WOIN List of WOIN size categories?


Is there a full list of WOIN size categories in one of the books or the SRD? If there is, I have not been able to find it via the usual search functions.

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Tiny (mouse-sized), small (dog-sized), medium (human-sized), large (tiger-sized), enormous (elephant-sized), gigantic (whale-sized), colossal (kaiju-sized), and titanic .
Awesome, thanks as always for the quick reply Morrus! Did that list appear anywhere in the WOIN published material so I can bookmark it for future reference?


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The full list of sizes (with size adjustments for enemies) can be found in the monster creation (in OLD it´s pg. 268);
a smaller list of sizes (with adjustments for player characters) is at the end of the character creation within derived statistics (OLD pg. 66).
Should be at the same places but other page numbers in NOW and NEW.

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