible, the kender and Iuz work together to bring the Doomgrinder to bear against the Legions of Vecna.
By the thousands, they are mowed down by the contraption, or reduced to goo as it's weapons fire on them, or squashed so flat not even puddles remain as it runs over them, crushing the very bedrock they were standing on.
Iuz is STILL missing his staff, and now - it is missing for good.
The kender who took it, lost it.
It is lying somewhere back on the battlefield, and nobody knows where it is.

Iuz, minus his staff, sends Forrester some of the Black Brotherhood prisoners.
They have been ... let us say ... surgically tortured ...

Forrester then decides to retreat to the Lortmils.
This causes the main body of allied forces to retreat with him.
Leaving Celene almost defenseless, for most of her elves are dead or were driven back into the Kron Hills with Dagger's people.

(And yes, the Turn is almost over. Only a few days left.)

(OOC answers to John Brown:

The Doomgrinder is assaulting the rear of Vecna's onslaught, and is in the Welkwood.
Almost all of Vecna's troops are pursuing the western front.
The Shade, however, left some of their forces to protect the Shadow Throne.
And yes, you received your couple of minutes before Vecna eats you! :) )

GnomeWorks decides his forces will charge.
Nevermind that everyone else is falling back.
The Army of the Lortmils charges right into Vecna's southern flank.
Tanks and artillery boom and rocket, and machine guns fill the air with death, as the gnomes and dwarves counterattack the Legions of Vecna.
The Legions of Vecna in the south continue their onslaught, heedless of the enormous casualties they are taking.

Another force from the Lortmil Technomancy passes through Forrester's retreating troops into Celene.
A good thing, too, since the forces of Vecna, the main forces of the Shade, and Vecna himself are assailing that country.
The fighting is furious, and it is the fell power of Shade versus GnomeWorks ingenious combination of gasoline and phosphorus.
Kessel GnomeWorks himself leads the counterassault.

The Lortmil Technomancy has another new weapon.
A devastating weapon.
They have firearms that fire, not bullets, but miniaturized iron golems.
Being hit by one of these things kills like a bullet does, but a bullet doesn't continue to try to kill you after it hits.
These miniature iron golems, do.
So do the flying iron golems, who - like the hornets from hell - swarm over the battlefield, breathing minature clouds of poison gas, sticking minature enchanted needles into things, and biting off chunks of flesh with miniature teeth.
Some have vials of high explosives they are carrying.
Some of the flying golems drop them upon the foe, and the battlefield rocks with the concussions.
Some of the flying golems, fail to drop them, and blow up in midair, creating a spectacular fireworks show.

All of this comes just as the Shade REALLY start pounding Celene, bring their main forces to bear.
Shadow dragons scream down, raking the earth with blasts of fell dark energy, trees and grass and soil withering, turning as dead as the moon Luna.
Others assail Enkstad, the capital, raking the civilian population with devastating barrages, massacring thousands of people.
The spectacular crystalline and stone buildings of Enkstad crumble under the attack, crashing down, silencing the screams of hundreds of elves who took refuge in them.
Shadow Mages evaporate the city walls, and elves cry out and fight futilely against the grey pallor enveloping them, withering and dying where they stand.

Despite all the efforts of GnomeWorks, who is fighting alone without Forrester's help, Enkstad falls, and all of it's hundred thousand people are killed, or (if the Shades choose it) taken away in chains as slaves.

GnomeWorks is soon up to his ears in alligators, for now Vecna and his Legions thunder onto the battlefield.
Against Vecna, Kessel and his people cannot stand alone, and they are beaten back with great loss from Celene, as Vecna, his staff now glowing light the sun, unleashes blast after unholy blast of energy, blowing hills apart, levelling woodlands, blasting craters in the ground, bringing huge buildings down with one hit.
Kessel GnomeWorks is finally wounded so badly he has to retire from the battlefield.
The Lortmil Technomancy DEMANDS that Forrester come to their aid, and quit hiding out in the relative safety of the mountains.
Celene must be held at all costs, say they, and northern Celene has already fallen to the enemy.

