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Iron dm summer champion announced!


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Re: Off Topic

lightful said:
Circa 2 months ago I tried to find out if there was going to be a Spring Iron DM - no word. I asked if anyone would be intrested in hosting one or if they would object to me hosting one - no word. I decided to host one - I couldn't fill 8 spots, while here the places went faster then ants at an anteater convention. What gives ?
A few things, I think.

1) Nemmerle's the guy who came up with it, so it's always good to have his handshake on running one. Rune asked and got it, and I'm sure that had something to do with it - it makes it seem less like a one-off (take a look at participation in the Home Games for that) and more like a continuing of the tradition.

2) Rune's competed in these several times. He's well known for his participation (and good entries!), and that counts for a lot in terms of being willing to let him judge me.

3) I think Spring was honestly too soon since the last one. Incognito had some ambitious plans, but I think that one ever 4-6 months is a better schedule. It simply takes too much time and energy invested, and two months ago I was having problems just having time for ENWorld at all.

4) You'll note that two of the three above involve reputation. While you may well be the best judge prior to Armageddon, I don't know you from Adam :). Jumping into a contest like this is a huge time investment, and is therefore risky. The more risks that are piled on, the fewer people will be interested, and an unknown judge is a pretty big risk.

Is there some strange ENWorld handshake that I'm not privy to, or are a bunch of you guys friends in RL and I'm some faceless hyperspace intrusion ?
Give yourself time. And work on building a rep, first ;). Ya gotta be made, man, before youse can be Made Man.

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Rune: I'll take a slot today if there is one, still.

Edit: That is, I'll take on WinnipegDragon, sure :). Good luck WinnipegDragon!
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Re: Round 1, match 1: anonystu vs. Nemmerle

Rune said:
Ingredients (please list these at the top of your entry.)

Claustrophobic mind flayer
Sinking ship
Empty chest
Sacrificial alter
Pleasant villa
Insane mentor

SWEET! I got an idea already - thank you. .. :D


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Next up, WinnipegDragon vs. Seasong, TODAY!


Anyone else want to go today?
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Round 1, match 2: WinnipegDragon vs. Seasong

Ingredients (please list these at the top of your entry.)

Bag of tricks
Waterlogged totem
Paranoid city

You have exactly 24 hours from the time of this post to post your submissions. Remember. NO EDITING AFTER YOU POST!

Good luck.


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seasong said:
Rune: I'll take a slot today if there is one, still.

Edit: That is, I'll take on WinnipegDragon, sure :). Good luck WinnipegDragon!

Same to you ;)

I must admit that I'm glad we didn't get the Claustrophobic Mind Flayer...


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A couple of people posted at the same time as me.

Seasong and WinnipegDragon, I want to make sure you see your ingredients. Check my last post.

Now, does anyone else want to play today?

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