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D&D 5E Is 5e really that different?

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Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
This answer is quite simple. WOTC 5e is simply not D&D. It is a different game. D&D hasn't been D&D since AD&D. There is a great new youtube video on the subject called "What is Dungeons & Dragons and what is not"

Feel free to apply to all other editions.


Something I think adds to the"upset" tensions often seen in 5e discussions is the inability to communicate with a common frame of reference. Without bringing some of the baggage I've seen in other threads today alone in as an example I'll use one I ran into a few months back trying to push some of my players into trying out anime5e. One of the major differences with that fork of 5e is that the entire system is done as a point buy thing like shadowrun & I pointed that out only for one player to dismiss it as a waste of time to learn because d&d already supports pointbuy & most of the players at the table used the point buy rules rather than the standard array. At that point I can choose between:
  • Give up & walk away
  • basically mansplain why it's not the same & probably launch straight into the next option after doing so
  • Try to explain what a pointbuy system is & what that means. This is a never ending rabbit hole though because everything needs to be phrased in tortured ways like "oh civ VI is like Call of Duty but it's top down & you control the entire civilization instead of just one guy" because even simple ttrpg terms need to always be framed in terms of how d&d impliments them or how the d&d equivalent is different


B/X Known World
This answer is quite simple. WOTC 5e is simply not D&D. It is a different game. D&D hasn't been D&D since AD&D. There is a great new youtube video on the subject called "What is Dungeons & Dragons and what is not"
Huh. I'll bite and go check it out on YouTube...and imagine my absolute shock...shock I say when it turns out to be a video you made and you're hawking your own YouTube channel. If you're going to try to do that, the least you could do is not use the same logo in both places. It kinda gives you away. But we're good without the gatekeeping. Tschüss.


As long as i get to be the frog
Your realize DMsGuilff has something like that. There are a group of creatures who have a preferred status and have been/ are professional designers. I can’t remember what they are called, but they have their own category. On top of that there is a rating, review, and ranking system. It is very easy to sort this all out with a few clicks and find the post professional and best selling content. If that is what you are looking for
As an example: much of the better selling class content, even from professional designers, ends up being significantly more powerful compared to current 5e comparable classes. That's one way to get people excited about a class and increase sells, but it doesn't help me find the kind of quality products I am looking for.

I guess when it comes to classes there's a few subsets.
  • A class to fix/replace an existing class. Might be a great selling product but not the kind of content I want. Might even be very well designed.
  • A class based on a cool concept. More of what I want, but usually ends up overpowered compared to current 5e classes.
  • A class based on a class from a previous version of D&D. Warlord would be a common one and an actually well designed one that is balanced around current classes in 5e would be great for me. I've never encountered one. They nearly always end up too overpowered.

So if there was a category there that rated how balanced a class is in relation to the most comparable current 5e classes, that would get really close to giving me what I wanted along with the ratings/reviews/rankings/preferred status you mentioned above.

Li Shenron

The last new version I learned to run was 4e. I wasn't bad, thought I still prefer earlier editions. Why does 5e make so many people upset?
I am gonna be mean and say that I think 5e mostly upsets people who aren't finding a group to play it.

Not enough time spent playing -> too much time spent thinking about it -> crafting analysis in a vacuum -> venting about issues that must certainly make it unplayable -> look I just figured out why I am not playing!

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