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Iron dm summer champion announced!

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anonystu, I'm sure you have a hell of a time managing that third arm part with your wrists being so bad and all :D

Thanks for the quick run down of secret organisation gaffes !


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Re: Off Topic

lightful said:
Circa 2 months ago I tried to find out if there was going to be a Spring Iron DM - no word. I asked if anyone would be intrested in hosting one or if they would object to me hosting one - no word. I decided to host one - I couldn't fill 8 spots, while here the places went faster then ants at an anteater convention. What gives ?

Is there some strange ENWorld handshake that I'm not privy to, or are a bunch of you guys friends in RL and I'm some faceless hyperspace intrusion ?

I think it is just that there are a handful of people associated with IRON DM - people who have played it often (like Wicht and Wulf), people who have judged them either here or one other boards (like Phoamslinger or Incognito) so when someone who's name others might not recognize in relation to IRON DM goes to start one - I can see people being hesitant to get involved - esp. when it doesn require some effort and dedication by the participants and the judge, so an unknown factor may make some not invest that time - the best way to overcome that is to just get involved in playing when it happens. . . Which you are doing now, right?

Had you ever even entered an IRON DM tourney?


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Round 1, match 1: anonystu vs. Nemmerle

Ingredients (please list these at the top of your entry.)

Claustrophobic mind flayer
Sinking ship
Empty chest
Sacrificial altar
Pleasant villa
Insane mentor

You have exactly 24 hours from the time of this post to post your submissions. Remember. NO EDITING AFTER YOU POST!

Good luck.
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