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Mmm. Dragon Age. Fun, fast, and reminiscent of OD&D. Thumbs up.

[MENTION=83299]almeidafreak[/MENTION], there's a lot of support for modern Savage Worlds. Check the links amerigoV posted, or do a bit of googling.

That said, for modern horror investigation my go-to game is Gumshoe. Trail of Cthulhu is fantastic, and there's a new edition of Esoterrorists coming out soon. Right now, though, check out Ken Hite's Night's Black Agents, which uses GUMSHOE rules. It's super-spies vs vampiric conspiracy, sort of "Jason Bourne, if Treadstone was run by the undead," and it's superb. Thread here, info here.
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Thanks for replying Piratecat, will do! I'm actually "googling" right now, but there are SO MANY books for SW, and not so many info about what's what!

EDIT: Official website didn't help much. I wanted to run some mistery game, like Shin Megami's Persona 2 (without the japanese style part), series of murder, mistery, normal people caught on the mess kinda thing.

Maybe the core rules will do for that, maybe I don't need a setting, amirite?
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Dungeonslayers Dungeonslayers

Free. Rules lite. Haven't played it yet, but it looks like fun!

Mazes & Minotaurs M&M

Free. Rules lite. Tons of support.

The retro-clones have already been mentioned. Tons and tons of support, both free and for-pay.

Warrior, Rogue, Mage Warrior, Rogue & Mage - Stargazer Games | RPGNow.com

Free. Free support products, as well.

Here's a link to the free version of Barbarians of Lemuria Barbarians of Lemuria - 1KM1KT

If you like what you see, there's an expanded, for-pay version available.


Since you are familiar with Pathfinder/4e a simpler d20 system can work well.

Green Ronin has 3 variations worth checking out.

Blue Rose, True 20, and Mutants and Masterminds.

Blue Rose was their first one, 3e D&D d20 with simplified mechanics, no attacks of opportunity for example, and a damage save instead of hp. Classes and magic are different and less complex and specific than D&D classes with more flexibility built into their design with a lot of class power coming from feats.

Blue Rose is by default romantic fantasy with its own default romance fantasy setting.

True 20 is taking the system from Blue Rose and making it applicable to non romance fantasy gaming. Three classes: warrior, expert, and adept (magic user), a feat each level, and stats are just the bonus, not some number you calculate the bonuses from. Magic is different from pathfinder, most are one feat to know them and use a fatigue system instead of vancian slots. Fantasy Paths shows you how to recreate 3e/Pathfinder core classes in True 20 if you want to. There is also the True 20 Bestiary converts the srd monsters to True20 stats.

Mutants and Masterminds is turning the system to creating comic book style RPGs and so it gives a system for creating tons of individualized powers while using the basic True20/Blue Rose/d20 mechanics. The 2e version has a sourcebook Warrior and Warlocks which describes how to use it to get the experience of the Conan style swords and sorcery comic experience including sword fighting and magic.


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I've run the mouse guard RPG for my kids:
Role Playing Game | Mouseguard

I've also run the cat warriors RPG:
Warrior Cats RPG

Both are very rules light. My kids were much more interested in the stories and the journeys than anything to do with the rules.

The other 'selling' point for my kids is that they've read ALL warrior cat series (fortunately I've finally got them upgraded to reading Anne McCaffrey) and all of the mouse guard comics. It was an easy hook for them to get involved in the RPGs for those.


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Savage Worlds will do alot of setting pretty good, not as good as a specific system but if you want to run space adventures one week and fantasy the next its close enough for most things. That said for fantasy only I prefer Legends of Anglerre.


I'd say for fantasy Swords and Wizardry. Its free and on the web

Mythmere Games Core Rules

It has a Basic D&D feel to it.

for horror Call of Cthulhu.

I second the remark that Hackmaster isn't rules lite. PC generation the first time took me like 25 minutes. And I normally pick up systems fast. The first time I made a 4e PC it took me like 15 minutes or so.



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Does Savage World have a module for modern setting? I wanted to run a modern-horror-investigation type of game and I don't like CoC very much...

There's Realms of Cthulhu for Savage Worlds out now and a Horror Companion due out soon, pdf is already out for it. The Horror Companion is a tool box to create your own settings and stories - tons of cool baddies and neat ideas for a horror game.

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