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D&D 5E Keith Baker: Exploring Eberron

Eberron creator Keith Baker has been busy recently! He has unveiled the cover to his new book, to be released in July on DMs Guild in PDF and Print on Demand hardcover. It will dive into parts of Eberron that have received little attention in prior books, including the undersea civilizations and the planes.


Keith sent Sly Flourish a PDF copy of the book, which Sly flipped through

Also, check out the KB Presents Twitter for past previews
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Keith, Artists, & so on involved in it, probably all have a sudden influx of time on their hands these days for completely unimaginable reasons I bet so it make sense 😥
As professional writer, I can say that living a life in a Stay-at-Home order hasn't helped me be more productive. The constant attention the dog wants, the sharing of work space with my wife's life space, and the sense of impending doom as my family tries to dodge the virus don't help people create.


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Producer on the discord just confirmed the book is "nearly" 260 pages.

I was about to saw, that cover mockup seems to really underestimate just how thick this book is becoming.

It can't come too soon either, I'm about to start a story arc that will heavily features ALL of the planes of Eberron, and I can't wait to mainline that straight-from-the-source planar content


New post, this time on how to formulate a fairy tale for use in an Eberron game. Honestly this advice is pretty setting-agnostic to using the fey, the Eberron bit is that's the examples.


Urriak Uruk

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Just to mention something as to why there might be a delay... I noticed reading the preview tweets that in March, Keith Baker mentioned he was on a cruise.

The news in the past few moths around cruises has been decidedly "not good." Hopefully just a coincidence, and KB is ok and not impacted greatly by the global crisis.



March has continued to be a crazy time. I was helping with gaming events on the JoCo Cruise, so I just returned from a week on the oceans… and I did come back sick, though fortunately not with Covid-19. So I’ve been recovering from that and adjusting to the new pace of life on land. I am still writing, and this means that we don’t have a firm release date for Exploring Eberron yet; I will tell you as soon as we do. However, editing and layout continue on the completed sections of the book. Wayne Chang and Laura Hirsbrunner have been working tirelessly to keep things moving forward, and I wanted to share the week’s previews!

Quote I pulled from Exploring Eberron Previews - Keith didn't get the 'rona, but stuff did get delayed


Also, some words from the editor on the Discord

Laura Hirsbrunner said:
And to be fair, this growing number of pages isn't him adding new content. It's him taking the number of pages that we had planned for existing content, and him writing more about those topics instead of wrapping up the chapter when there are things on that topic he has left unsaid.
I can't blame him for wanting to do it completely, lol