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Rotten DM
Ok it looks like this week I start DMing Rise of Tiamat for my AL group. The three cult strike back encounters have me a little wary. How good is the formula on the DMG 81-82 for making encounters correctly. Currently if they are at the level of the stage I am dropping the highest xp monster. Any suggestions? Or links to the direct post.


Rotten DM
Ok, the first cult strikes back is an hard encounter. So this what I going to do
Dragonclaw AC 14 HP 16 XP 200 HDQ 89 ROT 89
Dragonfang AC 15 HP 78 XP 1,800 ROT 89
Dragonwing AC 14 HP 33 XP 450 ROT 90
Gladiator AC 16 HP 112 XP 1,800 MM 346
Young Blue Dragon AC 18 HP 152 XP 5,000 MM 91
APL 7 drop the dragon.
APL 8 use dragon and add 1 dragon wing.
APL 9 Add dragonwing and dragonclaw
APL 10 Add Dragonwing, dragonclaw, and dragonfang.
Any people who gamed or dm Tiamat see any problems here?


Ok it looks like this week I start DMing Rise of Tiamat for my AL group. The three cult strike back encounters have me a little wary. How good is the formula on the DMG 81-82 for making encounters correctly.
I use the DMG encounter guidelines for my campaigns. They work perfectly.


Rotten DM
Rise of Tiamat Session 1

Days 1 - 9

Stage 1

A Cold Betrayal.

First Session 2019-11-08.

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 18 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Magic Items Ring of Cold Resistance, Arrows of Dragon Slaying * 2, Scroll of Gaseous form, Scroll of haste, Scroll of protection from energy, Scroll of water breathing, Scroll of Evard’s Black Tentacles, Scroll of fire shield, scroll of wall of fire, Scroll of Hold monster, Scroll of Chain Lightning, Scroll of Disintegrate

I had a strong group of seven. Terleman Cleric 10 Zhentarim. Bilbo Case Rogue 6 Lord’s Alliance. Youngblood Barbarian 5. Mr. Crowley Warlock 5 Paladin 4. Jersey Wizard 5 Rogue 1 Harper. Bar Steelwind Monk 7. Vanessa Sorcerer Warlock aka Sorlock 8.

Ok, I am using milestones and tier locking sections. Treasure and Levels. Terleman 240 GP no level. Bilbo Case 480 GP 2 levels. Youngblood 720 GP and 3 levels. Mr. Crowley 240 GP and 1 level. Jersey 480 GP and 2 levels. Bar Steelwind 240 GP 1 level. Vanessa 240 GP and 1 level.

Ok. First hour lots of confusion due to me winging and being. So to sum up, the pcs who were being sent to Waterdeep either by their factions or friends; were rudely awaken due to their tiny hut nearly being washed out to the bay when a huge storm giant castle crash into the water. (Kill the pins.) The shore line they camped at was washed away. A messenger arrives in the morning to escort them to the Waterdeep Council Chamber. They hear reports of various dragon cults trying to break Tiamat out of Hell. They are ordered to take the FrostSkimmr a dual water ship and ice skimmer to the moving ice and check out the village Okay its Cold (I ain’t spelling that name). Location of village some where on the iceberg. Directions you want a directions. Ask native Ice warrior when you get on the ice.

It took about four days from Waterdeep to get to the artic ice. Another day’s travel got them further north where they discover their first ice warrior who was fighting a polar bear. Being great heroes they killed both. Bilbo Case took the warriors clothes and equipment. The staff of the boat help skin the bear.

The next day they find the iceberg and see the village of Baby’s Its Cold Outside. (again not spelling the village). A dog sled with a warrior pulls up and offers them hugs, kisses, and lots locks. (Ok BUZZ on the writing on page 27-28 it reads like nobody in village speak Common. I had the shaman speak it.) Venessa cast comprehend languages The warrior is tell them to bug off or come the village respect by a fight.

