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Iron dm summer champion announced!


First Post
Rune: I saw the ingredients. They look fun :).

WinnipegDragon: Heh. Yes. I can't wait to see what the mindflayer develops into.

cool hand luke: Thanks :).

Well, I'm out of this thread until I post. Don't want to accidentally see WinnipegDragon's entry!

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First Post
I am in and around if you decide you need an alternate.

I'll be following the proceedings eagerly in the hopes that I get a chance to participate.

Ozmar the Eager Contestant Wanna-Be

(P.S. I'll be available today and tomorrow, and check in periodically on Saturday and Sunday and be available all next week.)

(Ozmar the Available Alternate)


Once A Fool
Ozmar, you're at the top of the alternate list (check the first page). You'll need to pay attention to the tourney all the way through the second round. After that, no alternates will be able to replace players dropping out.

Wulf Ratbane

Re: Round 1, match 1: anonystu vs. Nemmerle

Rune said:
Ingredients (please list these at the top of your entry.)

Claustrophobic mind flayer
Sinking ship
Empty chest
Sacrificial alter
Pleasant villa
Insane mentor

Dear GOD what I could do with those... I love it when the ref makes interesting spelling mistakes. Helps you go outside the box.

Pleasant Villa... Pancho's good-lookin' sister? ;)

Rune, as I said above, I am ready "today"-ish if you post the ingredients later in the afternoon/evening. I get off work at noon tomorrow so any matchup that starts between, say 3 and 8 pm tonite would be just fine for me.



Once A Fool
Wulf, I made no spelling mistake. And villa has multiple meanings.

Okay, so we have, tentatively, Wulf Ratbane and...who? TODAY!


Once A Fool
Okay, so the next match is Wulf vs. cool hand luke.

Wulf isn't available until 3 (what timezone?), so I'll call for a check-in at that time. Stay tuned!

As a side note, do the other two contestants want to go today, too? I can do it.

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