D&D 5E Let's have some Inn Fun!


Four elven wizards are levitating in the sitting position around a table. If asked why they are hovering they will tell the players that although the establishment serves fine alcohol they will not touch chairs filthy humans have sat in. If asked about drinking from the same glasses they will reply that they brought their own.

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You might be able to get some inspiration from my tavern generator:



In The Clever Beauty (Fifur Broadbane, prop.) a wizard called Fibur Rockbrow, having won 30gp from your bard in a friendly game of Three-Dragon Ante, has celebrated by ordering Tasty baked swan with a side of raspberries (10sp). Alas, he is not going to be allowed to enjoy it because the town watch are about to arrive to arrest him for using Mage Hand to murder a would-be mugger in the street outside. Can you convince the watch that Mage Hand cannot be used to attack? Do you want to?


Lord of the Hidden Layer
- Several persons cluster around a table playing cards. The game requires placing some cards where everybody can see them. One player exposes his cards, the others look and gasp, and another player pipes up, "Remember what happened the last time THAT hand* came up?" Everybody turns pale and tenses and look around the room for a moment, then they relax and resume playing.
* Aces and Eights is "the dead man's hand", for instance

- At another table, a mixed group is playing poker for low stakes: winner buys everybody else a meal (with the pot), but everybody buys the winner a drink.

- At another table, a pair of elderly couples is playing bridge.

- An obvious "lady of the night plying her trade" is not happy to be at table with a male flashing a wad of cash. If the PCs make a Perception check they can hear the guy say something to the tune of "With all this money, I own you tonight." He is drunk and eventually brags that he strongarm-robbed a noble to get the wad of cash.
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The tavern is crowded and noisy. Suddenly, everyone stops talking and stares at the door. A skeletal figure in a black hooded robe with a scythe over his shoulder walks in. Nobody dares to move. He stalks over to the bar, where the bartender is already polishing a jet-black tankard. "MY USUAL, PLEASE, OSWALD". He turns towards where your party is sitting, his empty eye sockets gleaming. "AH, THERE YOU ARE. READY?"


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Three young apprentice mages are drinking cheap lager and working over a scroll. They bicker over the pronunciation of the arcane words, constantly correct each others calligraphy, and slosh booze everywhere. At some point, the mages accidentally cast whatever spell it is they're trying to copy. (DM's choice)

Thanks for all the input everyone! The new updated version of Monsterworkbench.com is out! It does include the inn generator with all your ideas! Enjoy :)


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As you walk in, the inn is nearly empty. The red-haired innkeeper, his assistant, and a man with a quill and lots of paper are at a corner table. The innkeeper appeared to be telling some sort of story. They stop immediately when they see you come in, and the assistant and the scribe look disappointed at your interruption.


Morkus from Orkus
As the party sits eating their dinner, a monk and a ranger walk up to the bar. Accompanying them is a chimpanzee dressed in human clothing, with numerous pouches at his belt and about his person - garb typical of some type of spellcaster.
The chimpanzee climbs up onto a stool, places some money on the bar, and then proceeds to order from the posted menu by using hand gestures. It is clearly possessed of human-level intelligence. When the innkeeper yells at the ranger to "Get that dirty animal out of here!", the ranger replies, "The monkey is a wizard. I wouldn't anger him if I were you..."

Is he also a librarian?

Epic Threats

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