As for Vecna, he looks across the remaining miles, and sees his ultimate goal.
There are the Lortmils themselves, and within them, the Lortmil Technomancy, still unscathed.
He grins evilly, bringing his staff up high, and lightning streaks from it into the sky, a bloody promise for those up in those mountains.

In the control room of the Doomgrinder, Ahlissa, Baelros, Rhamagaum, and Rivalen all arrive to fight Iuz - who is still there (that is a ruling on my part.)
That control room is real crowded now, what with Iuz, the Shade, the kender, and the Black Brotherhood all in a 50 foot by 50 foot room.

The subsequent battle turns the control room into an inferno of blood, fire, and flying shards as the delicate equipment that runs the Doomgrinder is reduced to spare parts by the combatants.
The kender don't help matters, as they unleash magical spells at the Shade to aid Iuz. The magical spells hit the Shade, but they also hit the walls, the controls, and Iuz himself.

Iuz is injured so badly he is forced to flee the control room.
All the agents of the Black Brotherhood in the control room are killed.
Most of the kender in the control room are killed.
The control room, is killed.
Black Brotherhood agents who were secretly hiding out in the Doomgrinder, awaiting their chance, strike now.

Baenros was killed fighting Iuz, and Rivalen was severely injured.
The other two Shade NPCs, battle the Black Brotherhood and the kender (who consider them enemies!)
The kender, the Black Brotherhood, and the agents of Shade battle it out, causing further mayhem and destruction throughout the Doomgrinder, damaging the main control mechanisms, causing them to lock in the on position.
In the end, the Shade are victorious, and gain control of the Doomgrinder.

Except the Doomgrinder cannot be controlled now.

The Doomgrinder clomps on.
It is now out of control permanently.
The control room, the emergency overrides, and the main mechanisms are all damaged beyond repair.
There is no way to pull the plug.
The Doomgrinder stomps - at full speed - westward, unheeding as it stomps over the Legions of Vecna, the defenders, and the terrain alike.
It is heading directly west, towards the Kron Hills.
No magic, including Wishes, seems to be able to bring it back under control.

Thayadon Fasfoni decides to join in the conflict between Anabstercorian and Vaeregoth.
He arrives in time to catch the tail end of their conflict.
He and Vaeregoth trade mental and physical punches.
Thayadon Fasfoni ends up unconscious on the battlefield, mentally damaged (a Restoration spell is needed.)

(To John Brown - your force in the Cairn Hills has been decimated, and the Doomgrinder is lost - although a few surviving kender are frantically trying to figure out how to stop the thing.)

The Agents of the Black Brotherhood are delivered to Rary.

Kas, knowing Vecna is attacking in Celene, teleports to Celene to fight him.

And there he is.

Kas sees Vecna.

Vecna sees Kas.

Vecna's face contorts in EXTREME rage.


Vecna charges, staff at the ready.
Kas charges, the Sword of Kas drawn.
The epic battle begins.
Sword and staff swing and parry. Thunder echoes from the clashes, and lightning jumps from the hits.
Staff screams it's power and willingness to kill in blazing mauve and sickly white.
The Sword of Kas answers in a brilliant, unholy red.

More of the Agents of Shade come to fight Iuz, only to find the Doomgrinder out of control, and Iuz gone (Iuz is lying unconscious in Doraaka right now ...)

Forrester hears GnomeWorks strident demands for reinforcements, and I am assuming he turns around from the retreat, and rejoins GnomeWorks forces counterattacking in Celene.
The battle in Celene waxes FURIOUS, as the full force of the allies hits the full force of the Shade and the Legions of Vecna.
And in the middle of it all, thunder and lightning, and cries of anger that reverberate through the sky, announce the duel of Vecna and Kas.

Mr Draco said:

Kas and his honor-guard are teleporting back to union hq in light of melkor's request and promise.

