Homebrew Level Up Roll20 Character Sheet is live!


Ok new version has been pushed to Roll20

Attribute changes to enable importing of characters
attr_strengthmod to attr_strength_mod
attr_strengthsaveroll to attr_strength_save_roll
attr_strengthsave to attr_strength_save_mod
attr_strengthsaveprof to attr_strength_save_prof
attr_dexteritymod to attr_dexterity_mod
attr_dexteritysaveroll to attr_dexterity_save_roll
attr_dexteritysave to attr_dexterity_save_mod
attr_dexteritysaveprof to attr_dexterity_save_prof
attr_constitutionmod to attr_constitution_mod
attr_constitutionsaveroll to attr_constitution_save_roll
attr_constitutionsave to attr_constitution_save_mod
attr_constitutionsaveprof to attr_constitution_save_prof
attr_intelligencemod to attr_intelligence_mod
attr_intelligencesaveroll to attr_intelligence_save_roll
attr_intelligencesave to attr_intelligence_save_mod
attr_intelligencesaveprof to attr_intelligence_save_prof
attr_wisdommod to attr_wisdom_mod
attr_wisdomsaveroll to attr_wisdom_save_roll
attr_wisdomsave to attr_wisdom_save_mod
attr_wisdomsaveprof to attr_wisdom_save_prof
attr_charismamod to attr_charisma_mod
attr_charismasaveroll to attr_charisma_save_roll
attr_charismasave to attr_charisma_save_mod
attr_charismasaveprof to attr_charisma_save_prof
attr_proficiencybonus to attr_PB
attr_armor_class to attr_AC
attr_hit_points_current to attr_HP
attr_hit_points_maximum to attr_HP_max
attr_hit_points_temp to attr_temp_HP
fixed attr_speed to be text in the PC sheet
Fixed the autoupdate when sheets open
Added saving throws on the NPC Sheet, and roll button for all attributes and saves
Added Actions list to NPC Sheet
Added Reactions list to NPC Sheet
Added Legendary Actions to the NPC Sheet
Changed Challenge Rating to text to allow for fractions
Shrinked PC/NPC Buttons
Shrinked Stats/Info buttons on the NPC sheet
Increase size of Attack Damage type field
Increase size of AC, Damage Vulnerabilities, Damage Resistances, Damage Immunities, Condition Immunities, Languages and Senses on the NPC Sheet
Added Beast into Creature types, removed Animal
Added migration code to migrated the Attribute changes

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I noticed on one of the new changes, for NPCs the Reaction table format is a bit misaligned. Here's a screen shot below for reference. Thanks! I, for one, appreciate all the work being put into this!
Also, as a request, I think it would be useful if a button could be placed next to them (as with Attacks & Spellcasting above) so that the name and description could be pasted into the chat.



While I'm on the topic, Another quirk with the NPC sheets, if there's no [attackbonus] or [attackdamage] listed in an attack, it gives us the syntax error when we try to roll it (as seen with "Sword Sweep"). I can put 0's in place to make it happier, as seen with "Kick" in my screen shot. It's not a major issue, but there's a fair number of spells and attacks which want a saving throw instead of an attack roll, so preventing the syntax error might make the sheet more user-friendly. Thanks!


I noticed on one of the new changes, for NPCs the Reaction table format is a bit misaligned. Here's a screen shot below for reference. Thanks! I, for one, appreciate all the work being put into this!
I've fixed this and pushed the fix live (waiting on roll20) - edit: blink and they work really fast - its live

the rest I'll look at the buttons, next (sorry its been a little delayed had a week from hell at work)

As of the Attacks quirks - i've had an idea, but it will require some fiddling.. not sure it will work, but i am working on it


Happy New Year!
I'm not sure how many other Roll20 users out there are still watching this thread, but I wanted to throw this out there:

When we make skill checks, my group was thinking that having the associated ability listed in the output would be useful. For example (screen shots below for clarity), right now if you roll a skill check with no Specialty it's just blank parenthesis. If I have a specialty ("Jumping") in this case, it will then show that in the parenthesis. However, we were thinking it might be more useful in most cases to show the ability instead of the specialty (as shown in the last Acrobatics roll below as an example).

What do others think? Good idea, bad? Indifferent?


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