It is time to forgive WOTC and get back onboard.


both are OBS, but they distinguish sites for a reason. DMG is the one where you can use WotC IP and pay a fee to WotC for doing so, DT does not. There you just pay OBS for their service and can just use the OGL (or be unrelated to D&D altogether)
I had thought WoTC profits from that anything purchased from OBS. It appears I will need to educate myself on what I can purchase there without benefitting WoTC.

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I want to make it really really clear and will probably reiterate a few times: Yes I am boycotting D&D and yes I am passionate about it. Please do NOT confuse that with judging anybody else's decision. Shattered World is a judgement-free zone, you can safely continue to play, love, and DM for 5e without any fear of verbal abuse from me or anyone in my crew.


I had thought WoTC profits from that anything purchased from OBS. It appears I will need to educate myself on what I can purchase there without benefitting WoTC.
Some things are available on both DTRPG and DMsG, so for those I assume WotC does get a cut either way. If it is on DTRPG only, WotC should not.


(he, him)
Identifying when someone is gaslighting me and others in this thread is factually speaking not gaslighting.

In previous posts you were gaslighting me. That is straight up fact.
The "straight up fact" is that nobody in this thread is gaslighting anyone else. Gaslighting requires an intimate relationship, and involves a betrayal of trust from someone who the victim ought to be able to trust the most, with the aim of the victim doubting their own sanity. Nobody in this thread has that kind of relationship or level of trust, so nobody in this thread is being or can be gaslighted.

If someone else in the thread says something which conflicts with your perceived reality, you might doubt their sanity but it is not going to make you doubt your own.

Please do not devalue the term.
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A5E Designer and third-party publisher
I just found this thread, so forgive me if I don't wade through 51(!) pages of comments before weighing in.

I was pretty close to done with WotC in November before any of the OGL stuff started circulating. I've found their design to be boring for a while now, and I find a lot of the lore, cosmology, and other thinking that comes with the D&D brand to be tedious. I do like d20-based, class-and-level adventure fantasy RPGs, however.

Hot take time: I don't like gith. I hate the blood war. I'm not a huge fan of beholders. I have no particular fondness any of the official D&D settings that aren't Eberron or a repurposed Magic: the Gathering setting, and even in that case, they've left all the best ones like Eldraine, Tarkir, Dominaria, and Alara on the table. I also haven't used a WotC monster book in years.

More mainstream takes: I really like a lot of the innovations that appear in Level Up. I like having a maneuver system, rare spells, "race" split into heritage and culture, exploration knacks, and so on. I like these as a player, GM, and designer, it bears mentioning.

And I have been a firm believer that all of the best design for supplements, settings, and the like has been coming from the 3PP community for over twenty years.

Why would I go back to D&D? WotC offers nothing I want.
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