((Overruled. Vecna is in Kas's face. This battle both have waited all too long for.
If Kas tries to teleport away, to anywhere in Greyspace, Vecna will instantly follow.))

creamsteak wrote:

If this fight still isn't over yet...

Sanctus Punitor is returning to the Lortmills to join the refugees of the Gnarley Forest (appropriately renamed).
This (4 PL) force + All My Planars (PL 6 this round?) + Sanctus Punitor (PL2) = 12 PL in addition to the rest of the forces in the Lortmills.
So don't forget about me and mine defending the Lortmills.

((That's great. You are defending the Lortmils. Both Forrester and GnomeWorks, and now Dagger, are screaming for you to GET IN THERE and be of some use in the great battle currently raging in Celene!!))
((There is no Gnarley Forest. It died, along with a lot of other things, early in the battle.))

Into the battle raging in the north, where the Legions of Vecna are falling back from Dyvvers, and failing to take the Kron Hills, a dwarven citadel appears overhead.
Lightning bolts and storms of magic missiles hit it, but it holds on it's way.
Then the doors swing open, and a sea of Holy Water, endless millions of gallons of it, thunder down upon the Legions of Vecna.

The result is a titantic blue explosion, as if a small nuclear weapon had been set off.
The undead, the forest, the living defenders, and the dwarven mountain itself, all disappear as a gigantic blue fireball rises into the sky.
The blast wave of blue energy blows trees 3 miles away down, and shatters windows out to 10 miles.
The blue fireball towers above the clouds, soaring into the heavens.

A wild magic storm erupts, and thunderstorms with blue clouds and blue lightning start raging all across the entire region.
The Legions of Vecna scream and die under the deluge of Holy Rain.
Rivers burst their banks, flooding, sweeping away house and barn, pouring down into the Nyr Dyv.
Massive explosions and firestorms erupt across the Nyr Dyv as the Holy Rain hits the fell poisoning of the Shade in the waters.
Soon, the Nyv Dyv is a churning mass of roiling blue and purple flames, overflowing it's shores on all sides, sending tidal waves smashing onto the shores, a writhing caldron of rage, as the thunderstorms continue to deluge it with Holy Rain.
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Acererak appears in the skies above where the titanic duel between Vecna and Kas rages.

He thunders: "This is a battle a thousand years overdue, let it see its conclusion today! Let them fight! Interfere, and die."

He will destroy anything coming within 1000 feet of the dueling powers. Any lieutenant of Vecna trying to backstab Kas, dies. Anyone from the Oerth Alliance who attempts to press his advantage here, dies.


First Post
(this thread, Kalanyr, will end soon, and with it Turn 3.)

Both Queen Yolande and Melf Brightblade were killed in the Fall of Enkstad.

In the north, the Holy Rain destroys the undead in Vecna's forces.
Those that remain alive are stunned and terrified by the deluge from the blue clouds, and rout, fleeing eastward as fast as they can, back towards Shadow Throne.

The Doomgrinder, out of control, passes by them to the south, heading into the Welkwood, heading due west.

In the center of the front, the Legions of Vecna are withering under the combined onslaught of the forces of GnomeWorks, Forrester, Creamsteak (if his forces did not go voluntarily, I am assuming they received incentive from the Lortmil Technomancy they could not refuse), Dagger, Uvenelei, Alyx, Black Omega, Darkness, and Kaboom.
The Shade, being wiser and smarter than the Legions of Vecna, retreat from the battlefield, falling back through the Welkwood to the safety of the Wild Coast.
The Legions of Vecna, heedless of death, continuing charging, continue fighting, wave after wave of them crashing into the defenders.
Endless thousands continue to die on both sides as this suicidal attack continues.
Until, suddenly, like a cloudburst giving way to sudden sunshine, it halts.

No more enemies come at the defenders, because there are no more enemies left.
The last of the Legions of Vecna hurl themselves in insane fury upon the defenders, taking as many of them as they possibly can into oblivion.
Then the whole attack stops, with a suddenness that leaves the defenders blinking and stunned.

