5E I've been working on this for three years and I'm finally got something to show for it

The Glen

Started working on the Mystara setting for 5th edition 3 years ago and spent almost as much money on this as I did on my ex. But at least I can play with this anytime I want and it's not going to waste my paycheck on PPV. It's a labor of love realized, so spread the word and let people know this is something you'd want! Few answers to common questions:

1. This will only be available on the DM's Guild.
2. It will be available in hardback if they allow it (the POC also shows the book is printer ready)
3. I can't sell it outside the guild.
4. It will be ready when WOTC opens up the the setting like they did with Ravenloft and Eberron.
5. All the art is original, commissioned for the book.


This is awesome!
Started playing DnD in this setting and now have a soft spot for it. Might be able to revisit old characters in 5e using it!

The Glen

Impressive work! :O

This is really cool!
224 pages, full color. All custom art commissioned specifically for the book. New archetypes, spells, feats, runic magic, radiance magic, new takes on old races, brand new races, and a lovely wine selection at the end.

The Glen

Not yet. This is a proof-of-concept. The only one in existence. Trying to show them that there is a market for this and get it opened up so they can make money on all the years of work I put into it

The Glen

Largely people inside the industry. No one from Wizards of note. Got help from the TSR old guard in writing this. I've done several podcast and streams about it but never with a complete product. So now I'm bringing it to people's attention


This is something I am really looking forward to and hoping that it may be realised. If it happens I will be throwing money at it for a print.
Best of luck.

The Glen

Cool, didnt realize this was you. I've been watching your youtube videos for a while now. Good stuff.
I was just adding a little bit here in a little bit there when 5th edition first came out. Made it to 90 Pages using placeholder art when I decided to go all-in. Second major decision was to make it larger than SCAG because that one I felt was just wanting in detail. I think I succeeded on all accounts