The fight between the champion and Bar Steelwind does not even last Bar’s first series of attacks. The shaman takes them to visitors tent and tells them not to eat anything supper but the soup. She warns the village cannot be trusted. She will return at 11 PM. So.

Tiny Hut is casted. The village goes crazy because no one saw them leave. The shaman returns at 11 and knows Tiny Hut was cast. The village is under the command of Arauthator. Its lair is on the second level of the caves below. She does not how to get to the second level as she is the new shaman. The old shaman was tied up and send below last week. He is dragon food by now. He knew the way. But she knows of his secret entrance to the ice caves. Just a slip slide ice ride located in her hut.

(Grr if you are going use multicolor maps how about a wide scheme. Shades of gray and white don’t give good detail.) The fog inside the caves made visibility hard. Max range is 75 feet and as low as 20 feet. The ground defeats some kobolds who are polishing looted armour. The find the old shaman who tells them the back entrance to the lair. They are warned fighting in the lair will summon Ice trolls. They decide to take the entrance. ( Ok I was cutting to chase here and move knowledge around.)

The group debates about if they have enough rope. (No the book does. ) They enter the lair and slowly (I saw that double move monk.) spread out. The dragon wakes. (The lair is huge at least 2 feet by 3.5 feet long on the grid and I had to get my grid squares out during combat.) The dragon makes an offer. Join the dragon cult.

Vanessa lies and bluffs the dragon.

Bar Steelwind lies and bluffs the dragon.

Jersey lies and bluffs the dragon.

Mr. Crowley lies, and the dragon knows.

Youngblood lies and the dragon ATTACKS.

(Okay this fight took about 45 minutes.) During the fight the silver dragon uses lair action, flies well, and wing attack to great evil. Wait a minute says the dm. It is a white dragon. Okay reduce the hit points by 60 more. Here is the correct AC. Damage stands because it looks like only about 2 points extra per attack. Wait Mr. Crowley you were not lying. And are attacking Jersey. OKAY. (Both Players agree to PVP. I moved on to other targets.)

In the end. Bilbo Case dead due to dragon. Mr. Crowley Dead to dragon and PVP damage, his body was dumped on the ice. Mr. Crowley is not welcome to rejoin the group. The group kills the dragon and starts working on the backup Ice trolls when I called it. (Note hold back on the trolls if there is PVP.)

Dragon is Dead. Maccath is rescued and shipping out with party. Villagers are happy.

Message coming in. “white dragon mask lost. Get to the serpent hills. Get to Boaresky Bridge. Contact….. Why is there a sword sticking out my chest? OUCH. THAT HURTS…..” Contact broken with Council’s sending stone.


Rotten DM
Ok, Bob playing Mr. Crowley surprise the beep out of us. We thought he was bluffing. Until he got close enough to mess with another PC. At first we thought he was just kidding with his first Command spell. Then he really attacked. I should note, this Bob has about 11+ deaths to his characters. Either from stupid play, ticking off the players and they not helping him. Or PVP.


Rotten DM
Rise of Tiamat Session 2

Days 10-20

Stage 1 part 2

Deal or No Deal

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 53 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0
Magic Items Ring of Poison Resistance, Scrolls of Protection from Energy * 2, Levitation, Call Lightning, and Potion of Poison.
Milestone level to 9. Or just take a level.
I had a weak group of four. Terelman Cleric 10. Bar Steelwind Monk 8. Vanessa Sorlock 9. Sonya Cleric 5.
The group is on the ship FrostSkimmr on the way to the Boaresky Bridge. Just at dusk, a blue dragon flies by and drops off some dragon cultists. Who are quickly killed. Arriving at the bridge they find out Varrim their contact has fled to the ruins of Diderrius. Diderrius was a local cleric who when he said no to the cult decades ago, the cult turned him to a mummy lord. After a few wandering monster encounters, they find the tomb. A quick fight with some trolls to warm up, they try to enter the tomb.
Being smart Terelman and Sonya guess the clue and the tomb opens. They soon discover the traps will be more deadly than the monsters. Especially after one door falls on Steelwind nearly crushing him and blocking the hallway.
Taking the only corridor left, the find the entrance to the dining hall when five bearded devils are playing three dragon ante without a full deck. The devils were an evil adventuring party which died here. The devil which sent them back current has their own adventure book. Bob Bearded Devil lets slip the way to the tomb but don’t mess with well. Which some of do. A short minute later the madness left them.
Entering the tomb, Diderrius speaks and he knows where their contact is. The mummy lord opens the secret door.
(And another gripe about color maps being one color. I missed some details.)
The it was the DAWN of the party. (Ok not really Terelman cast dawn and swept it before the party for most the rest of night. I do have to look up to see if you can maneuver Dawn around corners and in places you can’t see.) Dawn swept most of the monsters out of the way without the party getting hit. Occasionally the Dawn would take a wrong turn and some monsters would attack the party. The dawn finally ran out. Some Lizardfolk and Yuan-ti were able to ambush the party.
They took a rest before the final battle. They open the door to see about eight Lizardfolk and ten Yuan-ti. The mother Yuan-ti is holding their contact. The group has a decision. They could fight and Varrim dies. Or leave with their contact in peace. They choose peace.
Varrim is in a coma. Their sending stone contact tells to keep in a coma. They arrive at Waterdeep to be ordered to the council.
End of Stage 1. Results. Arauthator the dragon killed. The Arcana Brotherhood has joined the council due to some the books and scrolls from the dragon lair. Varrim CAPTURED. Turned out he was a turned coat.
Thanks to Steelwind keeping me honest on monsters status and conditions.


Rotten DM
Rise of Tiamat Session

Days 21-26

Stage 2 complete

Trollskull Manor No Manor

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 75 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0
Story Award Black Dragon mask. Only one person can use it.
Magic Items. Raise dead scroll ONE. (isn’t the dm nice. Isn’t he cute? You really not going to need it.) Belt of Hill Giant Strength (wonder how many people are going to take it.) Potion of Greater Healing one each.
Milestone leveling. If you started at 10 you now 12. If you started at 9 you are now 11th. If you started below 9 you are now 10. Note next week is tier 3 but if you played this week, I will let you play your level 10 PC.
I had a strong group of 7 then 6 because someone had to leave early. Musty still gets to level 10. Bar Steelwind Monk 9. Vanessa Sorcerer 8 Warlock 2. Sonya Cleric 9. Herkidi Rogue 5. Rasaan Bard 5. Cornew Shanat Wizard 5. and Musty Barbarian 9.
