(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 4)


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[COLOR=333333]I'm going to try and find some fountains of Oerthblood with 9th lvl magic. This oerthblood will be used to restore the damage dealt to the area near the Kron Hills. If that is done, The blood will be split up:
-50% of the remaining blood will be used to remove the Red Goo
-25% will be used into armors and the like
-25% is going to be saved up for later uses.
Also, since my people don't feel like partying, do they react to the finding of Oerthblood, the resurrecting of the forests, the rebirth of the world? If they feel like it again, they'll be rebuilding their homes, removing all signs of the war that has been.
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Ok Edena this is purely OOC but there are a few things I want clarified and to clarify:

1) a)So any and all actions of goodwill or good in general will we take strengthen the red goo now because you will think we act out of fear?

1) b) I have a 0% intention of going evil again.

2) The question about the effects of the Goo were completely out of character, Kalanyr the PC could care less but as me, the Player, I would like to know the effects it had on my people. Not all the effects helped you kill people thats why I want to know, not for the killing people affects.

Black Omega

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Mr. Draco said:
Also, edena, I actually don't know very well how to stop the mists. Never played ravenloft setting.
Color me clueless on this. I sent Edena a email, but I won't be able to check it until I get home. I'm hoping someone has ideas because I'm shooting in the dark:)


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Night time, on the Sea of Dust, Silver Phase stands without his heavy cloak and looks at the sky.

"This is an empty place but, its good to be able to stand here and think. Maybe with the defeat of this red army we can try to make our secret retreat a permanent home. I've been thinking, everyone did a great job as the rear guard of those who were still in the Hellfurnaces. Maybe we should have a little party or something, things may start looking up soon."

Khelarque stood by him and clouds of dust whipped past them as the wind rippled their clothes. The night sky's stars were soon covered up but by strange clouds, red clouds. They both looked at each other puzzled by this change.

From the direction of the wind came a great tall writhing cloud, it was tinted red and stretched from the ground into the sky. Before they knew it it was upon them, Khelarque coughed and sputtered but Silver just grunted and tensed himself as the strange stuff changed the very way they think.

"We need to get out of here, this stuff is horrible," Khelarque wheezed.

Silver growled low in his throat and his eyes glowed a shade of red.

"My efforts to better myself are not being undone by Acererack as I thought they would, but by what seems to be a mist form of the red goo. I have some ideas of what we must do to survive further in this place, but they are leaving me as my soul darkens as we speak. I will not let my personal undoing get in the way of saving my people, lets go."

Khelarque coughed again but was able to compose himself long enough to teleport them back to their secret retreat.


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Answers to questions

Mr. Draco

Edena, can a faction with 11th level magic protect its plans from other factions with 11th level magic, so that every email is NOT posted on the boards and such?

ANSWER: I will allow a 65 percent chance that you can. I roll the dice to determine if your effort to hide your plans was successful.
If it was, I post nothing.
If is was not, I post your entire e-mail.

It works the other way around - if your foes don't make their rolls, I start posting stuff from the Lurker's Forum on these boards for your reading pleasure.

It also works for ME. That is, I must tell you what Mina and MY factions plan to do, if I fail my rolls (and I will roll honestly, too.)

Powers without 11th level magic, have NO protection against this scrying, UNLESS a Power with 11th level magic attempts to protect them.
In which case, the 65 percent chance rule applies.

If they are not protected, then I post all of their e-mails and all of their posts I can find to these boards.

- - -


[start secret msg]

You find the Oerthblood, Venus.
And, it makes the air breathable again, immediately.
And, you begin the slow process of restoring the Kron Hills.
But even with the Oerthblood, it will take several months to restore the vegetation, and several years to undo the geological damage (without the Oerthblood, it would take centuries or perhaps millennia, if it could even happen at all, to restore the vegetation. The geological damage could never be undone.)

A silver glow is seen over the Kron Hills, as the Emerald Order works to undo the damage.

It is reasonable to assume, based on other posts and intentions, that the same silver glows appear over many parts of the world of Oerth.

Where the Oerthblood is being used, the Red Goo fades away.
The veins coming to the surface retreat, then disappear.
Lakes of Red Goo turn silver and vanish, when Oerthblood contacts them.

Ruined, poisoned soil turns black, loamy, fresh, filled with the promise of life.
Green shoots appear in the soil, the first signs of returning life.
The sky over the area turns a pleasant sheen of silver, pleasing to look at with the eyes ... and it sheds a warmth down on those below that is altogether different from the hellish heat of the volcanoes.

Also, the Mists seem to dislike the Oerthblood, and retreat from the areas in which Oerthblood exists.
Where the silver sheen is, there are no Mists.