On the southern front, the Legions of Vecna facing GnomeWorks find themselves unable to cope with the flying iron golems, the gasoline and phosphorus combined, the artillery, the tanks, the powerful and intelligent humanoids of Forrester's army.
Vampires shriek and melt as the phosphorus explodes over them, while spectres wail and evaporate.
Undead fall back in terror, only to be blown apart by high explosives dropped by the insect-like golems, or torn apart as the golems slam into them, and begin chewing them to bits.
The living cry out in terror as the gigantic humanoids, towering 7 feet high, crash into them.
The humanoids of Toril are unlike anything they have ever seen or imagined.

These are not the weak, subhuman orcs they expected.
These are towering brutes, bigger than Conan, with the fighting skills of the best of the Barbarians of Stonefist, and the intelligence of the mages of the Suel.
And the fury and battle ferocity of a dwarven battlerager.
Sheathed in plate armor of advanced design, made of titanium, the orcs and other humanoids chop the living and the undead alike into pieces, stomp them into the earth, tear mounted opponents down from their steeds, kill the steeds with one hit from their titanium swords, glowing with the fell magic of Toril.
The Legions of Vecna holding the southern front shatter apart, and rout, fleeing this way and that, but there is no escape.
They cannot outrun the orcs of the United Commonwealth of Toril, who come up behind them and hack them down without remorse or regret.
They cannot outrun the gnomish tanks, or outdistance the gnomish artillery.
Those that escape into the forests find elven defenders awaiting them, and perish by elven swords and arrows, or are netted in elvish spells, or swept up by angry treants and scream as they as crushed in giant hands.
Those that escape the slaughter and wreckage find Kaboom's skyships awaiting them, pouring a murderous fire of ballistae and catapult shots down at them, and rifle fire, and spells.

Then there are the titans.
The titans of Esmerin arrive on the battlefield.
With stomps and kicks of their feet, they send hundreds of the foe catapulting through the sky.
If the flight doesn't kill them, the impact does, as they hit rocks, and trees, or go tumbling down into the chasms, broken and shattered.
The titans draw their swords and clubs, and pound the earth until a new earthquake shakes the northern Pomarj, squashing, chopping, reducing the Legions of Vecna to puree.

The remnant of the Legions of Vecna who somehow manage to escape the southern slaughter, fleeing northward, give the bad news to the Shade.
I am assuming the Shade retreat back to Shadow Throne, where they have fortifications and defenses that might be effective against this counterattack.

Vecna's northern army, or what little is left of it, joins up with the remnants of his southern army, to form a defensive line.
This gives the Shade the time to retreat home (and attack against Shadow Throne won't be possible this Turn.)
That is all they do.
The combined forces of the allies hit them from the northwest, west and southwest, and south, and they are obliterated.

Those Shade and forces of Vecna in Enkstad are trapped.
The elves in furious vengeance retake their capital city, street by street.
Elven bladesingers chop down foe after foe, or raise their hands and unleash lightning bolts and magic missiles to fell distant foes.
Elven mages scour buildings of their enemies with cloudkills and fireballs, cones of cold, and stinking cloud.
Elven archers shoot the foe from the walls, from defensive fortifications.
Elven clerics raise the symbols of the Seldarine, reducing the undead to dust, or forcing them back in terror, calling flame strikes down on them, or lashing them with Holy Words.
Elven mages teleport past the enemy defenses, striking from behind, dueling with Vecna's mages, beating down the Shades who remain.
The Banners of Shade and Vecna are torn from the walls and spires, and the Flags of Celene are raised in victory over the city once more.

Kas and Vecna continue their dramatic fight, sword against staff.
Ever they circle, and ever their weapons strike.
All around, the ground burns and hisses, turning into ash, while stormclouds writhe overhead, and lightning strikes around the two titantic combatants, multicolored and garish, blowing great holes in the ground.
And Vecna finds he cannot outwit Fate.
Fate, the future seen and known, is unalterable, for Vecna.
To be killed by his traitorous lieutenant is his Fate, and no chronomancy can alter what is to be.

