Last Day to Support Journey Quest Season 4 Kickstarter


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Just a shout out to everyone who enjoys funny, campy, fantasy spoofs with lots of gamer inside jokes.

The Kickstarter for season 4 of Journey Quest is on its last day and hasn't reached its goal yet.

Please consider backing this. If you are a TTRPG gamer, I think you'll love the series.

You can see seasons 1 through 3 for free on You Tube here:

It is also available on Amazon Prime, which I prefer, as it is more like watching a movie instead of being cut up in a series of shorter videos. See:

I don't have any connection with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment or anyone involved in the making of Journey Quest, I'm just a fan who wants to see Season 4 get made. If you are interested, you can view the Kickstarter here: