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William Ronald said:
A document is sent to the Sorceror Kings of Athas, and distiributed to the public at large detailing all of Iuz's actions on Oerth and Toril.

"It is of course, up to you, to decide what is the truth and what is a lie. If any faction of Athas wishes to tour Oerth to determine the truth for themselves, I will give representatives of said factions a tour and a full explanation."

"I cooperated with Iuz against common foes. However, he is by his own admission not the most trustworthy of beings."

"In the end, the fate of Athas is in your hands. I wish you and your world well."

(Tokiwong, most of the Sorceror Kings are RIGIDLY LAWFUL EVIL. They may not look as kindly on Iuz as you might think. That and they have a reputation for paranoia.)

OOC: Yeah but I am being pleasant about it... and besides what I do not out of chaos... but only for power... touche... is all I can say

Iuz will continue his efforts, he explains the events of that led to Oerth's ruin... "My role as a martyr was one I took upon myself, to draw out the goodly forces... only to have Hazen the Angel... call upon the Torillians, another world... of 'Goodly Beings' who have in turn done all they can to destroy our world... they burned it with the sun... a thousand times over... they are attempting to destroy our moon... and these are the actions of those attempting to aid our world... as he said you must choose who to trust... but I fear no good can come from him or his so-called allies... he has already aided the Veiled Alliance... BEFORE coming to you... he continues to sow conflict... I ask you this are these the actions of a being that presumes to aid you?"

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OOC: So basically the Sorcerer Kings say nay... not even if Iuz opts to help them against the goo he is rather enamored with their ways... and expresses such to them... are all Dragon-Kings united... if I recall they are a rather scheming lot... and loyalty is as thin as ice could be on Athas I understand they may be lawful... but they are power mongers... if there is one who ven gives a moment of Iuz's time.. he will meet with him at once... if not then all has been for naught...
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The DM looks at the e-mails sent to him, e-mails filled with war plans, secret first strike plans, secret invasion plans, secret betrayal plans, and chuckles.

Here is one of them, although I am deliberately keeping the sender anonymous:

Athas, taking another approach seduce the Sorcerer Kings with goading of power... tempt them that other powers out there are working against them, i.e. Hazen giving the Veiled Alliance knowledge they, the true lords do not possess... want to make overtures of friendship and attempt to ameliorate the damage done in the early fighting... those that show overtures of friendship he will teach the techniques of Fire-Form... and share with them the knowledge of technology gained from his alliance with Hazen ...

*Oerth, let the ball rust away... the other powers are working hard to recover... focus on continuing our magic and dealing with the Athasians...
also trying to see if he can learn Psionics if they soften up to his deals... he wants to learn Psionics seeing how effective it was... being a
God it should not be too difficult...


The Dragon-Kings issue a Declaration of War against Greyspace.
They prepare to invade Greyspace, amassing their armies to do so.
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Iuz is going underground with the Veiled Alliance... if they aid him he will teach them... much... and demand only whorship... he will show them the path to the the Flaming Temple City... only if loyalty is assured... he will show them freedom to learn Magic as they please... only if loyalty is assured... do they accept?

Mr. Draco

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The Union of Oerth sends representatives to the Veiled Society, sharing EVERYTHING we know with them (excepting some really really secret stuff, the likes of which was in my email to you). We give them technology, magical knowledge, introduce them to the gods of the Union Pantheon, introduce them to chess, teach them the history of everything we know. We also introduce them to Oerthblood, and give detailed tails of our battles and struggles, and TACTICS used against the red-goo, and the danger inherent if it is awakened.

To the Dragon Kings:

An obviously magical arrow enchanted with dragon bane is sent with a small note attached. It reads:

Step 1) Decide to invade Oerth
Step 2) Receive arrow from the Union of Oerth
Step 3) Insert arrow into eyeball
Step 3) Die
Step 4) Send massive armies to invade Oerth
Step 5) Massive armies sent to invade Oerth surrender or die

-Compliments of the Union of Oerth

P.S.- Don't invade worlds that have been turned into places more dangerous than most layers of the abyss while the people that made them that dangerous are still alive, a$%@^#(*.

P.P.S.- If you liked the arrow, we have a few swords that might fit some of you better.


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Oerthblood ... what is it?

It is a silvery substance that seems to well out of the very rocks of Oerth.
It flows like molasses, but immersion in it is pleasant and soothing, like being in warm water, and it does not impede movement.

It radiates good, if detected for.

It heals injury - anyone or anything immersed in it begins regenerating at a rate of 1 hit point per Turn, and lost limbs will regenerate.

