D&D 5E Revised Mystara Player's Guide- Free setting guide written using the WOTC Fan Creation License

The Glen

I know where most of the weak points are. The secret crafts were done as Prestige classes from a very early UA. They barely work but there was no other way to do it. Some of the subclasses are geographically specific which is something that 5th edition avoids, but if you're a disciple of the radiance it helps being near the radiance. Spirit shamans are unplayable unless you have the rules for spirits which you have to go to the vaults for.

But quite a few people have found the more obscure stuff to be their favorite. Most popular spells from the book are also some of the most mundane like the ability to see exactly how many coins of which type there are in a chest just a cantrip. And a few of them are stylistic choices like all of the fighter subclasses don't get their abilities through Magic. 5th edition has a problem with that and I wanted to avoid it.

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First Post
Awesome job Mr. Welch! We will be able to finish a 38 year campaign in Mystara thanks to you! Received the red boxed set Christmas of 8th grade/1983, played expert then companion, until received the 1st Ed. AD&D books from Sears catalogue for Christmas 9th grade, continued in Known World until received the Greyhawk boxed set 10th grade. Then came college & played little in 1990s, until 3 of us in our 30s got back together and started playing 3.0/3.5 Greyhawk again, but they decided to retire their characters in Mystara, so they Gated back and we have been playing there the past decade, playing through old modules we never had money to collect as kids, converting them to Pathfinder. Now we have updated rules to finish our campaign with! The only thing we wish you had considered is Sorcerers can work in Mystara... we use Sorcerer as the default class for the more beautiful charismatic Elves... they are more natural magic-users running in the forests, different than the more scientific Wizards of Glantri & Alphatia with their books; although Arcane, Fey, etc. are the default Elven bloodlines rather than dragons, and human Foresters are those the Elves identified as having blood-lines they could invoke & train in the natural Elven way of magic... and the Erewan were even elves who decided to study magic as Wizards from books the way the humans did in Glantri. And radiant magic just seems closer to technological wizardry than innate sorcerery. Making Mystaran Elves Sorcerers wielding longswords & longbows due to racial weapon proficiencies pretty much matches fighter/magic-user Elves as a class like BECMII and explains why they weren't quit as good fighters as humans. I also introduced my son to d&d using the red boxed set and he is still playing a version of that fighter. And over 38 years, since we were 14 years old, my friend David's elf Davin has been converted from BECMII to 3.0 to 3.5 to 3.75 and maybe now to 5E, before he completes his path to Immortality as a Grognard, because of your efforts. Thank you.

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