KahunaCon '06 July 22nd and 23rd! slots still open! (greater Boston/Providence area)

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Ao the Overkitty

First Post
I am going to reserve character choices for the day of the game, but here is a preview of the characters for the Firefly game.

Each picture is a poster that sums up the character nicely.

daniels.jpg, campans.jpg, and morts.jpg come from the gamer motivational posters thread on rpg.net.
astas.jpg, jennys.jpg, and takes.jpg were custom made by Alwaystoast.

They are, in attachment order:

Asta Sarv, Ship's Doctor
Campan Lar, Ship's Muscle
Daniel Jardin, Ship's XO
Jenny, Doctor's Assistant/Former Whore
Mort Cassé, Ship's Mechanic
Ivan Nigel Take, Ship's Captain
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Silver Moon

Oh, so we're doing pictures now? Okay, here are mine from Fung Shui


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Silver Moon

And the last two:

From the top left these characters are:
Congressman B.A. Baracus;
Danielle Lee;
Wong Chung Fen;
Chin Cam Yee;
Helga Schmidt;
Justin Matthews;
Maria Louisa Taniello; and
Tamara Brown.


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First Post
OK. Game choices

Slot 1: Shadowrun (though, I'm unfamiliar with system)
-- didn't notice a post that mentioned character choices or anything, please point out if it's there... thanks.
Slot 2: Feng Shui
-- didn't see people "shotgun" any particular characters so I'd be interested in 2, 7, or 5 in that order (Tamara, Maria Louisa, Justin)

Slot 3: Would have loved Serenity - b/c I loved the show/movie... :)
So I think FUDGE is the other option (also unfamiliar with system)

Slot 4: Looks empty as yet - tho I think a high $, high magic, high level D&D game was being offered? (tee hee)

Thanks. I hear this should be fun! Looking forward to it.
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