(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 4)

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Mr. Draco, it helps. A little.

Let me draw an analogy:

Imagine a city has just been levelled by a hydrogem bomb.

You are a cleric with True Resurrection spells, and a host of clerics and earth elementals is at your command.

It will take a fair amount of time to restore the city and it's people.
It is not something done quickly or easily.


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More answers to questions


Nuts. Didn't expect a different answer anyways.
How long until the Substare is eaten through?

ANSWER: It's being eaten through now, Uvenelei.

And is my reinforcement of Anab's shell around Luna helping any?

ANSWER: Yes, but it is still being eaten through. The people of Luna, however, are still buried alive - and will remain that way until the Red Goo (of all things) releases them, which will be shortly.

- - -


Edena, how much time has passed from the end of last battle, because this turn lasts a year, AM I able to rebuild my nuclear arsenal?


Do I have a pl increase for my entire nation merging with Red Goo, do my NPC`s also grew in power?

ANSWER: No, and no. Not until Turn 7, when the effect of the merging will greatly increase your PL.

Edena, in the territory I conquered on Athas, I do the same Red Army intended to do on Oerth, ENTIRE population becomes a part of my Red Army, and everything else, even animals and landscape. If 3 million Red Warriors are worth 100 000 pl, than I should be pretty powerful, especially that Athasians are NOT prepared to battle Red Scourge, I don`t think that their mostly ground forces can cope with great numbers of Red Goo catapults firing at them, can they Edena?

ANSWER: Excellent tactic, Melkor. The Athans are completely unprepared for it.
However, the Athans just offered to ally with Iuz, if Iuz would negotiate (with you) a halt to your attack on them.
Thus, you could gain the Athans as de-facto allies or ... you can continue your war on them.

Either way, the Veiled Alliance is remaining neutral.
They absorb the knowledge of the Red Goo, how to counter it, everything they can learn.
Then they quietly slip away, out of the picture.

- - -


Iuz is willing to free them from the yoke of the Tyranny of the Sorcerer Kings... and bring them to academic and magical freedom... to his Hidden Retreat if they are willing to accept...

"I seek only to learn... you are powerful... perhaps we can learn from each other... set aside the deific overtones... and let us learn as brothers... sisters... as equals..."

ANSWER: They have offered to ally with Iuz, Tokiwong. Please see my post To Tokiwong above, on this page.

- - -


Response to Siobhan:

-Silly girl, I AM part of Red Scourge now, and I embrace it! Than he smiles and gives a passionate kiss to Siobhan:
-Come, I will teach you the meaning of word pleasure!

ANSWER: (chuckles) You mean, the eldest daughter of Queen Amlaruil no longer satisfies Melkor's needs?
Melkor, please e-mail Black Omega, and have Melkor tell Siobhan IC what Melkor's needs are ...

- - -

The Forsaken One

Edena, what are the Psions on Athas? Are they unified in a league or something? If so I'll contact them with 1 offer, escape if necissary to me.

ANSWER: The Psions of Athas communicate with you. They ask for your aid against the insane madmen who are invading their world.
They state they'll share all their psionic secrets with you, if only you will stop the Shade and their blossoming Red Army.

Btw I do have 10th now right?


- - -

Black Omega

Dear Dragon-Kings,

Get stuffed.

Sincerest regards,
Siobhan Silirevnur,
Glittering White Flame of Titania
Emissary of the Seelie

ANSWER: Tokiwong, if you read this - the Dragon-Kings, if you accept their terms of alliance, state they are going demolish the Coalition of Light and Shadow first.

- - -

Black Omega

Siobhan does manage a laugh then a shake of her head, while smiling "Ah..thanks for the offer, but I've been getting all I can handle there. And you know, sir. You never did really answer the question. Is being part of the REd Goo all you really want? I'd thought you more ambitious.

ANSWER: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That is the old saying. In Charlie Brown, Linus stated that was nothing compared to a girl cheated out of trick-or-treating.
But can either of them compared with a Melkor, scorned? I'm betting, not.