Current points Harpers 5. Gauntlet 7. Emerald Enclave 5. Lady Silverhand 7. Dagult Neverember 5. The dwarf Brawnanvil 8. King Melandrach 5. Ulder 8. Hornblade 5. Sir Isteval 11. Remember The final point tally will determine how many supporters you have in the battle against Tiamat. Currently you just need 2 more to have the full council but there is always next week.
The council is pleased with the prisoner they brought in. It appeared you contact had turn coated during the time. The group hears the misty forest has been attacked a Neronvain is missing. Also, the metallic dragons have sent greetings and want a team to discuss if the metal dragons are going to help. However, if the party wants a free ride to the dragon council they have to leave tonight. The group leaves for the dragon council.
Except for some slight turbulence, is which Musty accidently falling five thousand feet the trip to council was okay. The group has to chill out and move most the dragons from neutral to friendly. Protanther a gold dragon wants the King of Elves to apologize and the baby elf when they return to the Waterdeep council does so. (Grr the wizard had a minus to persuasion roll a 14, and I rolled a 5. Elf King is not happy.) Iluthra a brass dragon wants the next dragon mask they find. Otaaryliakkarnos (Not a sweet ride) wants Baron Brawnanvil to apologize and return her daddy’s skin. It is not nice wear an intelligence races skin. (Again, persuade roll from the bard this time. 8 versus my 1.) Nymmurh a copper dragon just wants extra shares of Tiamat’s loot. Tazmilella nearly eats the barbarian because his great great great grandfather stole the magic item, he had on him. (Player loses the magic item and can only have 2 magic items for tier 2). So, the dragon council has decided to fight with Waterdeep.
After they are return to Waterdeep and make their report, the decide to hit Trollskull Manor for r and r. Some of the pcs get along well with npcs. (Ok 3 of the players have pcs which have part ownership of the manor.) The party was just hitting a good buzz when the dragon cultists and a black dragon crash the party. And crash a good quarter of the manor’s ground floor wall. (Note never let a monk get toe to toe with a dragon. It is stunning.) After a hard battle they survived. (This was the first milestone. Ten-minute break to smoke and level up.)
The report a little hungover to the council and are dropped by airship near the village in the misty forest. Galin the new warden is hiding something. He took no damage during the fight and disappeared soon afterwards during clean up. The Dragon Chuth had in a nearby clearing north of the village. The group decides to just go dragon hunting. On the way to the lair they help out an old hippy lady who is trapped under a tree. The hippy lady gives them each a garland. All but Herkidi keep it on. (Yes, even the new player who is the rogue thought this was lame. The garland made the individual indivisible to most things especially the dragon allies. However, I didn’t tell anyone the benefits until they decided to keep it.)
The spider webs are getting thicker as they approach the dragon’s lair. Seeing the opening behind the waterfall they charge. (Scout. Watch the area. NO CHARGE!). The fight between the spiders and Ettercap didn’t last a round. The group enter the dungeon. (Note this time the script calls for the dragon to know they coming. NOPE. Not going to do it. Also, nowhere until you hit the scorecard does suggest Neronvain should be captured.). The group discovers two caves full of dragonclaws and Dragonfangs. The group gets the jump on the cultists but one runs for help.
The monk runs the person down and beats him to death yelling, “SHUT UP! KEEP QUIET! WE ARE TRYING TO BE STEALTHLY HERE.” This alerts the mage and dragon.
The dragon did do a good showing nearly killing the monk and taking a few people to the single digits but never let a monk get with striking range of a dragon. Stunned dragons go down fast. (Also, due time I dropped some back up allies of the dragon.)


