D&D 5E [Kobold Press] Book of Ebon Tides: 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow!

Marc Radle

How much of this is going to be new material and how much recycled? I have backed everything KP put out for years but I'm getting a lot of duplicate content that way.

Great question!

Book of Ebon Tides is 90% to 95% new material! The spells are 100% new, the variant races are new, the subclasses are 100% new, and 80 to 90% of the setting/lore material is new (there is some pickup from Guide to the Shadow Realm, not surprisingly).

Tales from the Shadows is all new except the capstone adventure (a revised and improved Shadows of the Dusk Queen).
So, zero pickups from Warlock Lairs, and 13 of the 14 adventures are 100% new!

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it's not... this started with me answering a question. It is only a problem in that I dislike it and don't support it.
I buy Kobold press book AFTER the KS because I don't support the concept... that is it.

Edit: although now that I look back the person either blocked me or left site because even there quotes I was responding to disappeared. So it looks like I am responding to nothing.

the initial responce was why they don't always have the same type of examples that smaller kickstarters do (because they can rest on name and reputation where others can not) then someone asked what I meant and told me I need to "do more reserch"
They must have blocked you for some strange reason as the quotes show up when I look at them

Marc Radle


New KS Update time!

Time to share a bit of something near and dear to many of our hearts: monsters!

Of course there are new monsters in the Book of Ebon Tides, and they're all beautifully illustrated by our cadre of super-talented artists. You're going to love them all. Here's a sampling of what you can expect:
  • Birch Sirens. A less common variety of treant, they are more malicious than their larger counterparts and delight in luring travelers deeper into dangerous woodlands with their haunting melodies.
  • Knights of Shadows. In service their liege lords, these fey these are glorified bruisers, dark reflections of the cavaliers who protect the material plane. They use their shadow-crafted weapons and talents to intimidate those around them.
  • Memory Thieves. These beings are trained to magically capture the memories and knowledge of other creatures (above illustration).
  • Molefolk. Very little is known about the secretive molefolk. And this reclusive race prefers it that way.
  • River Spirits. These fey guardians defend bridges and other crossing points over water.
  • Rose Golems. These constructs were crafted by the fey to watch over the verdant guardians that adorn their palaces.
  • And more...!
So many shadows to stab!

Marc Radle

Check out the latest KS update:

At the Altar of Shadow!
Ye gods! Have we got a pantheon for you. Some of these you know... sort of. And some you don't. Yet!
The gods of the Shadow Realm are a strange mix of the fey and the dark, plus borrowed gods from bearfolk, humans, and the darker divine realms. The gods most associated with the plane are the gods of the shadow goblins and the bearfolk, whose worship is less common in the mortal world and whose mysteries in shadow are more powerful and more useful in the twilight forests.

Learn more about the gods of the Shadow Realm!


Marc Radle


More than 1,400 folks so far have backed this source book for the Shadow Realm and it's companion shadowy adventures!

So far, we’ve unlocked four stretch goals that will add to the project: the ghoulish patron goddess of necromancers; a map to the City Fallen into Shadow, Oshragora, crumbling ruins twisted through space and time and home to the umbral vampires; a Shadow Realm form-fillable character sheet; and a free Syrinscape sound set to add a soundtrack to your game.

And we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Book of Ebon Tides: 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow!

Marc Radle


Fandeval, City of Goblins!​

While the fey courts are the best known settlements of the Shadow Realm, other races have their own strongholds, cities, and even nations here. The most lively and most often visited include the strange goblin city of Fandeval, the ghost city of Isinglass, and the halls of the bearfolk at Merrymead. The darker lands include the Twilight Empire of the darakhul, the reeking pits of the roachlings on the Whispering Plains, and Oshragora, the city fallen into shadow.

All these are described in Book of Ebon Tides, with complete details of locations, rulers, and plenty of adventure ideas.

Learn more!!


Marc Radle


Gnomish Distiller!
To help populate your own Shadow Realm, we've created a bunch of NPCs just for Book of Ebon Tides. For instance, the delightful little fellow seen above!

The maniacal-looking gnome before you has a large, cask-shaped apparatus strapped to his back. He stares intently with jaundice-yellow eyes and a too-wide grin. Half of the gnome's once-glorious red mustache has clearly been burned away, probably by acid.

Gnomish distillers unlock the destructive secrets within alchemical reagents and brew them into highly volatile solutions.

Find out a bunch more:

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