Items that Trigger on Critical Hits


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Aside from weapons (such as Bloodiron weapons), what items have PROPERTIES that trigger on critical hits?

For example:
the War Ring (+1 die of crit damage)
Flame Bracers (+1d6/1d10/2d6 flame damage on a crit)
Assault Boots (target falls prone on a crit)

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Tattoos from AV2.

If you crit often (11th level dagger rogue, epic aharacter), some of these are just awesome.


First Post
Champions Symbol in AV2 will weaken an enemy on a critical, looks powerful.

The belt in one of the AV2 sets will teleport the target 3 squares on a crit.

Read AV2 today :)

p.s. From a daggermaster twin striking M/C avenger, with crit feats and crit items.

So can you have 2 War Rings ?

Epic Threats

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