Rotten DM
Rise of Tiamat Session 4
Stage 4
No so amazing
Day 27 to 32
PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 83 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0
Below level 12 gain up to level 12. 1,600 GP per level. If at level 12 go to level 13 and get 1,600 GP
Magic Potions of Healing * 6, Potion of Growth, Potion of Fire breath, wand of fear, +1 dagger * 3, Driftglobe, Air Elemental Control Gem.
Question to group. You can donate the tower to the council which will make everyone happy. Or sell the tower to the Zhentarium for. Potion of Greater Healing 1 per pc. Potion of frost giant str. Scroll of Earthquake. And you give up your control of the tower.
Story Award bonus. 1 raise dead scroll. Or the material components. This is for bring Iskandar mostly not dead.
Session number 200 for me. There were balloons for the players. The jerks didn’t blow them up. RC Cola and Moon Pies um Ding Dongs. And some lovely Door prizes. Also, since it was Black Friday the store was kind of empty.
I had a strong group of six Bar Steelwind monk 11. Vanessa Sorcerer 10 warlock 2. Herkidi rogue 10. Lynus Fighter 12. Zeal Paladin 9 Sorcerer 2. Terelman Cleric 12. The monk was using the Black Dragon Mask.
(Some confusion about the maze. And some people said they were doing two things. I also forgot to give out the first set of magic items in the correct time.)
The group is going to pick up a turn coat (Turn coat for the council’s side) Iskander at Xonthal’s Tower about a three day trip down to the sword coast. The group arrives in the village and the villagers start taking bets if this group will beat the maze. As they approach the entrance the tower begins to shift places in the maze. A figure comes out of the balcony and proclaims he is Iskander and has the blue dragon mask. He teleports a small hourglass to their location. This is the key to tower. He then withdraws.
Steelwind dashes up the hedge and is slammed back to the sun dial clearing due to bad module writing. (AKA the adventures must go through the maze. So says the module.) He then dashes down the ‘F” path no “A” path. No what should we do. (Being rotten dm, I trip the first encounter.) Four Chuuls around a small pond try to eat the monk. He is able to hold them off for two rounds with stunning fists and lucky rolls. Just as all four about to dine on him, the party arrives to help. (I was locking the pcs into each arena to limit their movement). The group defeats the monsters and arrive back at sun dial clearing. The first sun dial sinks into the ground. (oops should left it active. And forgot to give out the first group of magic items.)
The group takes the “E” path to find two cyclops bowling or playing toss the boulder for distance game. The group fails a lot (Also not having the potion of growth as clue to enlarge a pc). Finally, they cyclops take pity on the group and tells the group to toss Venessa 40 plus feet to win the game. They do. (Since the treasure rules on Season 9 are hourly I did not give out the loot. Also, stupid encounter.) The group returns to the sun dial clearing. The second sun dial does not go down.
They take the “A” path to find the garden of terrible flowers. Roses of Unusual sizes. Dangerous Daisies. Thunder Angel Horns. (This was a reskinned monster encounter. Just a small battle to nibble at the hit points.) They return to the sun dial clearing.
Terelman has gotten a clue. And chooses “B” which loops around back to sun dial clearing. The second dial sinks into the ground. The group solves the maze key. (Mostly we were all getting tired of the maze).
The group is teleported to level 8 not to the base of the square tower. (Grr you have to read the whole section to know where.) There is panel with different symbols. The characters chose wisely and are teleported to the dungeon level.
At the dungeon level a cultist has been killed by a dragontooth dagger. (Trust FRCSI). A blood trail leads out of the room. Hey watch out for those elementals. Those only took three rounds. (Also, first time the table seen earth glide by the dirty one.)
The group moves up the stairs dodging the meteor swarm. They find an empty closet supply room. In the east room a nice Efreeti named Taraz the fair tries to convince them to let him loose. They don’t. In the west room they find the body of Iskander. Slain by the wounds of elementals. (What I could add bleeding out rules. No. NPC killed by the script.) He is wearing the blue dragon mask. Terelman raises dead on him. (WHAT. OK. DM has to punt. They breaking the module.) He gives them some more information and the paladin gives him 5 hit points. They use the hour glass to teleport to the sun dial clearing.
Lennithon the adult blue dragon attacks. Staying in the air to tick off the monk Um Staying in the air, the dragon demands the dragon mask. The party fights. Only the NPC is KO before they drive off the dragon. The group heals the mage again. On the trip back to Waterdeep they discover the Blue Dragon mask is a fake. Which one of the party stole the real one?


