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Ok, I'm looking for some artistic interpretations of the following races that I've done for my World of Kulan campaign setting. (As with all of my previous art challenges, I can't pay anyone but hopefully you'll have fun drawing these races.)


Robert B., a.k.a. Knightfall1972

Baklath are a race of winged goblins that live on every continent on Kulan. They appear like normal goblins except that they are slightly slimmer and have black reptilian wings like those of dragons. Baklath aren’t related to dragons or half-dragons, however.

Baklath are tricky opponents. They often pretend to be normal goblins until opponents get close enough, then they take to the air and drop sharp rocks and throw darts. If forced into melee, they will defend themselves with morningstars.

Centaur of Harqual
The centaurs of Harqual live in the forests of the Northlands (beyond the Greystone Mountains) and are steadfast allies of the barbarians living in the north. For as long as barbarians have lived on Harqual there have been these centaurs living alongside them, or at least that's what both the barbarians and these centaurs say.

All centaurs of Harqual have thicker hair than centaurs of other worlds and the human torso part of their body is covered with hair front and back. Males have thick beards, which are usually kept braided and their long manes are always tied up in a ponytail. Females do not have facial hair and their manes are left loose to blow in the frigid winds of the Northlands.

Centaurs of Harqual are stout warriors will defend their homes and kin without any hesitation. Of course, since they are strong allies with the barbarians of the Northlands, almost any conflict that continues for any length of time will eventually draw in their barbarian allies as well.

Centaurs of Harqual use the same tactics and weapons when dealing with hostile opponents. The main difference is the terrain those opponents will have to face them on. Centaurs of Harqual know how to use their homeland’s cold terrain to best help them in a fight (i.e. sinkholes, avalanches, blowing snow and freezing wind, etc.).

The origin of the centaurs of Harqual is a mystery that baffles even the high elves of Kingdom of the Silver Leaves. It is widely known by powerful diviners that a centaur-like race, known as zebranaurs, is common all over Kulan. However, what's not known is why zebranaurs are so dominate across the world and yet centaurs are not.

Those adventurers that have traveled the world have never encountered centaurs anywhere except on Harqual. And even on Harqual these centaurs are limited to northern reaches of the continent. Zebranaurs dominate the southern lands of Harqual and for some unknown reason the northern-dwelling centaurs of Harqual elders won't willingly cross the Great Expanse, and they attempt too forbid young centaurs from making the journey. Most of these adventuresome centaurs either never come back or reappear several years later with strange arcane symbols tattooed into their hides. Most don't remember what happened and those that do never speak of their experiences.

Strangely enough, centaurs can actually leave Harqual from the north without any strange disappearances (i.e. on a ship) and come back just as easily. And if they land on the shores of the southern half of the continent nothing strange happens. Only when a centaur crosses into the Great Expanse do they disappear in a shimmer of light. Where they go remains a mystery.

Elf of the Expanse
The Elves of the Expanse or desert elves, as they are often referred to as, descended from a different stock than other elves. They prefer to live a more primitive lifestyle than other wild elves within the barren desert of Harqual known as the Great Expanse, which they call home. They are adapted toward simple survival, and they concentrate on their environment rather than on philosophical debates and the study of magic. They are even more temperamental and emotional than traditional wild elves. They have yellow to coppery-red hair and brown eyes. Desert elves normally dress in browns and grays, the better to blend in with the desert.

Desert elves have life spans similar to half-elves and they don't actively worship the elven god, Corellon, although they do respect his teachings and show respect to his people and clerics. Desert elves worship a being they refer to as the Patron or Chaeon. All that is known about the god is that he is still very young for a god and almost no one beyond scholars and the desert elves themselves have heard of Chaeon.

Desert elves are somewhat of a mystery to the other elves of Harqual, as these races have no recollection of a split between rival factions amongst the wild elves of Harqual. In fact, relations between the two societies are cordial. Sages have surmised that the desert elves are from another part of Kulan or maybe even another world.

Others suspect that the desert elves might be descendants of the gray elves that fled the destruction of Caer Amylinyon during the Black Wars. However, no proof of this exists and the desert elves shake their heads when asked about the subject. For them the Great Expanse has always been their home for as long as any of them can remember.

