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Longshot: Does anyone recognize this image?

Mistah J

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Hey all,

A month ago, during a computer update, I lost a lot of my old D&D related files and archives. Included where some pictures I had found to use as gaming aids - portraits of important NPCs and the like.

There was a series that I really liked and had started to use before the loss and I cannot, for the life of me, seem to find them again on the 'net so I have come here as my last hail mary.

One of the portraits I had printed before I lost the rest is attached below.

Does anyone recognize it? Or know where it might be from? It is one of a series of characters that I am hoping to find.

I know my chances are slim to none here, but it is my last chance.



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Since no picture appears in your post, I'll just give the whole thing a wild stab in the dark:

PC Portraits Online Archives

EDIT: Now that I can see the picture, I can't find it among the PC portraits at WotC.

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Mistah J

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The embedding only worked on my computer.. had to attach it instead.

Sorry about that, hopefully I'll seem less crazy now.

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