(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 1b)

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My head actually hurts. I would ask a question "Insert Question Here" about Edena's latest post. I won't. You definitely did a good job on that post if I actually feel nausiated after reading your post. It means I understand it, but then again I don't understand the full complexity of it. I like that.


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Thank you for the compliment, Creamsteak. :)

- - -

However, you compliment me unduely.

The Angels were not sending a complicated message.
The message being sent, was very simple.


Your right, Edena.

I think I'm just getting tired and skipping lines. I thought someone declared there action to be "looking into the future and it cannot be changed" and got these two answers. I thought way too much into it, I'll be going to bed. Should I expect to see the results of day 2 when I get up?

Mr. Draco

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Taking action...

Edena, as a non-11th level empowered ability, the Union of Worlds will put 10,000PL of other forces into the construction of a city as outlined in the angels' vision. They will contact representatives from each willing faction (except Melkor right now) and inquire as to what sort of buildings/etc their races would like. Construction of this city will begin in a specially dedicated demiplane of ours. This city will be named (drumroll) the City of Peace (yeah, i know, really original). All available resources to this 10,000PL workforce will be used except 11th level magic (i.e.- 10th level magic/psionics, high-technology from the Humanoid Alliance, etc...)

Also, any other work teams from other factions are welcome to help out if they wish.


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Not yet, Creamsteak.
I wish everyone a chance to react to the Sending of the Angels.

Then, I will resolve Attacks and Defenses for Turn 2.
(looks at you)
There are already two stated Coup de Grace Attacks (no Hold posts on them, either), Creamsteak.
It seems that some folk out there want to do a lot of killing, and it would appear that massacre and slaughter are precisely where we are heading ...

- - -

Noted, Mr. Draco.
What demiplane are you beginning construction in?
Or, are you doing this in a Pocket Dimension?

Unfortunately, there is nowhere you can build this City of Peace, that it cannot be targeted by a Coup de Grace Attack.
My sincere regrets.
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In Ishtarland there is a great deal of worry. The second fate is horrifying to people who value light and freedom. The first is wonderful and many discussions are underway.

In his rooms Kalanyr sits, looking stunned.

"Ok, this is not good. This is bad, bad,bad. The second fate is horrific, steps must be taken. "

OOC- Incredible post, I really have no idea how to respond.


Yes, too many offensive powers in the game. I'm trying to prevent two wars I know will break out if nobody does something about it. I suspect that we need to hold all fighting at least after the first week. By then anyone that wants to break up peace will be convinced otherwise, or dead.

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