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Lego Ideas has announced a Dungeons & Dragon challenge. The contest is timed to coincide with D&D 50th anniversary, and allows fans to submit LEGO builds. The winning entry later becomes official LEGO sets, with the winner getting 1% of the total net sales of the product.


Previous LEGO IDEAS sets have included the themed sets like PIrates, Castles, or Space, plus specific brands like The Rolling Stones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


In college we used my room-mate's legos (some castle set I think) as the miniatures for the year long Ravenloft campaign I ran, they worked great.

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If there is one thing TLG hasn't really done yet is a proper diorama set-up. Kits are usually comprised of a central element, one or two smaller decor elements, and a handful of minifigs, but I can't think of any official LEGO products with a brick-built, decorate base plate depicting a scene. The Christmas village stuff comes close but are still free-standing
Oooh, if they could do something like this old model set, that'd be great!



Ravenloft with smaller a footprint. Focus on iconic rooms that represent different environments (dungeon, castle, medallions, steps). Also a one shot adventure with a sun sword that can be replayed differently each game.

A dark domain based in LEGO couldn't be totally impossible. Maybe the dark lord is a serial killer (who loved the horror movies and videogames with a lot of gore), and the torment is he loves violence, but in this LEGO land the bloodshed is imposible, even when he "kills" the humanoids. Then the only fun is to play a "LEGO version" of the videogame "Dead by Daylight". When the victims fail the game, then they are transformed into cooked food. In other version of the game abducted children are sent in a "dungeon" where they have to fight againsts giant vernims (living beings, not a LEGO version) and wererats (and other parody werebeasts as werelagomorphs and weredonkeys). The survivors are allowed to return home with their original bodies, or standing ruling their own strongholds.


Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
Content restrictions for submissions typically say "no weapons" but they still do Star Wars, so I'm assuming that's more of a "no modern realistic weapons."
I think you can't have a LEGO set of say a Holy Avenger specifically.

Warforged DK

I haven't tried it in Bricklink yet, but my thought was to create a side view of a dungeon crawl, with some play features. Trap door over a gelatinous cube; 3 adventurers (fighter, rogue and wizard) and 3 enemies, likely 2 goblins or orcs, and a single special enemy, like Mind flayer or beholder, if we can get one small enough. Aim for using existing pieces for everything- so few, if any, new molds would be needed.
I'm telling you all this so if someone else makes it, it will likely be better than the one I'd come up with.
I'd consider a dragon as well, but that might be needed for another set. Aim for a price tag of $50, so around 500 pieces or so.

Whizbang Dustyboots

100% that gnome
Looks like they've narrowed it down to 5 sets according to this Lego blog post. The mimic is probably the most interesting to me, then probably the Dragon's Keep set.
The mimic is pretty good, although way too detailed (and grim) for Lego to actually release. If they pick it, it'll be a lot less scary.

Honestly, I'd be happy if they just brought back a few of their classic medieval sets, put in a few caster mini-figs and a monster or two in each and called it a day. A dungeon complex in that same style -- the Homlett Moathouse would be an ideal size and work well with existing bricks -- would be the icing on the cake.

Looks like they've narrowed it down to 5 sets according to this Lego blog post. The mimic is probably the most interesting to me, then probably the Dragon's Keep set.
Monster Manual is... not useable as more than a bookcase piece. So no.
Xanathar is fun, but not sure it has much usability.
Mimic is cool. I don't see it as too detailed. But it does seem like it is too big for a minifig scale.
Tiamats tower looks cool, but really too busy.
Dragon's Keep is pretty awesome. Not sure the dragon is very usable as is, but the whole set seems like the best collection of bricks and has a fun story to tell. But it's a lot of bricks, going to be expensive.

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