Rotten DM
Rise of Tiamat Session 5
Stage 4 part 2 Final session
Ceiling is 99 feet. 9 Inches. and (9/10 ths)
Day 33 – 36
PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 95 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0
Magic Items Bone of Protection from Undead one per pc. All real dragon masks go away. Terelman can keep the false blue one.
Story Award. Tiamat Tick Off. If you me Tiamat, she knows your name. And hates you. Advantage on melee strikes against you or whatever the Dm decides.
Gain 3 levels. 60 Downtime days. 2,000 Gp. 1,600 for the last level. 400 for the 2 hours play.
All the encounters were auto promoting so I not going to list the levels. I had a strong group of six with matched the APL level of the encounters. Zeal Paladin Sorcerer. Sonya Cleric. Herkidi Rogue. Terelman Cleric. Vanessa Sorcerer Warlock. Bar Steelwind Monk.
The group is given a hardy handshake, a thank you, and two for one beer coupon good a the Trollskull manor. This was the reward for donating Xonthal’s tower to the council. As the group is waiting for their next mission. A minion from the Red Wizards of Thay approaches the group.
Ms. Minion, “You need to come with me for a meeting,”
Zeal, “Why should we? What is your name sir? I don’t go wander off with just any minion who approaches us!”
Ms. Minion, “That is madam. I deserve no name. The Red Wizards of Thay wish to….”
Zeal, “How can I tell if your unisex robes. And what strange thing no have a name. What is your real name? “(Zeal rolled for a history check and gets high enough to know Red Wizards only have names if they have a rank. I was hoping to role play out how rank up tight they are but failed to get that across. Also, Zeal was being very rude to the pc in speaking.)
After a minute or so the minion gets the point across that the Red Wizards may join the council but the adventurers need to do a face to face. The unnamed minion takes them the long away around to the meeting place. Because they pass the council concession area twice. They enter a teleportation circle and are ported to another location. The minion has not come with them. A minute passes. Three minutes pass. Just as Zeal is about to kick in the secret door; a bar slot opens in the door and a voice speaks, “I am Tharchion Eseldra Yeth. You are finally here.”
She opens the door and Zeal’s paladin radar goes off, “VAMPIRE VAMPIRE!” (Yes, I had to auto go off.) “I Tharchion Eseldra Yeth am in charge on this council. Since the Red Wizards of Thay have a common enemy at the moment you input is demanded. We will ask you questions. You will answer. Then we will decide to join weak Waterdeep. Or go alone.”
Zeal, “Eseldra we are ….”
Tharchion Eseldra Yeth, “That is Tharchion Eseldra Yeth!”
Zeal, “Most honorable lady….”
Tharchion Eseldra Yeth, “IT is Tharchion Eseldra Yeth foolish one.” (Still by role playing not getting the point how rank uptight the Red Wizards are. I do agree with Zeal I should told the group off board about it.)
In the council chamber with no secret doors are nine other wizards. Five wrights dress in Red Wizards of Thay Army uniforms are posted around the room too. They have a smart look about them.
Zeal ends up answering most of the questions. The Thay are not impress until Markus Goblin screams, ‘” DREAMS. DREAMS. ALL I WANT IS THEIR DREAMS.” The group now have to spend over night why the goblin interviews them in a dream state. They agree.
(BEEP BEEP BEEP. The book requires the dm had seeded hints, notes, and other information about NPCS in earlier adventures. This when over badly.)
The group are teleported back the council chamber. They did not get any sleep last night. (Damage and no long rest.) Each pc is given one more comment to persuade the council. (great idea on the next check. But some pcs have not chosen their gawds. But this whole encounter is set up with people knowing Realms lore. Chosen Gawds. And lots of data dumps by the DM in pass adventures.)
The council tell Markus Goblin to teleport the group back. They are teleport a few hours outside Waterdeep.
Zeal, “I think they are not going to help us. Let walk back and avoid any ambushes.”
An hour later they walk into an ambush. (Ten-minute break for the group while Zeal and I use the DMG Encounter builder. A Deadly encounter. Thanks Zeal.)
They group is ambushed. A Gladiator, assassin, two dragonwing, and young red dragon attack. I zero out Herkidi but Sonya stabilizes him. The monk and Zeal fly up and take out the dragon in two rounds. (Icky mean DM. I told the group it was a deadly encounter. So, I would either add more monsters in waves to tko two pcs. Or Kill a pc.) Since the assassin noticed Herkidi was still living. And they knew they were going to die the last three of the cultists used all their attacks on the deadest. NOW DEAD. PC. INSERT EVIL DM Laugh.)
