D&D General Lethality, AD&D, and 5e: Looking Back at the Deadliest Edition


It was less "this never happened" and more "this was an outlier even by then" as compared to Bloodtide's assumption that most people of the time experienced it. Even moreso since even by then "most people" (at least in the areas D&D reached) were primarily city dwellers.

Point. I suspect a lot of ENworders are middle class or better professionals so don't really know how things worked in other countries or areas.

I'm Gen X old enough to experience some of the sane things as the boomers young enough to agree with some of the Zoomer points.

Back in my day stories haven't changed to much. Things are easier in sone ways worse in others depends what you cherry pick.

For example our schools had corporal punishment until 1986. Cane and strap were used. Mother wore a leather strap across her face, older brothers got the cane. I got the strap on the butt, 9 yo nephew cant tie his shoelaces. Didn't go hungry though so 6 of one half dozen of the other.

Immigrant friend their schools still use caning.

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