D&D 5E Is the Default Playstyle of 5E "Monty Haul?"


In my case "Monty Haul" isn't just gold and magic items. It's getting any kind of reward for minimal effort. This can be XP, Levels, Titles, Story Developments, or - heck - even the reward of playing the game itself. Most of the time my players can pass through on auto-pilot, halfway paying attention to the plot, combats, etc. They're still rewarded with the game continuing on as if they had played masterfully, using every resource, been thoroughly engaged, etc.
Understandable, and you're not wrong. 5E feels like D&D to me at Levels 1-3. Then its "Avengers Assemble".

The important question is: are your players having fun? That's why I still play D&D. All of the positives you mention (tactical combat, resource management, demanding full engagement) are not positives for everyone. In fact, probably not most people.

If they're not having fun, then oh man, we can talk new systems all day. I'm certain there's something better out there for you! I mean, you really want to test your players, there is this game called Hackmaster...

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James Gasik

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I currently play in official 5e adventures and also am using TSR era adventures in other campaigns. I'm gonna vote "no", because the frequency of magic items in 5e is much lower than they were in AD&D. Looking at the past two campaigns (Rime of the Frostmaiden and Night Below (2e)), and the PCs have found more magic items by level 3 in NB than in all of RotFM. Once they actually start getting into the underdark, the treasure explodes.

AD&D had a lot of magic items in it. Even without going Monty Haul by the definition of the time.
Nah, there weren't really eighty-eight of them. They just called themselves "The Crazy 88".

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