Where the Oerthblood is coming up, green returns to the land.
There is grass where there was barren rock.
Trees where no trees were.
The dead, poisoned soil is suddenly rich and fertile again.

Where the Oerthblood meets Red Goo, it INSTANTLY destroys the Red Goo, releasing the imprisoned souls in blinding flashes of light.

The Oerthblood evaporates into the air, and when this happens, it lights up the atmosphere with a silver sheen, which produces the equivalent of sunlight for the trees and plants.
All within this area feel a tranquility and calm, their hurts ease, their strength increases, their despair vanishes.

It is possible to take Oerthblood and let it harden within special containers.
It can be worked into armor, shields, and weapons, which are immune to Red Goo attacks, and which grant + 5 protection.

However, unlike the Red Goo, Oerthblood is available in only very limited amounts - it does NOT turn things it touches into more Oerthblood!
It cannot be duplicated, except in tiny amounts by 10th level magic.

It can be summoned to the surface by 9th or 10th level magic.
It forms little fountains when so conjured, that spring up and bubble merrily, quickly covering a small area around them with silver pools (and, it is not possible to drown in these pools.)

Oerthblood will destroy any and all items made of Red Steel upon contact.
Any creature that is partially made of Red Goo or Red Steel, will be killed by contact with Oerthblood.
Any being that was created with the help of Red Goo research, will be killed by contact with Oerthblood.

The touch of Oerthblood will slay undead, giving them final peace and rest.
The touch of Oerthblood is painful to evil characters and beings, for it brings the conscience to the fore, and the person is flooded by remorse and regret (they still benefit from it's healing effects, however.)

Oerthblood, being inherently magical, could be used in magical research to produce new items, or to alter a whole people - if enough of it was gathered.
The effects of Oerthblood are always beneficial, always bringing health and strength to those who it is used on.

Given enough time (decades) the Oerthblood would heal the damage to Oerth, silencing the volcanoes, quieting the oceans, reforesting the ruined lands, restoring the dead soils.

However, the Oerthblood is being affected by the Mists.

The First Touch had no effect on it.
The Second Touch, DID affect it.
The world of Oerth is having a harder time exuding it's own inherent capacity for healing.
Fewer fountains are bubbling up.
It is more difficult to bring new fountains up with 9th level magic.

Yet, for all that, the Oerthblood has not lost it's potency as a force for healing and weal.
Not yet.


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Could someone give me a brief overview of Athas? I've caught a few things about the Dark Sun world, but more info couldn't hurt.

Edena: A new plan

Step 0: Use divination magic to find out if the following plan will go horribly wrong/aid the goo due to some oversight of mine. If this will help the goo, I won't do it.

Step 1: Take a Pheonix. Have him go into his death throes. As a Good being, he does not die, but is reduced to ashes and smoke.

Step 2: Greet the newly born Pheonix that rises out of the ashes of the first one, complete with all the abilities and memories of the first.

Step 3: Use healing magic to reform the first Pheonix, leaving you with 2 Pheonixes.

Step 4: Repeat.

Step 5: Set large horde of Pheonixes towards healing the damage done to Oerth. Each one is capable of casting quite a few healing/resurrection spells every day.

Would it work?

Also, could you elaborate as to how the goo is escaping Luna?
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The Veiled Alliance views all this talk of Gods with skepticism.
They see Iuz is powerful, and the God Emperor is powerful.
But they seem rather quite reluctant to kneel and pray to them.

The Dragon-Kings send a message back, via psionic sending, to Oerth:


All Powers of Oerth will surrender unconditionally to the Dragon-Kings.
All people of Oerth become the property of the Dragon-Kings.
All property on Oerth becomes the property of the Dragon-Kings.
All magic on Oerth becomes the property of the Dragon-Kings.
All psionic artifacts become the property of the Dragon-Kings.


Death by Sphere of Annihilation.



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It won't work, Uvenelei. My regrets.

The Red Goo is not escaping Luna.
It is merely eating it's way through the thick layer of Sunstare that Anabstercorian sealed the entire surface of the planet with.

What lies trapped under that layer of Sunstare, the millions of people of Luna, will also escape, eventually.

And then they will have a reckoning with everyone.
They are not very happy their world was destroyed, and they were buried alive.

Don't even think of trying to talk to them, bring them to the peace table, or whatever.
Any emissaries sent - even the Angels - would be attacked on sight.


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Edena_of_Neith said:
It won't work, Uvenelei. My regrets.

Nuts. Didn't expect a different answer anyways.

How long until the Substare is eaten through?

And is my reinforcement of Anab's shell around Luna helping any?
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