Vecna gasps in pain and disbelief as Kas rams the Sword of Kas home, through Vecna's body, clear to the hilt.
Kas clenches the hilt of his sword tightly, twisting it in the wound, as Vecna falls to his knees.
Vecna snarls, and whispers:

You shall be eternally damned, traitor.
THAT Fate, shall be yours.

With his last strength, Vecna chops at Kas with his staff.
Kas's sword-arm is severed at the shoulder.
Vecna falls away, dying, with the Sword of Kas in him.
Kas looks down at the charred end of his shoulder in shock and disbelief, then collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Vecna's staff, falls to the ground, it's light fading, it's acid flow stopping, becoming inert, it's power quenched.
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The Isles of Woe are evacuated (temporarily), or if that's not possible the legions of woe hide deep inside their island fortresses. Walls of force and other defences are raised against the flooding and fire.

The task force of mages that stood ready to rescue Kas teleports in to the battlefield and take the bodies of Kas and Vecna ( and Vecna's nice little artifacts. They then teleport out.

To the Oerth Alliance

Congratulations, proud warriors of the "Oerth Alliance", it seems I was right, you did not need my help to defeat Vecna. The honour and glory of victory is yours but more than any others it is also Kas'. Via Kas has the Dark Union of Oerth taken part in your victory and the rewards are ours also to reap. You have earned my respect, people of the Oerth Alliance. You have proven that you can unite and stand together even when all hope seems to have died. I now see you in a whole new light. Perhaps the Dark Union will join your proud alliance to secure the peace and the victory of justice and progress and law.

The God Emperor of the Dark Union of Oerth and the Great Empire of Aerdi
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Somewhere deep within the earth Kalanyr senses a tremendous power die. He looks up his face totally unreadable before returning to his magical experimentation which at the moment consists of dealing with a tornado he accidently caused in the city with his other experimentation.

Thoughts race across his mind
"Is Vecna truly dead? Has Kas has survived? Where can I find some food? What battle plans should I prepare? Did I send a letter to Siobhan this month? No. Must do that "

Dear Siobhan

Congratulations on the awesome battle. I approve of it wholeheartedly. Hope you are well. Find enclosed more chocolate and some perfume.

Yours in Devotion
"Abyssal Horror"


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Acererak was watching the battle between the two.

Acererak, do you allow Serpenteye's people to take the Sword of Kas and the Staff of Vecna, and the body of Vecna and the unconscious Kas?


First Post

Trust me, friend, fighting the Dark Union would be a mistake for you. Your apoteosis depends on our good will. You have many enemies, Acererak, do not make another.


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(posted too slowly, thanks for the opportunity, E :))

Kas, along with the Sword of Kas are of the Dark Union. Kas, when found, is stabilized and out of danger. (although I don't suppose I or anyone can regrow that arm :))

Vecna is their trophy.

However, the staff of Vecna was conspicuously absent from his otherwise untouched body when it is recovered.
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Turn 3 is effectively over.
However, rping posts may continue (and SHOULD continue) on this thread.

Over three million defenders perished in the great battle.
The Wild Coast, Gnarley Forest, and Welkwood were destroyed in the great battle (Maudlin, remove the forests, and remove the names, from the map.)
The entire region is now a badlands, filled with corpses and great pools of blood.
For some reason, the pools of blood do not evaporate, or flow away, or drain away.
No magic will efface them, no spell will affect them.

All of northern Wolly Bay has turned red.
It remains red, apparently permanently.

The entire region needs a new name. The defenders have the honor of renaming it.

Shadow Throne stands, still relatively untouched, and most of the forces of Shade are still standing.

The Doomgrinder continues it's westward march.
Apparently, nothing will ever allow for regaining of control of the thing.
Also, it is speeding up, already past it's maximum speed, and still going - how, is not known.