Star Gnome
Star gnomes the favored race of Ptah, the Interloper God of Travelers. It is said these gnomes came into being when a clan of normal gnomes beseeched Ptah for protection just before Mussin, the Sword God of Decay, destroyed the world of Trel in Kulanspace during the First Era.

Ptah reshaped the gnomes bodies and life functions to allow them to survive in the depths of space and the God of Travelers shielded them form harm when Trel exploded into oblivion. The gnomes lost the need to breathe but became more alien-like in appearance.

A star gnome hasn’t any hair and their skin is black, blue-black, or dark gray in color, rough with irregular ridges, and they have pitch black eyes without irises or pupils. They typically dress like other gnomes but the differences are obvious to anyone.

Star gnome society is different from that of their land-bound cousins, due to their more lawful bent and total devotion to Ptah. They still pay their respects to the Gnomish Gods but Ptah is their true patron now.

Star gnomes are natural merchants and ship captains. They have taken Ptah’s teaching about travel and knowledge to heart. Many star gnomes believe that Ptah is actually a high ascension of the Gnomish God known as the Masked Leaf, Baervan.

Star gnomes still live in Kulanspace and consider it their home crystal sphere. They control most of the Trel asteroid belt, all that is left of their home world. They have adapted well to the thousands of asteroids in the belt and do not have to breathe air to survive there. However, when dealing with outsiders they always use those asteroids that they’ve prepared with an atmosphere to greet them.

Star gnomes hate the two dark gods Mussin and Nether, known as the Black Tyrant, as it was those two gods that brought about the destruction of Trel.

Kitts are a small race of cat-like humanoids that may be related to both the rakasta and halflings. They stand 3 ½ feet in height and usually weigh no more than 40 lbs. A kitt’s fur color can be almost anything and may be laid out in spots, stripes or patches.

Kitts are typically gregarious creatures, but they have a tendency to also be flighty and quick to anger. They dress similar to halflings and the two races have been known to live together in the same communities. Kitts are most often encountered away from urban sprawls, as they prefer the open countryside.

Kitts are rarely encountered in the eastern lands of Kulan, including Kanpur and Triadora, but are more common in Janardun and Harqual. They are almost unheard of in The Fallenlands, although a few have been known to be found living amongst the Sahne for short periods of time. Sages who have studied kitts speculate that thousands of small, uncharted islands, scattered across Kulan, may or may not have savage kitt living on them.

Beyond those that rarely gather into prides, kitts don’t have a strong racial society. They tend to wander from place to place meeting new people and looking for more of their kind. This intense wanderlust has a tendency to keep the kitt population low, which is a good thing, as they tend to reproduce quickly. A kitt mother can have several litters of cubs in her lifetime with as many as twelve cubs in a litter. A mother will care for her cubs until they are old enough to fend for themselves, but kitt cubs will often wander off to explore the world before they are ready.

Kitts who live in prides are a little more society oriented, however. Kitt prides are lead by the strongest male who is the only male allowed to have children. This rule keeps a kitt pride’s population from exploding, which would be a horrible strain on the pride’s resources. However, it rarely helps when two prides meet. These encounters are often hedonistic affairs where the adult males and females, from opposite prides, mate in a two day ritual. Any resulting children are raised by the female’s pride as full members but are later encouraged to wander and find their own place in the world.

Sometimes kitts will settle down with halflings, which gives them a better balance and understanding about family. These kitt families are usually neutral good in alignment and worship the Halfling Pantheon.
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I'll try posting some stuff once I get some free time... And don't get too disheartend... :) I'd like to see what other people come up with too...
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Smoke and Mirrors

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Here you go, enjoy!


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Hehe... Cool... I love the face it's very expressive. Hopefully I'll find a scanner soon (Mine broke...:() to post an elf of the expanse... I went through a surprising amount of paper trying to get the physique and attire to look right (How I'd imagined it at least).

Anyways... Hopefully I'll have my art up soon and nice work Smoke and Mirrors, I like it much...

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