Lets design a Warlord for 5th edition

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Lots of interesting things in there which I missed on first glance ..
Yea. I got a chance to playtest and do some refinement after... I forget who, suggested using run-up-and-help as a reaction.

I'm particularly proud of the d4 hit and damage.
*You don't feel useless if you didn't get a chance to use your reactions, including if you are caught alone.
*It is still best to use your reactions to help (advantage) for an ally, or any of the other ones.
*A single high accuracy attack it feels different than any other attacker.

Though, I think I had it scale to d6 at some point to keep a bit ahead of a non-smiting paladin.
Also, level 6 looks wrong... Good feature, but rolling a 1-2 when you have advantage is pretty much never going to happen so that's a dead level.
I think I forgot the mid-tier THP.

6: Helping with a skill gives a min d20 roll of half your warlord level.
2 allies gain Cha THP as a bonus action

10: subclass out of combat feature.
Increase the didn't-spend-a-reaction bonus die from d4 to d6.

That looks better. I think...
Anyways... Suggestions welcome, or you can just take it and run with it.

I think shouty at a range isn't a subclass thing specific to lazylord tricks though.
Yea, nothing prevents you from attacking or anything like that. It worked well as a shouty bow-lord too. It's just extra range and helps make sure you always have a non-attack action to take, so you could go 20 Int/Cha Lazy.
Also I tried a Lazy-Martyr with 20 Con + dodge action + defensive dualist which worked pretty great as well. No need for "once per round".

Seems like pacifist medic should be an option as well. But "as an action you can heal someone" wouldn't work, so I'm not sure what to give them as an alternitive.

Lots of reactions == lots of fast thinking huh ;)
Yup, you actually have to pay attention to what everyone is doing, and where everyone is. It feels very different from cast-bless-and-wait for your turn.

It also solves the biggest, or at least loudest, complaint about 4e warlords. There is no mechanic where you get to say "attack that guy" or "move there".
You can still say it in character, but no more than a monk/wizard/sorcerer/bard can after they stuns someone.


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The study enemies to build up dice worked nice most of the time, but there where a lot of corner cases that I never got around to ironing out. Such as studying someone else to build up dice and using it on a completely different fight.

Ulterior motive on this was to have a general adjusted action system that enabled combos.


Ulterior motive on this was to have a general adjusted action system that enabled combos.
Using the dice pool to power maneuver and combos worked fine. It was what I actually expected way back in the play test. I just wanted other, more flavorful ways of recharging the pool beside a flat X per turn.

At very least, make it recharge at the end of your turn, so you have them available for off-turn actions, and can spend the left overs on your turn.
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