Black Omega

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Thanks for the information on Ravenloft, Edena. I've read Knight of the Black Rose, but that's been about it for Ravenloft, I'm afraid.

It's nice to know the Oerthblood can reverse the effects and heal the land some. It's a small thing, and limited but worth pursuing. we'll do so for as much of Vesve Forest as we can.


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A gentle glow covers the clouds over the ruined swamp that was the Kevellond League.
A white glow, the glow of Angels.

It touches all the people of the Kevellond League, who are in hiding.
It touches, and it brings warmth, comfort, relief ... and insight.

Hazen was a good teacher. He has taught the people of the Kevellond League that the committing of great deeds, heroic acts, makes one even more capable of committing those great deed and heroic acts.
Good, begets good.
Those who give, receive.
Those who are altrustic, are rewarded.

What Hazen taught, the people of the Kevellond League believe.
They believe.
They do not say: heroes are fools, and altruism is stupidity, and giving gets you a knife in the back.
They believe.
Even though their lands are destroyed and they face annihilation, they believe.

Hazen has been there for them since the start of the IR.
Hazen has never changed his principals, never bowed to evil or expediency, and has stood at the forefront of the battle from the beginning.

His people, believe.

Because they believe, the Angels only have to show them what capacity lies in their own hearts.

The people of the Kevellond League, see their capacity for good things, for healing, giving, altruism, for the giving of health and happiness and life to others.

In the same way, the people of the Emerald Order, who believe as well, are bathed in light.
And the Angels open their hearts to the perception of their minds, and they see therein their capacity. Their capacity for good things.

Once the people see that, and once they truly believe it ... which most of them do, because of leaders like Hazen, the Angels can do, what they then do.

The Angels, all remaining 20,000 PL of them, put their power together, and they make a Wish.

Their Wish, is granted.

Reality changes.

Magic now works the same, in Realmspace, Greyspace, Krynnspace, and in the Crystal Sphere of the Dark Sun setting.
If one power knows 11th level magic there, they know it here.
If one power knows 11th level magic here, they know it there.

At the same time, all the Kevellond League and all of the Emerald Order gain the use of 11th level magic.

Venus and William will be able to fully use 11th level magic on Turn 7.

Then the Angels divide.
3,000 PL of them go and stand with the Emerald Order, as military allies.
Thus, Venus gains 3,000 PL.
17,000 PL of them go and stand with the Kevellond League, as military allies.
Thus, William gains 17,000 PL.

And with that, Turn 6 ends.

I am ending it prematurely, after only about one month has passed In Character.
The Calendar flips, and a new year begins, In Character.
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Edena_of_Neith said:

Venus and William will be able to fully use 11th level magic on Turn 7.

Then the Angels divide.
3,000 PL of them go and stand with the Emerald Order, as military allies.
Thus, Venus gains 3,000 PL.
17,000 PL of them go and stand with the Kevellond League, as military allies.
Thus, William gains 17,000 PL.

Well, that's just great. :( Congratulations, William and Venus and everyone else who got 11th level magics for free.
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'o Skoteinos

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I have started with less than 80 PL.
Venus started with more than 300 PL.

I did 2 turns nothing but Civilization Advancement. I now have 649 PL. Next turn I will have about 1300 PL.
Venus never put 90% of his PL in Civilization Advance, yet, Venus gains 3000 PL.

Next turn I will have 10th level magic, because I spent 410 PL this turn.
Venus did not spend 410 to 500 PL this turn, yet, Venus gains 11th level magic.

Now, Serpenteye, imagine how I feel...:(


I started with 60 something and so did Sollir, and I think we are just now starting to shape up...

Of course, it is a pain to have to deal with the degree of every 10,000 or 100,000 or 490,000,000,000 PL force. And when we do defeat them it seems innate, like it was already planned out that we would win. Maybe I don't want to win :p
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