(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 1)

Mr. Draco

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If Kas succeds in joining the personal combat witht the angels against Iuz, then the NPCs of Kas' elite guard will immediately teleport to that battle, and assist Kas in destroying the old one.

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Black Omega

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Who indeed can pass this chance up.

Ok...the spelljammers can't handle the storm, that's fine. :)
Before the mighty winds and crackling lightning of that angry storm the spelljammers hover, giving pause before the impossible fury of that hurricane. Then in a wink Siobhan teleports onward, wreathed in glittering silver flame "For Oerth! For the Forest! For Kalanyr!" With her is the Circle of Eight..a few Mordenkainen's Disjunc's from the master can't do Iuz any good.

The spelljammers turn back, joining the battle against the Empire of Iuz. Maybe we can't match their raw might..but we don't have to. It's time for warfare, seelie style. Use our own special ways of getting around from spot to spot unseen, mass forces and hit in areas where we havce the advantage, pound Iuz's forces asmuch as possible then withdraw before reinforcements arrive. Classic hit and run. For the spelljammers, start finding where the support and command for this army is. The firelanders might be good on their own, but the mercs and humanoids need command, food, supplies. Start hitting there. Where ever possible match the iron golems with the firelanders. I've not doubt they'll melt before winning those battles but they'll keep them busy for Shades, Seelie and Dragons etc to hit the others.

And one last thing. I never heard back on the poison gas project started back in Turn 2. EVen basic mustard gas would be nice at this point for dealing with masses of mercs and humanoids.


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Mr. Draco said:

Unvenelei, just make sure to keep that thing pointed away from Kas and the NPCs of his elite guard. :)

I wouldn't have given her a gun capable of destroying a planet if she didn't know how to aim it.

Mr. Draco

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Uvenelei, cool, oh, thanks for the help! Remind Kas to show up in person if any red-form armies ever attack your lands. :)

Edena, should Kas succeed in getting to the personal combat with Iuz, and his elite guard NPCs teleport in (as per my orders), they will quickly set up spells preventing the escape of Iuz before they join the assault.
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The Atrocity of Mina

(William, Player of Hazen, agreed to this by prior arrangement via e-mail.)

In Veluna Square, before everyone, in a public place where all can witness it, something horrible is happening.

Mina arrives, triumphant in the ghastly armor of the Knights of Neraka, her honor guard with her.

From the other direction, comes Hazen, stripped, naked.
Grim faced soldiers of the Kevellond League are with him.

Mina gestures, and black chains appear, hanging in mid-air, radiating a dreadful cold.

To these chains Mina firmly affixes Hazen's hands, then she chants, and the chains lift him off his feet.

Mina reaches forth, and her hand connects with Hazen's chest. Purple light blasts forth.
Hazen screams, and all can see the Shadow of the Heart (but it LOOKS like his actual heart) that she has taken from Archcleric Hazen.

The soldiers of the Kevellond League do not interfere, but form a half ring, with the Knights of Neraka forming the other half, around Mina and Hazen.

Then Mina takes forth a dreadful whip, made out of metal, 7 feet long ... the kind of whip that would make a dinosaur take a step backward.

Mina speaks, and the Banner of the One God is raised, in Veluna City.
The Banner of the Kevellond League, remains, but it is lowered ... it is lowered below that of the One God.

Then Hazen speaks (this is from the e-mail):

I apologize for any insults that I have directed
towards the One God and retract such offensive
statements as I have made. I have not abandoned my
faith or my senses.
I am going to the Blood Wastes. I urge all who can do so, to join me there.

Then Mina speaks, coldly:

This person has insulted the One God, insulted me, insulted the very heart of Krynn.
He has apologized in his words.
Now, he shall apologize, in the flesh.
He shall receive 200 lashes for his crimes, and then the One God will reconsider admitting him into consideration of love and protection, should he choose it.
Now, however, is the time for payment to be exacted.

Mina sweeps back the whip, employing it with tremendous, magically aided strength.

Then Mina stops, and speaks in an icy voice:

YOU! OUT! There shall be no warding of the pain, no protection for the flesh of the guilty! He will not die - my spell has seen to that.
Be assured he will be perfectly ok when his punishment is completed ... indeed, he will be purified.

The Angel that had placed itself inside of Hazen to protect him, steps out.
It looks at Mina, and it's kindly face is filled with anger, and a great light radiates from it.
However, Mina faces back, undaunted, and she says:

I will immerse myself in the Blood Waste, and Oerth shall be spared.
The One God wishes living subjects, not a dead world killed by the Blood Goo.

The Angel speaks, it's melodic, ethereal voice angered:

Then why not do that?
Why must you do this?
This is the way to darkness and ruin.

Mina replies:

No. This is the way to justice. Justice to the One God.
Will you interfere, Angel?

The Angel ... actually looks enraged, and EVERYONE but Mina falls back in shock from this, but then the Angel looks sad, and it says:

We cannot stop you, as you know well.
We URGE you to reconsider this act.
We URGE you to consider the consequences.
There is always another way, Mina.

Mina regards the Angel darkly:

THIS is the way of the One God.
Where punishment is due, punishment shall be meted out!

She draws back the whip for the first strike.
The guards, watch grimly.
The Angel turns away, crying openly.


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Mina has not yet delivered her first stroke against Hazen (she agreed in return for this punishment against him to immerse herself in the Blood Waste.)

Uvenelei is just readying to fire on Iuz.

Help from several sides is just pouring into the great battle.

The Coalition of Light and Shadow, and the Kevellond League, are falling back on the Western Front.

The League of Warlords, and the Delrunian Alliance, are falling back on the Eastern Front.

Kalanyr and his people are futilely attempting to free the souls of the Blood Waste.
The help they need, in the form of Mina, the God Emperor, Phibrizzo, Kas, and several others, has not yet decided it should immerse itself in the Red Goo and merge with the Red Waste.
Yet that, is what must be done, if Kalanyr and his people are to succeed.

The Angels, Iuz and his allies, together with Kas and all the others, continue the great battle.

I am calling Time Out, so everyone in the IR can read what has befallen so far.
Everything is in Freeze-Frame until I return.
Here is the chance for everyone to consider what they will do, and why.
Here is the chance for everyone to read what has befallen, and make the choices that will determine what is to be.

Until I return, TIME OUT.

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