Kalden, Prince of Swords, is dead.
Baelros, Lord of Shade, is dead.
Queen Yolande of Celene, is dead.
Prince Melf Brightblade, leader of the Knights of Luna, is dead.

Several of the major Shade NPCs are badly wounded, and helpless in Shadow Throne currently.
Iuz lays seriously wounded.
Anabstercorian lays damaged and mind damaged.
Vaeregoth lays damaged and mind damaged.
Kessel GnomeWorks is barely clinging to life in bed.
Larissa Hunter of Dyvvers is struggling for life in a field hospital.
Thayadon lays unconcious in a field hospital.

Kas lays, barely alive, and no magic will regrow his lost arm.

And Vecna, greatest of all the liches who ever lived upon Oerth, lies dead on the battlefield, along with fully 50 million suel men, suel women, and undead who choose to follow him into oblivion.

As the Wild Magic Storms recede, and the Nyr Dyv calms, and the clouds fade away, the sun finally makes an appearance, bleary and fogged.
It's yellow light illuminates thousands of square miles of utter devastation.
If a horde of titans with gasoline powered tillers had run amok across the countryside, they could not have competed against the damage done.

Hills exist where no hills did before.
Valleys exist where no valleys existed before.
There are lakes where they was dry land, and dry land where lakes stood.
Great shelves of bedrock, uprooted and torn from the deep earth, stick up out of the ground, forming a surreal landscape.
In the thousands of craters are endless lakes of blood, which will not ever disappear again.
No trees remain, nothing living moves in the land.
A soft mud covers everything, rocks, shattered ground, craters, steaming in the returning sunlight.

And 50 million corpses litter this landscape, a mute and grim testimony to the madness of the one who started it all, and whose legacy will endure for centuries to come.


OOC- Did I manage to get 10th level magic? It's important for what I write next whether yes or no.

I am assuming no further actions can be taken this Turn by anyone. Am I correct?

Also can a races alignment be altered by 10th level magic? (In this case the races are those under my control can this be done?)
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Yes, you did, Kalanyr.
Although you cannot use it this Turn, you may begin freely using 10th level magic next Turn - Turn 4.

I do not know if Forrester discovered the secrets of 10th level magic this Turn.
I must do the math, and find out.

- - -

The horrendous list of casualties comes in.
It is not pleasant hearing.

The allied forces lost 303 PL in armies, and thus permanently lost 303 PL, divided amongst their Powers.

Vecna and his Legions are gone, and Melkor lost 20 PL.

- - -

Alyx lost 35 PL.

Celene fought to the end, and her people died with her.
A great part of the forces from Varnaith, the Lendores, and the Celestial Imperium lay dead on the soil of Celene, and on the battlefield in general.

- - -

Anabstercorian lost no PL, but Anabstercorian himself is severely wounded (and will require a Restoration spell to heal his mind.)

- - -

Black Omega lost 5 PL in Planars.

His Faerie arrived to aid on the battlefield, and suffered great loss.
The rest of his forces could not arrive in time to help.

- - -

Creamsteak lost 4 PL.

The forces he had in training in the Lortmils were wiped out.

- - -

Dagger lost 20 PL

Dagger and the Kingdom of Keoland suffered staggering losses, up to one-third of their entire force, defending their allies.

- - -

Darkness lost 18 PL.

Darkness had brought a great army into eastern Keoland to protect it against the threat from the drow to the west.
This army deployed against Vecna, and over a third of it lays dead on the battlefield.

- - -

Forsaken One lost no PL, but Vaeregoth is critically injured, and will need a Restoration spell to restore her.

- - -

Forrester lost 47 PL

Forrester's great reserve army from Toril came to the timely aid of the forces of good.
Only 3 PL of men and women from that force, out of 50, survived the battle. (The United Commonwealth just lost 94 PL.)