The group brings Herkidi back and reports to the council. (Ten-minute break. Take 2 levels. And decide if the group want to press on to stage 5. Set up is SNEAK into a volcano and then call for help if they find something major. Mean while I am totally the scorecard. The scorecard determines the groups allies in final battle. Oh, and this was 8 PM.)
The scorecard results. Harpers 10. Gauntlet 11. Emerald 9. Lady Silverhand 10. Dagult soon to be a thief Neverember 9. Brawnanvil 12. King Melandrach 9. Ulder 12. Hornblade 9. Sir Isteval 13. Everyone is by the Red Wizards are coming to the fight.
The setup. Find a secure way in. Call for back up and break the ritual. (The book reads as one friendly force will null an enemy force. The players will assign these. I skipped this and just assigned the suggested make ups.)
The group takes two days to scout for a weak entrance. About twenty feet into to guard post 1B is a small platoon. Bar Steelwind shove Herkidi and Venessa into his bag of holding. Terelman shove Sonya and Zeal into his bag of holding.
(wait. What. You are going to shove four. Four of you party in BAGS OF HOLDING?)
Well we both have dragon masks. And the bags hold ten minutes of air. They be okay. (um well. Okay. I was also trying not to smile.)
Bar Steelwind and Terelman approach the guard post. Bob, “Name. Black mask.”
Bar, “Bar.”
Bob, “We don’t have you check out at this station.”
Bar thinking fast, “Well um it was to far to walk back to that on.”
Bob, “Blue mask name.”
Terelman, “Terelman. “
Bob, “We don’t have you check out at this station.”
Terelman, “I with him. That is a long walk back. “
Bob, “Follow me. Mumble Mumble Morons with masks.” Bob walks toward the forest. “Mask Check. Black mask faces the forest and breath weapon please.”
Bar Steelwind faces the forest. And let’s loose with acid breath.
Bob, “Blue mask. Face the forest. And mask check please.”
Terelman faces the forest. Nothing happens.
Terelman blows hard into his mask. Nothing happens.
Bob, “FALSE MASK. FALSE MASK. ATTACK. “(Now the group suddenly remembers they have a fake mask. Some talk about having face the monsters, or used a wand.) Swords are drawn and the guards and guard drake charge.
Bar Steelwind, “I CHOOSE YOU HERKIDI!” He reaches into the bag and toss out Herkidi. She does a back flip drawing her sword and magical daggers.
Terelman. “SHI BEEEP. GET OUT. HELP!” He up ends the bag and shakes hard. Zeal and Sonya fall prone at his feet.
(YES, they did Pokémon this sneak attack. And no, I would not let Bar just up end the bag since he such drama with Herkidi. I did declare it was a full action to do the bag.). They take down three drakes, three dragonwings, and three dragonclaws.
They sneak through three or four empty rooms. (WHAT. Grumble Grumble. This was about ten till ten. The group agree to a break while I set up the final battle. I was not thinking they get this far and winged parts of it.)
The group kicks open the door to the chamber it is the huge map we have on the table and then some. And ONLY 99 feet. 9 and 9/10th inches. (Not really. Sorry Terelman it was really higher than that but again some the information is buried in the text.) They see five wizards chanting on the first level. On the second level standing on a clear mystic floor are five more. In the center of the chamber is a stairwell of 70 feet leading up to the second floor. Bar Steelwind charges. (not waiting for a fly spell.)
Ok. This was a messy combat. Some people were flying. Some were not. I had the second floor disappear after they killed two mages on the second floor. Some people got multiple fireballs. (I was making the monk roll my damage because I didn’t want to use average damage during the boss fight. Some interesting rolls.) In the end they stopped the ritual with three rounds to go.
DM Notes. The book has lots of interesting ideas and encounters. But a lot of information is buried or hinted at. I feel as DM would have read and take a lot of notes to make this book work. The maps are muddy and it had to see detail. The map scale change which is not a problem. But the scale notes some time is only a shade or two different from the background number. I love the black and white maps of the more recent books.


Rotten DM
Ok I figured out what I did wrong with the Deadly encounter. I thought 5,100 XP was the max. I should have did 5,100 * 3 - 15,300. 4,500 *2 = 9,000. 3,600 * 1 = 3,6000 For a total of budget of 27,900. I think I field 19,800 xp. Should have ignore the claws and add more wings.


Rotten DM
This is a super fast RoT
I did not roleplay out all the council meetings because the book read like it was just a data dump of NPCs who issue fetch quests. Twice the group got lucky in dungeons and took the least amount of travel to the main battle.