- - -


Ok Edena this is purely OOC but there are a few things I want clarified and to clarify:

1) a) So any and all actions of goodwill or good in general will we take strengthen the red goo now because you will think we act out of fear?

ANSWER: No, Kalanyr, but I can see (as could Alyx and many others) when desperation has set in. I would have been desperate, in your situation ... heck, ANYONE would have been desperate, in your situation.
But take a look above, at what Venus is doing.
THAT will weaken the Red Goo.
THAT will weaken the Mists.
And as for genuine acts of goodwill and genuine attempts at peace - well, I know you are making these, Kalanyr, but unfortunately they are not (I think you know who they are.)
As I write this, they have provoked a new war with Athas.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Kalanyr.
You are not to blame for the current situation.
You did your best to prevent the current situation - had others stood with you, Oerth would still be a blue-green world, and not a teutonic hell.
Why do you think I allowed Kalanyr divine ascension? He EARNED it!

1) b) I have a 0% intention of going evil again.

ANSWER: (chuckles) That is your choice. There is evil aplenty and to spare in this IR.

2) The question about the effects of the Goo were completely out of character, Kalanyr the PC could care less but as me, the Player, I would like to know the effects it had on my people. Not all the effects helped you kill people thats why I want to know, not for the killing people affects.

ANSWER: The Second Touch (which the Red Goo caused, by calling the Mists) did not change the physical appearance of the drow at all.
But those drow who were good aligned, gained the Lifeproof ability.
Those who were neutral, the regeneration and inability to age.
This applies to all your people, even those in the Pocket Dimensions.
Nobody in the IR escaped the Second Touch.

- - -

Mr. Draco

Also, edena, I actually don't know very well how to stop the mists. Never played ravenloft setting.


You may be playing in the Ravenloft Setting, all too shortly.

You wish to stop the Mists?

Ok, then consider what brought the Mists.

The Red Goo.

Now, the Red Goo has been around since Turn 3, and nobody has destroyed it. Some Powers, even now, continue to use it.
I have repeatedly stated how to destroy the Red Goo.
During Turns 3 and 4, and the first part of 5, when it was weaker, a Power with 10th level magic could have effaced it from the planet completely, outside of the Blood Waste, in a single Turn.
Now that it is strong, you need 11th level magic to do that ... but you will HAVE 11th level magic, and you will thus be able to eliminate the Red Goo on Turn 7.

Unless someone else continues to create it - Lord Melkor just created a brand new Red Army, although nobody knows this IC yet.

If you destroy the Red Goo, the Mists will stop being called by it, and they may just go away by themselves.

However, if people continue with things like: I sterilize the entire world of Luna, and I don't care if it kills millions of people there, then the Mists will NOT go away.
They will get thicker, and stronger.
They feed on evil acts, and massacring millions of defenseless people is an evil act.

Now, you will accuse me of punishing all the evil players.
But you are terribly, terribly, wrong.

What is happening is you have awoken a very powerful, and very evil, thing called the Dark Powers, and you are under attack by these Dark Powers - the Mists are the manifestation of that attack.
You can beat off this attack, just as you have beaten off all the attacks I, the DM, have sent at you.
It is just that defeating THIS opponent is a little more difficult. It requires different tactics.

- - -

Black Omega

Color me clueless on this. I sent Edena a email, but I won't be able to check it until I get home. I'm hoping someone has ideas because I'm shooting in the dark

ANSWER: I am getting old. Ravenloft is a very familiar setting to me, but nobody here knows of it. How times have changed ... (sighs)

Ravenloft, is a demiplane.
Physically, it appears as a series of countries, worlds, Crystal Spheres, just as if it were another part of the Prime Material Plane.

It isn't a part of the Prime Material Plane, though ... it is evil.

This evil is referred to as the Dark Powers, and they control the Mists, which reach out and pull parts of the Prime Material Plane (such as they are attempting to do with all of Greyspace) into Ravenloft.
Nobody knows what the Dark Powers look like, or exactly where they are, but all know they are totally evil.
The Dark Powers are the real rulers of Ravenloft, but the actual worlds and countries within Ravenloft are ruled by Darklords.

Darklords are people who were once great lords in the Prime Material Plane, until they were pulled into Ravenloft, and all six Touches were delivered to them.
They hold absolute power in the country they rule.
The people in those countries, exist to serve to Darklord, and they live or die at the Darklord's word.
All of the Darklords are evil; there are no cases of a neutral or good Darklord.

Ravenloft looks much like the normal world, but it is evil - detect evil spells will not work, because of the prevalent evil.
Monsters and horrors exist in Ravenloft far more abundently than they do elsewhere.
Undead (who are NOT under Acererak's control) are common in Ravenloft.

