Karianna's Tales of a Mercenary Company - Updated 21/3, 29/3, 5/04, 14/04, 07/05


Excellent stuff, Karianna.

You have a nice narrative style, and I really like the dialogue between characters.

Keep em' coming.


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Excellent stuff, Karianna.

You have a nice narrative style, and I really like the dialogue between characters.

Keep em' coming.


Wow, very kind of you to drop by and give words of encouragement, so thanks :). I look forward to seeing your books come out in print. Maybe then my fiancee will understand why I was reading about Yuguloths ;)


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Son_of_Thunder said:
Thanks for the update. You write very entertainingly.
And thank you for your support and patience, I know it can get annoying, most of us constantly wait for BD's next demon or Gargoyle episode <looks meaningfully at BD ;)>


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It's coming!!

Unfortunately there's been a lack of playing due to the group being spread halfway across the globe, but I do have an update ready and you'll see it tomorrow :)


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Hi all,

Major apologies for the lack of regular updates, a large gap in our gaming sessions and some OOS/RSI problems had forced a bit of a slowdown. As I'm trying to nurse my arms a little, this is a pretty short post, but that hopefully means I'll post other parts to this session in the next couple of days :).


Gwaeryn stormed in through the back entrance of the inn and grabbed the nearest villager by the throat, slamming him roughly against the wall.

“Where the %^$* is Galron, peasant!”
“Over here soldier, please put him down!”

Gwaeryn released the man and marched over to where Galron was sitting, glaring savagely at the rest of the villagers on the way. He kicked a stray stool out of his way and forcibly smashed the severed head of the zombie down on the table in front of the head farmer. Galron lurched back in horror and more than one scream could be heard from a group of villages huddled in the far corner.

Gwaeryn leant over and snarled “You’d better talk, NOW!”

At this point the rest of the scouts had come in through the back entrance and coolly eyed the rest of the cowering villagers. Seeing Gwaeryn in full ranting and raving mode, Thoven leaned over to Sol.

“Do you think it’s best to let Gwaer handle this? He seems a little…. upset.”
Sol shrugged “As long as he doesn’t start butchering them, I’m inclined to agree with his approach. We need answers and I’m certainly not in the mood for diplomacy.”
The big man gave a sigh and started over to the table. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t kill any of them then.”

While Max and Sol kept a careful eye on the villagers, Gwaeryn continued his verbal assault on the head farmer with Thoven standing impassively beside him. The clearly frightened man farmer started to speak in halting sentences.

“We tried to warn you away, she said she’d kill the children if we tried to interfere! She came back from those ruins changed, possessed I tell you! She killed several of us with some dark power and then turned those poor souls into those foul creatures! She has the children! Did you manage to stop her? Do you know where the children are?” Galron finally let his gaze rise hopefully towards Thoven, avoiding any eye contact with the still visibly irate Skirmisher.

“Bah!” spat Gwaeryn, shoving his face scant inches away from the farmer, “You should have told us from the start you sniveling fool! And no, the little b*&^h isn’t dead but I’m sure she’s planning on making the rest of you go to an early grave!” He promptly threw his hands up in disgust and stormed off past Sol and Max. “I’ll keep an eye out on that cursed Mill, Sol, you can sort these idiots out.”

“Thanks” Sol responded dryly, he turned to Max “I’m guessing we need to stay the night in order for you to recuperate your powers yeah? Max nodded back at him, his face still unnaturally pale from the poison that had afflicted him earlier. Sol noted that Klaxo was still winding around the druids legs, alternatively making mewling noises followed by deep angry growls.

“Oh and don’t let Klaxo and Gwaeryn near each other, they’re liable to burn the whole village down.”
Max managed to give a wane smile in response, “Klax will be OK soon; he’s just in a state of shock, poor little guy. Not so sure about Gwaeryn tough, a near death experience can send a man over the edge.”
“Poor little guy my b&^%ks” muttered Sol as he strode towards the table where Thoven was still standing over a now sullen looking head man.

“So then Galron, here’s what we’re going to do. My men are clearly injured and we need to hole up in here until dawn breaks and the Druid over there can apply some of his healing arts. Get everyone and I do mean everyone into this building with whatever supplies they need for the night as soon as possible.”

Galron simply nodded in acquiescence and rose from the table, “We’ll do as you say soldier, but will you try to save the children, I don’t doubt that Polly will slaughter them as soon as she can!”
“We’ll see in the morning headman, if we survive the night that is.” Sol turned to the big fighter. “Usual sit tight drill eh Thov?”
The big man smiled back at him “Careful there Sol, you’re starting to act more like the Sarge each day, you might get promoted or something.”
Sol visibly shuddered, “End up dealing with crap like this every day? No thanks my friend, no thanks....”

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