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D&D (2024) Jeremy Crawford: “We are releasing new editions of the books”

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'We are releasing new editions of the books,” Crawford emphasized. “We are not releasing a new edition of the game. And so that, I think, is a really important distinction — that it is still 5th edition, but yes, we are releasing revised versions of the books, which anywhere else in the publishing world would be called new editions.”"

Any thoughts?

D&D has a messaging problem that goes beyond the OGL controversy

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'Any thoughts?
The 2024 classes are the children of the 2014 classes. And all the parents are complaining about kids these days.

Druid mom: ... and that's how you cast barkskin
Druid son: no mom, my way is so much cooler.
Druid Mom: look, I've been casting it this way since before you where born.
Druid Son: time to evolve mom...

Fighter Dad: what are you going?
Fighter daughter: out to practicing trip attack with my friends.
Fighter Dad: in my day we didn't need no fancy maneuvers. We just hit it until it was dead.
Fighter Daughter: Dad, quit embarrassing me...


Morkus from Orkus

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