Most of the ordinary people of Ravenloft are extremely unfriendly and paranoid, justifiably, and they are especially distrustful of demihumans.

Magic doesn't work quite the same in Ravenloft - spells that destroy, kill, create undead, or involve necromancy work all too well (and sometimes the caster loses control of the spell), and spells that bring health, happiness, and weal are weakened.
It is not possible to destroy undead by turning in Ravenloft, and all turning attempts are weakened.

The Dark Powers reward particularly ghastly evil actions (NOT ordinary evil actions, including most of the fighting that has been going on in Greyspace) by something called Touches.
Each Touch confers new powers, and new problems, to the person.
Every consecutive Touch deepens the curse upon the person who continues to commit truly awful atrocities, until with the sixth Touch, that person becomes a Darklord, and Ravenloft grows, expanding to form a new Domain for the person in question.

Ravenloft is a trap.
A trap of awesome proportions.
It is easy to get into Ravenloft - something as simple as the 4th level teleport spell will do, to get you there.

It is not possible to leave Ravenloft.
9th level magic, will not work.
10th level magic, will not work.
11th level magic, will not work.
Avatars cannot escape.
Intermediate Gods, cannot escape.
The Greater Gods, can escape, but can take nothing with them.

Dying in Ravenloft can allow escape, if it is a natural death.
Natural death is rare in Ravenloft - all too often, death is at the hands of an undead or similar creature, and the person killed then joins their ranks, even more tightly imprisoned.
Suicide will not get you out of Ravenloft - you automatically become an undead.

If you die a natural death in Ravenloft, your soul escapes.
If a resurrection is thrown on the body, the soul returns to the body ... in Ravenloft.
If a resurrection from outside Ravenloft is thrown, it has no effect.
A Wish thrown inside Ravenloft will be answered by the Darklords, who have no power to transport anyone out of Ravenloft, but who DO have the desire to enslave to their will any interloping wish-casting spellcasters.
A Wish thrown outside Ravenloft, will not return someone in Ravenloft, but it might well mean the Wisher writes his own one-way ticket into the Demiplane of Dread.

There are two ways out of Ravenloft, that are exceptions.
Sometimes, Astral Gates appear that lead out. They are rare, do not last long, and more often than not are cheats and deathtraps that lead nowhere.
And sometimes, Ravenloft has what is called a Conjunction with the Prime Material Plane, and the Mists part, and the border is opened.
For that brief time, exit from Ravenloft is easy.

Conjunctions occur once every few decades, and last a few minutes when they occur.
Since the last Conjunction occurred only 50 years ago, I wouldn't count on the next one occuring anytime soon.

Now, Greyspace, Krynnspace, and Realmspace are still within the Prime Material Plane.

They will remain in the Prime Material Plane until the Sixth Touch.
Once the Sixth Touch occurs, all three Crystal Spheres become a part of Ravenloft.
Once that happens, it is forever. It can never be reversed.

At any time from the Fifth Touch back, the process can be reversed.

The Dark Powers, who are attempting to pull the three Crystal Spheres in, are attracted to massacres, atrocities, great cruelty, and the like.
The Red Goo, however, is the biggest thing drawing their attention.

Now, it seems to me that you have a choice:

You can embrace Evil. If you do, Greyspace may well end up in Ravenloft.
However, evil can be fun rping, and Ravenloft won't change that!
The IR will continue ... it will just continue in Ravenloft.

You can refrain from atrocities, and get rid of the Red Goo.
This will halt the advance of the Mists, and you can continue your war in peace.

You can decide I'm punishing you for playing evil PCs and NPCs, which is not true, become angry, decide to imitate being good aligned, and totally ruin the IR.
This will not stop the Mists, but it will stop the IR.


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The Dragon-Kings of Athas send an emissary to Iuz.

They offer an alliance with Iuz.
They ask in return for all the magical secrets of Oerth (that is, they will begin immediate and all out research on 11th level magic in Greyspace, and have it by Turn 7, if you agree to this alliance.)

They offer to combine their forces with yours, if you will show them your Secret Retreat.

They state they are going to war against all of Oerth, but they will be content to allow you to be governor of Oerth when they are finished.
You will answer to them, but you will be governor, and as long as you keep the riff-raff in line, they will leave you to your own devises.

But ...

First, they want the Shade assault stopped. They know you have some sort of alliance with Melkor - they ask you to tell him to stop.
Stop the Shade, or the deal is off.

What do you say to their offer?
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Mr. Draco

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Thanks for all the answers, and one more question:

How did Kas' ongoing tour of the school system (and all the sincere joy brought about there by seeing one worshiped as a god in person, handing out trophies, and congratuating students) affect the red-goo/mists, if at all. Also, the Union of Oerth, if not previously stated, has a Oerthblood rating of 5.

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