- - -

GnomeWorks lost 28 PL

The Hosts of the Lortmil Technomancy, instead of staying safe in their mountain homes, went bravely out to aid their friends.
Over one third of all their forces lay dead, and they suffered staggering losses of equipment.

- - -

John Brown lost 35 PL

Iuz and his forces stood with the forces of good in the great battle, attacking Shadow Throne from both east and west.
Their help, along with that of Uvenelei, Darkness, and Forrester, made the difference and saved the Lortmils, but a heavy price was exacted.

- - -

Kaboom lost 21 PL

Kaboom's sky ships and Flying Citadels proved invaluable in the great battle, as they brought vast numbers of troops to vital places in the battle.
Desperate fights often turned in the allies favor because of Kaboom.
But the loss of sky ships and Flying Citadels was severe, and hundreds of them now litter the battlefield.

- - -

Maudlin lost no PL.

Acererak came to the battlefield, and gorged himself on the living, killing tens of thousands of people, mostly on the allies side.

Maudlin is counted as having fought on Vecna's side.

- - -

Lord Meklor (Talos) lost 20 PL.

The Legions of Vecna protected the Shade by their very insanity.
The Shade came up behind the Legions of Vecna, letting them die first, then whelming the weakened defenders.
Nevertheless, the charge of Iuz from the east was costly, and the Shade had to fight aerial opponents, and in their retreat to Shadow Throne, the enemy harassed them where they could.

Melkor, alone, fought at Vecna's side with a great army.

- - -

Rhialto the Marvellous lost 1 PL.

Many agents of the Black Brotherhood died, killing key defenders, wreaking havoc among the defending lines, spreading miscommunication, enabling the Legions of Vecna to reap far more bloodshed than they should have.
Others agents died in the battle of the Doomgrinder.

Historians will always note that the Black Brotherhood stood with Vecna in the great battle.

- - -

Turrosh Mak lost 30 PL

The humanoids of the Pomarj fought magnificently against the Legions of Vecna.
They held their line of fortresses across the northern Pomarj, but were driven out of the Wild Coast.
The reserve force that was in the Lortmil Technomancy had to be taken out and thrown against the enemy - nothing could be held back.
All of Turrosh Mak's front line fighters were killed; all his front line defenses, fortifications, and equipment were destroyed, and Turrosh Mak suffered vast numbers of casualties.

- - -

Uvenelei lost 40 PL.

The intervention of Uvenelei's forces from Lyrn, Ishtarland, and Aaqa, made possible by Kaboom, made a crucial difference in the great battle.
However, they too paid in blood for the victory, and hundreds of thousands of them lay dead on the battlefield.

- - -

William Ronald lost 30 PL.

The Kevellond League fought magnificently against Vecna, and although they lost Dyvvers they held Verbonbonc and other places Vecna was never able to reach.
Working with the forces of Iuz in southern Furyondy, and with ingenious tactics, they destroyed Vecna's northern army.
However, like everyone else, they paid the price, and hundreds of thousands of them litter all the land from the Kron Hills east to Shadow Throne.

- - -

Zelda lost 10 PL.

Arriving late from the Dark Swamp, the Swanmay Army suffered moderate losses in the great battle, and remains an intact fighting force.
It's storm-riders on their miniature tornados are an awe and a wonder to those seeing them for the first time.
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-----Edena wrote:
And Vecna, greatest of all the liches who ever lived upon Oerth, lies dead on the battlefield, along with fully 50 million suel men, suel women, and undead who choose to follow him into oblivion.

No, Edena. Vecna's body and all Vecna's artifacts (except for the staff) are now being studied in the laboratories of the Dark Union.


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Starting Time for Turn 4

Since I know Kalanyr, Forsaken One, and Festy Dog are eager to get in on the mayhem, I will begin Turn 4 as soon as:

I am able to reconfigure the Lists.

Everyone sends me their Templates for Turn 4 (DO NOT DO SO UNTIL I RECONFIGURE THE LISTS!)

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