(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 1)

Hellmaster watches from afar, looking with disgust as his warlords run away.

"Dragonfear, dragonfear, I'll give those dragons something to fear." Hellmaster Phibrizzo himself attends the battle against the Empire of Iuz, his own aura of fear embracing the dragons as well as his opponent's troops, him being followed by his Hell Lords, his High Mage, and his Great Wyrm Black Dragon, also a Chosen of Xvim. Mainly trying to take care of the dragon menace while raising his troop's morale, ordering them to attack to the best of their limits. (Total PL 23)

Hellmaster quickly teleports around the battle, using his quickened teleport ability and cleaving dragons in half with his 1000+ attacks per round (BAB isn't capped), for a minimum of well over 10,000 damage for a full round attack... (I laugh at Anabstercorian's 1000 damage in a single round ;))
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First Post


State intentions and plans, but not actions.

The IR is in freeze-frame mode, until I return.

Take this time to read all that has happened.
Take this time to consider what you are going to do.
Take this time to think about everything.



William Ronald


I am going to bed soon. So, here is what I plan to do.

Gwilym Raonul, protected from mental influences with 10th level magic, wields the Crook of Rao and leads a fighting retreat. Lord William Ronald, speaker of the Kevellond League, has the same protections and is assisting.

Word is sent to Suhfang to send troops.

I hope kaboom, Forrester, Festy Dog, and Darkness come back soon. I miss everyone who is not here.


Edena, I am getting the feeling the Red Goo is selectively dangerous. For some reason it works any time it is being used for an evil act, but it fails when used in a good act. I can understand Red Goo still being able to damage an adamantium golem. I can understand the goo not being affected by minor amounts of positive/negative energy and requiring tons of it in order to have a reaction.

What I don't understand is how a catapult made of normal materials can "fling" Red Goo. Unless Tokiwong has hundreds of adamantium catapults that are not affected by the Red Goo they should get eaten up before they can "fling" anything. If the catapults have some degree of magical protection, how come nobody else has it? Maybe his army has a few thousand adamantium spoons or ladles for flinging the stuff. I know I don't so how could I? You ask me if I am willing to start throwing red goo at them, when I obviously don't have the equipment to even touch the stuff. If he has a few thousand adamantium catpults then I see how he can.

Anyway, If I can fling red goo, and you have some way that makes sense that Tokiwong is using, I may "consider" flinging it back at him. I still don't get how the hell one person can use normal catapults to fling red goo. For now I think I will counter Red Goo with Black Goo artillery which has almost the same affect without the nasty sentience and pissed souls. Black Goo I think is my best match for red goo, as it has the whole man eating affect and is still controlable, not to mention fire breathing.

EDIT ADDED AT 5 AM THIS MORNING (I used this post again to prevent going over that 200 limit some).

Well I couldn't fall asleep. I was too worried about what could happen while I was not there, and I had all these ideas rushing through my head. So I got up, wandered over to the computer and started typing. I ended up with a 10 point essay here...

First off,

I was considering the Wish/Miracle thing... Edena stated that they cost a lot and could be dearly painful. I agree that they should be, but nobody ever set up a system. I was thinking that maybe you could pay points from your Magic Arms Race in order to pay for the Wish/Miracle. I know it is not what was normally considered, but by paying 10 Points deducted from your Magic Arms Race you effectively "lost" 20 PL for nothing, and you have to pay 100 PL on a turn all over again for magic. Plus the Moderator can interperet your wish however he chooses, but you have to pay even if you don't like the results.


About the forces of Tokiwong pushing me back from Fellreeve. There was a gate on the northern and souther borders of the Forrest, so I believe that slowed down the advance of my enemies for a short while. By the time they get to Riftcrag we are already set up on defense. Meanwhile they have to transport the catapults and then set them up. The Combined NPC's of me and Sollir (32 PL) will rip appart their catapults at this time. Immediately afterward our Artillery will unload a series of Puddings onto the location of the catapults. Some primary detonations of artillery will commense afterward (puddings being immune to fire). Any leftover catapults have a shorter range than my artillery and should get damaged (or at least the crew will get killed) from these assaults.


The Hellmaster will gore some of the larger and more dangerous dragons in combat while The second line of artillery gets ready to unload a salvo of Black Pudding and normal Artillery to fire into the hearts of the dragons effectively crippling them before they get into fear affect range.


If the Wish/Miracle rule was acceptable me and Sollir will deduct 10 from our Magic Arms Race Score in order to cancel out (or at least weaken) Tokiwongs Red Goo bonus for this turn. If Edena deems that we need to spend 15 points we will. If Edena deems we need a total of 25 points I will hit up my allies for it. If Edena deems we need 50 or 100 then I will look into my allies more-so.


If all else fails I am going to push an army of Weeveform Rangers past my opposition and into the heart of Iuz Lands to commence a counter attack. This oughta do some good. Plus they can always withdraw in Weeveform and return to defend my country. An effort (That Edena will likely deem fails) will be made to kill Malachai during this attack. If any NPC's or PC's are available for this attack they will act as well.


