KahunaCon '06 July 22nd and 23rd! slots still open! (greater Boston/Providence area)

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Piratecat said:
I'm going to run Paranoia XP. It's time.

Is anyone invited? Can I join? Most of the games I'm not familiar with but I am a quick study.

PirateCat, it's Robin...will this be too weird for me to show up for?


LadyRhiannon said:
PirateCat, it's Robin...will this be too weird for me to show up for?
You kidding? I posted the link in the gamers seeking gamers thread hoping you'd be able to come!

Paranoia is a game where NO ONE is supposed to know the rules. In fact, knowing the rules is very dangerous! So no problem with that. To get a brief idea what it's like, read the banter in this thread:


Silver Moon

Piratecat said:
Paranoia is a game where NO ONE is supposed to know the rules. In fact, knowing the rules is very dangerous!
Citizen, are you implying that our Friend THE Computer does not no the rules? That is treason! Of course the computer knows the rules. Do we need to send a med-bot to examine your brain to see why you have these treasonous thoughts?

Silver Moon

Okay, I'll be running a slot of Feng Shui, the cinematic Hong Kong Martial Arts Role Playing Game. This is a fast paced no-holds-barred rules light game. I'll run this on whichever day PirateCat will be attending in the other game slot as his Paranoia game, as we have now each requested a seat in each other's game. The game Description and characters are as follows:

Module Name: "I Pity the Fool!"

Module Descripton: "Mooks, Mayhem and Madness in the Nation's Capitol!"


1. Congressman B.A. Baracus - Lawman who formerly belonged to the paramilitary group "The A-Team"

2. Tamara Brown - A "foxy lady" with superhuman abilities.

3. Wong Chung Fen - Mercenary and pilot, previously a commando in the Chinese military. .

4. Danielle Lee - Washington Post reporter and undercover Federal Agent.

5. Justin Matthews - Georgetown student, Washington Post intern and martial arts champion.

6. Helga Schmidt - Freelance spy, formerly a Soviet KGB agent and East German Olympic medalist.

7. Maria Louisa Taniello - Adolescent second-generation Mafia assassin.

8. Chin Kam Yee - Hong Kong policeman hot on the trail of an international gun smuggling ring.


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MavrickWeirdo said:
Actually Kahuna Burger is right, it's a gameday tradition, the SO of the thread organizer gets first pick. (Ironically, the thread organizer typically does not do this for themself.)

At the last Gameday I believe Qualidar reserved spaces for Yttrai before she had a chance to see the listings. At my house I put my wife into the last spot of a PirateCat game.

And if anyone doesn't think it is fair then they can hold the next gameday. :p ;)

That would be sort of almost true, except that i had explicitly asked to be in PKitty's game if it didn't conflict with Overkitty's. (I sense a feline theme. Turns out i won that toss of the dice and got both cats. Well worth the extra kibble.)

This time, i think, since things are still kind of floaty, i'll say with 80 % certainly we'll be there. Small chance we'll have to go home to do the parental and sibling thing. And there is also a slim chance it'll be one day only for me.

Looking forward to it!


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Hooray! I can confirm that I'll be around for at least the Saturday component of the game day, and would be happy to run my SR3 adventure. I'll post a more complete synopsis and characters as soon as I put together the runner team which I think will maximize the amount of mayhem. :lol:

Ao the Overkitty

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There. we just booked out hotel reservations. We're not going to be staying next to the porn store this time.

It'll just be me and orchid from the albany group this time.

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