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Pathfinder 1E Kingmaker: Stolen Land

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The spider springs forth once more from its hole. This time, its attack finds its way through Emudre's defenses. Its teeth sink into Emudre's flesh, with the pain comes a sickening sensation as poison is injected into the wound.

OOC: Emudre takes 4 damage.

GM: Please make a Fortitude save Emudre.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Adrin frowns at the spider's speed and prowess. Hoping to prevent any further demise to the party's healer, he slides his stance around to toward her as he swing his sword at the spider, once more.
OOC: to hit: d20 + 4 = 8, which I figure is a miss.


Emudre draws in her breath sharply as she feels the spider's bite. She attempts to maintain a study aim with her crossbow, squinting as her eyes fill with tears in reaction to the spider's poison.

OOC: d20 + 1 = 6


Emudre feels as if her strength has been sapped. A sudden spell of weakness strikes her and her grasp on the crossbow's foregrip loosens, causing her shot to go short. Even so, Alexa and Sarvek's last attacks cause the spider to crumple up and fall back within its hole – dead.

The party stands at the ready, prepared for any additional threats. Luckily, none come. With a little extra time taken, one of the party makes their way down into the 5-foot-diameter. It is 25 feet before the bottom is reached. Upon the floor, you find a few bodies, including the body of a dead bandit, still dressed in leather armor and carrying a short sword, and a pouch that jingles. In addition, there is a silver Stag Lord amulet and a pair of boots.

GM: Emudre takes 4 more Strength damage, bringing the total to -5 Strength.
Perception checks please – from everyone.


After finding the goods in the trapdoor spider's lair, you all finish searching C6. You setup camp along the southwestern edge where the plains meet the hills. The night passes uneventfully.

7 Pharast, 4710

You start to search through the hills of the Greenbelt, skirting the forest's edge to your west. Near the end of the day, at the southernmost tip of D6, Sarvek spots something and calls out to get everyone's attention. You notice a rocky crag rising from the hills here. At the base of the crag, an overgrown 5-foot-wide crack leads down into a cave. Taking your time, you each make your way through the crack. After 20 feet, the trail opens into a 30-foot-diameter cave. The cave wall directly across from the entrance sparkles slightly.


As you all enter the cave, Alexa and Emudre let out small gasps of shock - you've found a gold mine! Your map automatically updates, marking its location for future use.

GM: We have reached the final predetermined hex you all chose for searching. Where to next?


8 Pharast, 4710

You spend the day exploring D5, finding nothing else of note beyond where you fought the bandits at the Thorn River ford. Shillaadrini tilts his head to the side suddenly. After a few moments of quizzical expressions shared among the party, he shakes his head as if to clear it. “I am sorry, but I have been called away. I must return home. I will stop at the trading post to inform Oleg and Svetlana of how best to reach me. Stay safe!” Without waiting any questions, he spurs his mount forward and races down the trail.

9 Pharast, 4710

While exploring the southeastern area of C5, Emudre and Sarvek suddenly hold up their hands, signaling a halt and to be quiet. Dismounting, you creep forward through the brush. Ahead, you find four kobolds wallowing within a large arrowhead-shaped patch of leafy greens. The kobolds take turns moaning, their bellies distended. Three baskets lay nearby, overfilled with what Alexa and Kuvarious determine to be moon radishes!

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