I was wondering if I got lucky and some of the sleeping draughts from earlier in the game were still somewhat potent in Fellreeve Forest. Eh, I wouldn't expect them to be, but why not ask.


I accept Zouron's notice not to contact the natives of the unclaimed country. Instead I will return home and focus on the problems there.


I am in utter horror at what is happening to William. "Mina, is it really necessary? He is a good man who does whatever is best for his people. He is entitled to insult the one god, even if he was wrong, and he has forsaken the insults and apologized. You do have authority on this matter, however."


Sanctus is going to attempt to strike Iuz at the same time as Kas and Uvenalie (I assume a -20 to hit or worse as the penalty) and attempt to break his defense. A quickened teleport or dimensional door will be cast to dodge the actual blast from Uvenalie's weapon. By the way, did anyone check to make sure this is the REAL Iuz?


Glad to see that most people are back... but I sure would like some Darkness and Forrester brand support right about now! Maybe a little Festy Dog for entertainments sake... and because we really could use a vampiric kobold swordsman to help duel Iuz.
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Mr. Draco

First Post
Battle-plan against Iuz:

Kas and the NPCs of his elite guard AND the angels still alive fighting Iuz will engage him (Iuz) in combat. The spellcasting NPCs of Kas' Elite Guard will be using more ranged attacks (to give the angels and Kas, along with anyone else who may join in, more room) The exception to this is Enaroril Akn, who is fighting alongside Kas, and is ready to heal him with any of his magic (he canswitch spells out for heal spells, and has filled his 9th level slots with quite a few miracle spells). Should the situation prove to be taking a turn for the worse, assume Enaroril does the following (unless i post otherwise. these actions will be taken should the situation call for them, Enaroril is quite a good judge of the situation, due to his sky-high wisdom):

* "Kas, my commander, my lord, grave danger is upon us. Yet victory remains within our grasp. It is thus that I make my choice." Enaroril telepatically messages Kas (even though he's fighting alongside him). With that, Enaroril draws forth his remaining magical power, and binds it together, to be released at the same instant for a deed of faith, and loyalty.

Then, Enaroril turns his sword on himself. Piercing his armor as he mentally lowers the magical protections surrounding him. His lifeblood rushes forth from the mortal wound as he collapses on the battlefield. His last words leave his mouth "Remember me in your glory, Lord." as he releases the remainder of his magical abilities. His eyes close, at rest with the world as his magic takes effect. A shimmering light begins to eminate from his skin, becoming brighter gradually until its light blocks all vision of Enaroril's body. Then, the light collapses into a point, and the body of the dead cleric is gone, engulfed in the point of light. The point floats directly to Kas, immersing itself into his being without dealing harm. When it reaches his heart, it binds itself to his soul, spreading throughout his body in an instant. Thus, the one once known as Enaroril Akn merges his power with Kas, at the expense of his soul. (in the process, the soul of Enaroril is completely and utterly destroyed, with as little evidence of its existance as if it had never existed). This is meant to be a last ditch effort to save Kas' life, and as the ultimate in devotion to Enaroril's Beliefs (loyalty). You can rule on the exact effects of this.

Remember, this only happens if the situation is truly desperate. Consider it to happen automatically, should the situation become that desperate, before 8pm your time edena (i won't be home until then). If it's after 8pm, and the situation becomes that desperate, then only unless i specifically post otherwise, it happens. (before 8pm, it's automatic)


Hmm... if thats true then I think my tactics will change to healing my enemies. That does make more sense than adamantium, however...


If he is correct, and Tokiwong is using red goo catapults I will send spellcasters to specifically heal, cure, resurect, miracle, wish, or true resurrect on the red goo catapults (namely the spoon type thingy at the end that heaves the stuff). Building them takes some well placed magic and time, destroying them should take a quick mass heal or ressurection spell each. A few holy hand grenades would sure make for some fun right about now...

And I think I plan to join the assault to eliminate Iuz completely, but when he dies Sanctus is gonna go catapult cleavin'.
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Mr. Draco

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Edena, (begin secret text) [color=33333]The Union of Oerth's longstanding search for the sword artifact from the lost city of the elves (we began the search quite some time ago) is intensified. Also, we will re-swear the elves from the lost cit y (using the rod of oaths) to alliegance to the Union of Oerth before questioning them about their knowledge of the sword (this way, they willingly tell us everything they know).[/color]
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First Post
uhhh freeze mode hehe.

Well anyway a little worth of note.


*before the diplomatic deligation from creamstreak are able to reach the border of the Empire of Aquaria, a small group of oriental look warriors from the Eternal Union stop them. The Leader speaks without waiting to be acknowledged*

The Empire of Aquaria is under the protection of the Eternal Union so are all otehr nations on Anakeris, any attempt to claim them will be meet with whatever means nessecary.

*With These words the group rides away and lets the diplomatic deligation continue*

Yes creamstreak they are unclaimed, but don't think that means they are not protected ;) some people work hard to get a diplomatic tolerance/alliance up on its feet :)


Anab OOC:

Yeah right you are not even getting an IC responce to that threat, no nukes for you! I am not that stupid!


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